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Throwback Thursday: Scans Of Lil Wayne’s Cover Story For Vibe Magazine’s 2006 Issue

Scans Of Lil Wayne Cover Story For Vibe Magazine 2006 Issue

Similar to last week, I have decided to share scans from Lil Wayne‘s cover story for the April 2006 issue of Vibe magazine for #ThrowbackThursday today.

In an interview with Benjamin Meadows-Ingram for the mag, Weezy discussed everything from how difficult it was to work with other producers on Tha Carter II instead of Mannie Fresh, how much of an influence JAY-Z is on him, how close he came to signing with Roc-A-Fella, and if he dissed T.I. on his “Best Rapper Alive” song.

You can check out scans from Tunechi‘s cover story below that also includes him talking about the Hot Boys members dissing him, joining Boyz N Da Hood, if he is Blood affiliated, studying Psychology at the University Of Houston, how his relationship with Trina is different than other relationships he has been in, New Orleans, if he dissed 50 Cent and Nas on “You Don’t Know” off Da Drought 2, and much more!

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Just Blaze Talks Being In The Studio With Lil Wayne, His Recording Process & Calls Him One Of The “Greatest”

Just Blaze Talks Being In The Studio With Lil Wayne, His Recording Process & Calls Him One Of The Greatest

Just Blaze recently sat down with Vlad TV for an interview that you can check out below. The producer mentioned in the interview that he thinks Tunechi is one of the greatest and anybody that says otherwise are just lying to themselves. He also said that what Tune has done in music is “kinda legendary”.

At the 2:10 mark, Just Blaze spoke on how the process was different working with Lil Wayne than any other music artists as he has worked with Wayne on Jamie Foxx’s “Number One” song and Eminem’s “No Love” single. Blaze also discussed working with Weezy, what a studio session with him is like, and his recording process!

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X Games Present Lil Wayne With An “Honorary” Gold Medal & Ask Him About Skating [Videos]

X Games Present Lil Wayne With An Honorary Gold Medal & Ask Him About Skating

On August 24th after appearing on the “First Take” sports talk show, Lil Wayne chopped it up with broadcaster Alyssa Roenigk about skateboarding while at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

Weezy talked about how everyone has their own unique way of skating, if the sport has influenced any of his music, and before he left he checked out the wall of X Games gold medals, which is when he was presented with an honorary gold medal.

You can check out a few clips of what went down after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Explains How “Tha Carter V” Is Different Than His Previous Albums

Lil Wayne Explains How Tha Carter 5 Is Different Than His Previous Albums

ESPN host Cari Champion caught up with Lil Wayne for a “selfie interview” while he was in the studio for “First Take” on August 14th, which you can watch below.

During their conversation, Tune discussed how Tha Carter V is different than all of his previous albums, confirms that the project is not yet finished, Kobe Bryant, and which person he agrees with more out of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.

Weezy F Baby also compared himself and Drake to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, but laughs at when he got asked if he was Michael or Kobe haha!

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Lil Wayne Discusses Being In A Different Mode Recording His “Tha Carter V” Album

Lil Wayne Discusses Being In A Different Mode Recording His Tha Carter 5 Album

Carrying on with his interview with MTV, Lil Wayne discusses how he has been recording his Tha Carter V album in a different way than his previous albums.

“I say it’s different, because I’m older and wiser, and I know more things and I know more about myself now. I’m more careful about what I’m doing and trying to be more careful what I’m saying. It’s awesome; it’s coming together dope. I think the Wayne fans are gonna like it. I hope so.”

Weezy F Baby also explained that he is taking a more hands-on approach with his music after the controversy with the Emmett Till lyric that he rapped on Future’s “Karate Chop” remix.

“I knew that I had people above me or around me that was gonna make sure whatever I said or shouldn’t have said or whatever I did or shouldn’t have did. Well now, I’m those people, and I’m telling me what I should do and what I shouldn’t say.”

You can watch the interview in the video below!

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