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Lil Wayne & Birdman Last Interviews With Tim Westwood

Tue, Feb 9, 2010 by

When Lil Wayne was in Miami on set shooting a music video for “Da Da Da”, Tim Westwood caught up with him and Birdman for a quick interview. You can listen and read what the interviews were about below. Also in the video above, you can see a Fox-5 news clip from outside the courthouse.

Lil Wayne talks to Westwood about the music videos he has been doing in preparation for jail:

Birdman talks to Westwood about shooting music videos with Lil Wayne including two Tha Carter IV videos, and two Like Father, Like Son 2 videos. They also talk about Weezy going to do time in prison, and YMCMB:

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  • Devante


  • Ooohhh


    C4 AND LFLS 2 = WOW

  • Free Weezy, can’t wait on his comeback <3

  • IceMan

    Weezy the greatest!

  • zack3ryyy

    man when wayne gets out hes goin straight to the studio.
    and hes gonna murder every track he gets on.
    shits gonna be real ffresh.

    FREE U

  • Whoa, “Like Father Like Son 2”, really?

  • Vito

    free weezy.
    A fucking year for a gun.
    A bitch shot someone at the back of the club and got 8 month in the same jail.

  • VLO


    C4 and LFLS 2 Gonna Be Great!:D

  • miss penelope

    they just locked him up cause he is weezy to that fuckin judge- quit ur muthafuckin hating an get a life-gonna miss u wayne. be safe.

  • hanK

    I think he shot more videos than we thought o.O

  • martian101

    thats fuckin sick he already shot videos for C4….cant wait for all these videos and new music from wayne its all gunna be fireee

  • Chazz

    free weezy !
    a year 4 gun posession how f’d up is that
    dont change and be safe in there wayne
    i will forever support you no lie
    comeback in one piece
    best wishes

  • GSK14

    Since when does Lil Wayne produce? Do you guys know any beats he has produced? :S thanks

  • gk3

    hes not going till march 2nd now

  • thatkidfromthedub

    hopefully in the next few days before weezys gone he confirms all this since birdmans probably lyin out his ass like usual

  • lets just all be happy that wayne got another 3 weeks. that means he has more time to bust out some new tracks AND new videos.


  • i am lil waynes biggest faaan 😀 and i personally don’t think he deserves this they should just let it go :S i wanna visit him :S

  • Matheo

    Two videoes for C4 that’s awesome !

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  • I am a fan of lil wayne. i just want 2 wish lil wayne gud luck 4 time being in jail… we luv u wayne……..sasamiyasa

  • Ant Dot Dolla

    Huda… How can u be da biggest fan and im da biggest fan.. it can only be one of us lol jp… but i hope dat nigga make a hard ass comeback