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2 Chainz Talks Putting On A Surprise Show With Lil Wayne In Atlanta, “ColleGrove” & More

2 Chainz Talks Putting On A Surprise Show With Lil Wayne In Atlanta, ColleGrove & More

2 Chainz recently visited Power 106’s “The Cruz Show” in Los Angeles for an interview, which you can check out after the jump below.

At the start of their conversation, Tity Boi went into detail about dedicating his ColleGrove album to Lil Wayne for how he changed the culture, as well as announces the news that him and Wayne will be putting on a surprise show in Atlanta next week.

Chainz also revealed how he met Weezy and what it is like working with him around the 6:30 mark. Before the interview wrapped up, Tity mentioned that him and Tune give each other positive feedback on each other’s songs aka not being yes-men at the 12:30 mark!

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50 Cent Talks About The Criticism Lil Wayne Gets, Says “Dedication 5” Was Dope

50 Cent Talks About The Criticism On Lil Wayne, Says Dedication 5 Was Dope

While chatting to Complex at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 50 Cent was discussing how when a music artist reaches a certain level of success and fame, people will always compare their new music to their old projects whether the new music was good, or not so good.

As an example of the point he was trying to make, he uses Lil Wayne and says we’re experiencing the feedback with his new music right now. Fiddy also mentioned that he thinks Weezy‘s Dedication 5 mixtape is dope!

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