Lil Wayne Explains What Happened Between Him & The Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl

Sun, Feb 3, 2013 by

After DIRECTV’s 7th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl game in New Orleans yesterday, E! chopped it up with Lil Wayne to discuss the situation between him and a cameraman.

Still angry at the cameraman, Weezy F Baby explains that he does not like to be touched by people who he tells not to touch him. He also added he is going to get straight out of the building, because if he touches the cameraman back, he would be going straight back to jail.

“I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t tell to touch me. So I’m gonna get out of the building, because if I touch somebody I go to jail.”

“They not the same color I am, so you know how that go. But to them – fuck you!”

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  • MikeGary


  • ya diggg

    weezy mad haha

  • Chris

    First mf weezy was goin go off on that motherfucker

  • Ice productions

    Hahahaha the girls face when Wayne rages and leaves

  • Nick

    Not gonna lie. But Wayne look real angry there you can see he’s jumpy and wants to do something. Glad he left though can’t have that dude go back to jail for some stupid shit

  • bish

    Hahaha. lil wayne is the biggest pussy I’ve seen in my life

  • sizzurp

    Weezy you shoulda smacked the fuck out of him and gone and told MArleyG to shoot him up

  • ronnie

    fuck yeahh

  • Tdot

    Lol dat bih wayne stupid

  • BBC



    “THEY not the same color I am, so you know how that go. But to THEM – fuck you!”


  • Ernesto

    Damn lol weezy getting mad lol

  • ym2430

    that is possibly the most ignorant thing i have ever heard. lost all respect for wayne with this

  • burberry

    lol so gangsta….

  • Ms B

    hahaha! Crazy ish!

  • Thabo 2nechi Makhuzeni

    Clearly this not about the camera man touching weezy , this some true racism shit. This might put weezy to a bad image line for quite a while hell yea.

  • New

    weezy bad, no rily hes gud

  • bryce

    he’s saying they made it seem as if he was in the wrong because he’s black you asshole’s

  • eric

    smfh yall stay reaching when uit come to anything wayne does. he saying he was done wrong but because he’s black they made it seem like he started it so he left before he had to get in trouble. he was saying fuck the ones in there that gave him a hard time


    (racist profiling )is what he means by “fuck them”. to the people in there that he got into it with in the arena

  • patrick (lakers fan)

    camera man mustve pushed wayne or some shit.

  • Rockie fresh

    I kinda see why he’s mad though

  • mark_L_ jones

    I was there , i worked on the field that day & saw what happend. the camera guy was trying to get pass wayne and didnt say excuse , he just pushed his way pass wayne as if he wasnt standing there and wayne looked at him and said “damn bro you culdve said excuse” and the camera guy got a attutide and said some shit back and pushed wayne out the way again and wayne got mad and they had words with eachother . then the camera guy got scared when wayne got in his face (lol) and gave a bullshit apology w/o saying it to wayne face. & then officials/security came and made it seem like wayne was the one who started it. so he stormed out pissed.

  • #504

    @ym2430 wtf you mean?? if someone put they hands on you in a un-lawful manner and talk shit to you after it. and you get made out to be the bad guy cause you reacted you be pissed to. esp. if you wanna put hands on that mothafucka but you know you cant

  • krystal

    @mark_l_jones OMG!!!! my dad worked security that day in new orleans at that game and he told me the same thing. thats crazy lol he said wayne came back in though after he cooled off.

  • milly___millz

    @mark_jones damn thats fucked up. i wouldve took my chance and punched his ass in the face and went to jail lol. people love to try ya nowdays i tell ya

  • yo mama


    im glad he used his head and didnt hit him cause he wouldve got sued off his ass and broken probation and went back to jail.

  • Pissed off fan

    So weezy is saying fuck white people

    Bad bad bad mistake

    You just lost a fan who supported your music

    Fuck you weezy you racist piece of shit

    You fell the fuck off now anyway

    Aint nobody checking for your music


    To everybody on here saying that Wayne should’ve done something or you lost respect for him, man fuck you faggots. He can’t hit anybody cuz he would go to jail you fucking tards and you lost respect for him because he said that, he was talking about the people in the building you bums…. So to all the dirtbag pecies of garbage stfu and go bite on your pillows some more.

