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Pictures: Lil Wayne Entering And Inside The Manhattan Courthouse x More

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Entering And Inside The Courthouse

As you all know, Lil Wayne has been sentenced to one year in prison for a gun possession charge… but if Wayne stays on good behavior while inside, he could be out later this year on November 4th. In this post, you can see plenty of pictures of Weezy entering the Manhattan courthouse, and Weezy inside the courtroom. You can also see a crazy fan with Lil Wayne tatted on her who showed up outside the courthouse, another video of Tune entering the building (chaos with all the fans and paparazzi), DJ Khaled wearing a ‘FREE LIL WAYNE‘ t-shirt, and other celebs speaking about Wayne‘s jail sentence. FREE WEEZY

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Entering And Inside The Courthouse

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Lil Wayne Has Been Sentenced To A Year In Prison

Lil Wayne Has Been Sentenced To Jail

The time has finally come for Lil Wayne… he got sentenced to one year in jail earlier today at around 2PM. As previously reported, Wayne‘s sentencing got delayed a couple of times due to dental surgery and a fire. If Weezy maintains good behavior inside prison, his sentence can be shortened to up to eight months which would mean he would be out later this year. Lil Tunechi‘s very last tweet on his twitter account reads: “Law is mind without reason. ……………..I’ll return”, and here is an update from today inside the Manhattan courthouse courtesy of J-Rod: “Lil Wayne didn’t speak in the court room, but nodded that he understood the charges. Then he nodded again to Birdman as police cuffed him”.

Even though we won’t be seeing Wayne for a while, we will still be getting new music and music videos from him throughout his time in prison. He shot around 30 to 40 music videos before his jail sentence and some of the music videos we can be looking forward to are: “Steady Mobbin’” and “Single” from the No Ceilings mixtape. Also, I’m not 100% sure, but Wayne might be able to use his Twitter while in prison to keep his fans updated.

LilWayneHQ wants to send/give all the support to Lil Wayne, and we will see you in close to a year… FREE WEEZY

Hit the jump to see more photos of Wayne, including him sleeping on the plane journey to New York, a video of Wayne appearing to court, The Game speaking about Tune going to jail, and a video of Birdman and Slim outside the courthouse. You can also see some pics of Weezy in the courtroom here.

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Lil Wayne & Birdman Last Interviews With Tim Westwood

When Lil Wayne was in Miami on set shooting a music video for “Da Da Da”, Tim Westwood caught up with him and Birdman for a quick interview. You can listen and read what the interviews were about below. Also in the video above, you can see a Fox-5 news clip from outside the courthouse.

Lil Wayne talks to Westwood about the music videos he has been doing in preparation for jail:

Birdman talks to Westwood about shooting music videos with Lil Wayne including two Tha Carter IV videos, and two Like Father, Like Son 2 videos. They also talk about Weezy going to do time in prison, and YMCMB:

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