  • @Real_Only_Feel

    He not being racist hes saying that since its a white guy, theres a higher chance of goin to jail. And it prolly would make him and black people look bad….

  • -__-

    @pissedofffan you’re a fuckin retard. he’s not saying fuck white people asshole. he’s saying they racial profiled him by trying to make it seem it was he fault cause he’s black. making him out to be the worng one in the situation when really the camera guy touched him first and he just reacted. smfh learn how to comprehend before you comment you dumb bitch

  • monique

    SMFH seriously how stupid can you be?? he’s saying fuck them, (in the building) that he just got into it with you asshole

  • kush & drank


  • dontae p-town

    i’d be pissed to if somebody put they damn hands on me like that and then get a attitude as if im not supposed to get mad.

  • nolan

    @markjones yeah my friend was in the crowd and said security gave wayne a hard time about it and basiclly made it look like wayne started it all smh

  • Rickey


  • o.g. tone

    @TUNEinKIDZ they too dumb in the brain to understand that though bro ………smfh

  • jackie

    @rickey & @tuneinkidz exactly! people just be searching for shit to say about wayne in everything he does lol

  • tyga’s hairline

    -_____- he’s refering to the camera man and the people inside that targeted him you idiots.

  • paul diaz

    i bet if wayne wasnt on probation right now he wouldve hit the camera guy then be in jail or in court getting sued. then yall would be callin him a dumbass for not using his brain. you can see it in his face he got violated by the dude putting his hands on him and then by having to get blamed for the altercation himself. he looks like he wants to fight bad!! but when you’re a A-list celeb, some shit you gotta chill on *shrug*

  • have a seat __/

    damn @mark_jones you shouldve recorded that shit for jump so we couldve saw it all go down lol

  • Trizz

    @BBC he was clearly not being racist. Actually he’s stating that the cops woulda been racist in their investigation and just blame Wayne for the fight. Cuz that’s how most of society sees it smh..sad

  • tha bay

    danny any news on the R.A.F. video?

  • sticki

    Pls Weezy did d right thing by not hittin as a fun i wudn’t take it kindly if he goes to jail again nt to talk abt his children kudos Wayne 4 using ur head.

  • sticki

    Black people always lOVE white people bt dey always tryna make us look CRAZY

  • Ye agreeing with racist comms, no need to go there, don’t bite the hand that feeds you Tunechi!

  • cute boy

  • poposkater

    he’s saying fuck you to the people that pissed him off not white people come on people read between the lines he’s pissed and not saying shit how he wants to wayne isn’t racist he skates with white dudes all day lol

  • Andretti

    I like this video because he’s not wearing ugly trukfit lol.

  • ~FacePalm~

    To the dumbass people who think he being racist. COME out from the rock you live under from under the sea. Its typical if a black man fights with a white dude (NO matter if the white dude started i) people always blame the black guy first always go after the black guy he said “fuck you” to the dude and who ever pissed him off not to white people im sure most white guys and girls understand. for the ignorant white people who think he was being racist yall need to read on understand and put the girly side of you that gets offended easily and think bout it before you speak and act up and say he was racist when he wasnt

  • ~FacePalm~

    And prob wayne got pissed of earlier and what the cameraman did just made him more pissed that made it escalate to that point. wayne used his brains and got out of the building before he did something that could mess him up after because he a celebrity lawyers and police go after rappers and newspapers, interviewers be on there ass if the did somthing so he knew the outcome if he went and beat up the dude cause it would be on youtube and news and everywhere “wayne beat up a cameraman”

  • splash

    FacePalm right. If some bitch broke wayne’s heart by being a slut and he said, “I can’t hit a woman even though I feel like I want to but if your like that – fuck you. He would be saying he doesn’t like scheming ass bitches; not that he doesn’t like all women. He referred to himself being black because his whole legal situation was a blatant fishing expedition by the nypd. It was a fishing expedition which created charges that Lynse Lohan or some other non Lil wayne type prolly would have been sentenced to counseling for instead of two years in Rikers. Give the guy a break. He can’t even defend himself and your reading into what exactly he meant when he said fuck you after a confrontation. What do you think he meant? Fuck you for pushing me. lol.

  • Mitha

    I love Tunechi!! He should have mopped that camera guy rude low class ass. Dwayne was in the right, period.

  • me, lt

    Oh yeah of course now its because that dude is white that wayne would’ve go to jail if he punched that cameraman and not because he is on probation and a fuckin celeb who is supposed to act a little more reasonable in situations like that
    facepalm to care of your hair wayne

  • Barclay

    @Danny….new song pit today at 3pm, keep eyes open for waka flocka ft lil wayne “stay hood” 😀

  • 3Peat

    What wayne is saying is true! Because that security guard is white, he would have got punished more than if he was black! He aint being racist! He’s saying ‘fuck them’ to the people inside! Get a grip and stop trying to find the littlest things to talk shit about! Your supposed to be a fan, if your not, get the fuck out of here!


    All u white kids dat come all da way 2 Wayne shit every single day lookin 4 da latest update , click on it , read it , & den hate ya’ll lame as fuck ! datz straight up & down lifeless . U white crackas disgust me , get on eminem or mac miller hq wit dat shit . Datz like goin 2 mcdonalds every day orderin da same shit and leavin i hate diz comments 4 da manager 2 read at da table or something. y lissen 2 wayne’s music if u gon hate . if u already hate him y bother wastin ya time lissenin 2 his music and gettin on his websites. i wudnt bother checkin 4 wiz shit cuz i dont like him or his music , u get da point . Its so much shit i can say cuz yall get me so heated. Not all white ppl cuz sum of yall cool especially 2 all my white bitches out dea heeyyy i love me a bad white bitch , but 2 u pussy ass white boys hatin on my nigga wayne die cuz YMCMB wont stop. yall wanna be black anyway . Now datz a damn mouth full

  • ~FacePalm~

    @Me iT … Im just saying because wayne is african american and the cameraman is white (im not tryna be racist its just how it is) because wayne is black he would get the blame first (before anybody does any proper investigation) he is well-known so it would look bad for him it would plaster all over and most people would say he started. Cause when someone say a dude got beat up/rob/gun down you think of a black dude as the culprit (especially if the victim is a white dude) thats how it is these days (sadly to say) (dont say shit oh im a white dude cause im not im african american) But yea he on probation and what not which would put him in more heat Im not saying because its a white man wayne would go to jail etc etc im just saying the cameraman could of started it but because we only see pictures of wayne pissed off in the cameraman face no video of what happened (which means only those were there know all what happened) people would say wayne trippin, wayne this wayne that, oh im sure wayne started it, he got pissed off so decided to take it out on a white man, oh he racist alot of comments like that would rise (if it didnt already)when is widely known so if he were to actually go back and fight the dude or if a fight started from the get go it would be plastered all over saying wayne started a fight with a cameraman (hardly likely it would be the other way around). You cant say its untrue because thats how it is in this day and ages sadly to for example …justin bieber is smoking weed..Who they blaming? ( Lil Twist) (Lil twist didnt force weed down his throat or nothing it was bieber decision (look at who gets the blame first in those situations

  • ~FacePalm~

    And also its not on wayne to act responsible in that situation because he is a celebrity. The cameraman could of acted responsible by not doing whatever he did to piss wayne off or they could of both acted responsible and avoided it all together but when your pissed by something and something else happens you could burst out and act an ass or just somethings you dont tolerate that when someone does it you have to show them that you dont tolerate it or like it. It could of been wayne fault or cameraman fault doesnt matter nothing big came out of it wayne showed he was pissed luckily he wasnt so pissed to want to have to do something about it and thankfully it didnt turn into a heated moment with the cameraman and wayne that it would of had a fight the instance it happened

  • Wayne Hart

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  • Wayne Hart

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  • me, lt

    Its just that it was highly inappropriate to act like the way he did in that ceremony of celebration. it wasn’t the time and the place to argue with a cameraman no matter what he did or said. I mean they were handin over the trophy for their match and that very moment when he threatend that guy so he disturbed that moment and thats just fucked up to me … also what is he bitching about that he would get punished if he punched that dude? If the camerman wouldve been black, it wouldn’t change the face that he would go to jail again so what is he whining about?
    Yall stans if u cant stand people criticize wayne for his misbehavior

  • digggg




    • realkrakajack

      Fuck you

  • who cares this shit everyone gets angry by bodorin someone so why are askin dis shit to lil wayne leave him alone best rapper alive get itt

  • its me

    just another stupid nigger overreacting

  • Nigel.

    I can’t believe these people who claim to be fans could think Weezy is a low down Racist ! You unloyal F***s can go try and enjoy Music without Weezy then, see how far you get. Weezy is Hip-Hop. Weezy Is Music. Period.

    • realkrakajack

      Wayne is a copy cat bitch. Racist fuck and you are to both of you get back to Africa and date gorillas u fuckin niggers.

  • John

    Man i had lot of respect for that nigga weezy butt when you address to them …… Fuck you after saying cuz hes white youll go to jail when the truth is bitch ass negro youd go back period if you violate probation so dont use the race card you stupid ass nigga. U aint real come to houston texas 5200 westside and try tht how ass shit nigga id murke your bitch ass

  • chad

    of course it always has to be about race with you blacks. Yall wanna be thought of the same yet yall always the ones bringing up race. STFU and grow the fuck up

  • datniggawayne

    wayne REAL wit dis ish “u dont understand i aint scared of u mufuckaz”

  • WEEZY.F.BABY tatted on my butt!

    BRINGING BACK TO LIGHT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>’I was there , i worked on the field that day & saw what happend. the camera guy was trying to get pass wayne and didnt say excuse , he just pushed his way pass wayne as if he wasnt standing there and wayne looked at him and said “damn bro you culdve said excuse” and the camera guy got a attutide and said some shit back and pushed wayne out the way again and wayne got mad and they had words with eachother . then the camera guy got scared when wayne got in his face (lol) and gave a bullshit apology w/o saying it to wayne face. & then officials/security came and made it seem like wayne was the one who started it. so he stormed out pissed.'<<<<< ACTUAL WITNESS STATEMENT !

    i'm white.. i know he's not beig racist so how the fuck any other white people are getting offended i duno! his girls not black ! loool you lot are funny he's had enough trouble with the police so why risk gettin into more for some dumb guy …don't want him locked up before his tour! DUBLIN!!!! WEEZY F BABY (L)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss.Purrfect

    LOL He was pissed off…I am sure you all have been pissed off said some shit that came off not the way you wanted….now get off his back cuz u r makin me sick and ya smell like shit…..

  • DruggieWayne

    Drug induced seizures.

  • uwishuwereme

    Quit playin….he is the one that mentioned race in the first place. If he wasn’t trying to be racist then why bring that shit up? Get over it….blacks are not the minority anymore. Our president is black. Nobody owes anyone shit. That race card does not work anymore…sorry

  • shey

    That dude is a straight up idiot!! Just because he is a dumb ass raper he think noooo body can’t touch him. Pussy ass nigga lil mutha fucking wayne.

  • Fuck the cameraman and his fucking attitude #fuck that broke ass nigga

  • Wayne couldn’t have meant it in a racist way cuz his ugly a** color struck he love anything white h*** I think he wanna be white. White chicks in all his videos, he got a ugly white girlfriend, white girl in all of his lyrics, and his style of dressing is confused as all hell. He wanna be white until his a** gets into some trouble and then he back on the black side and want some sympathy. I used to be a fan of his until he started kissing grown men in the mouth and his lyrics are trash now everything sound the same. And for the record he never was the best rapper alive he not a real lyricist and never was. Those days are gone hip hop is dead and has been for years.

  • realkrakajack

    I slap lil wayne in his pussy a** mouth when i see him. Wait for it cause it’s coming. Make him suck the sawn off then pull the trigger. F*** lilwayne! I