50 Cent Talks About The Criticism Lil Wayne Gets, Says “Dedication 5” Was Dope

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50 Cent Talks About The Criticism On Lil Wayne, Says Dedication 5 Was Dope

While chatting to Complex at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 50 Cent was discussing how when a music artist reaches a certain level of success and fame, people will always compare their new music to their old projects whether the new music was good, or not so good.

As an example of the point he was trying to make, he uses Lil Wayne and says we’re experiencing the feedback with his new music right now. Fiddy also mentioned that he thinks Weezy‘s Dedication 5 mixtape is dope!

There’s a point where you have so much success in front of people, the artist community creates this cloud or shadow of a doubt on whether you think he can do it. They feel that way at the moment. And because they see you consistently winning, when the new material comes out they say: ‘oh, it’s cool, but it’s not Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. We’re experiencing it right now. They’ll talk about Lil Wayne’s new mixtape. I thought Dedication 5 was dope. And when I hear that energy, I know he’s going through that. That’s the Curtis thing, the Curtis album and where I was at during that point.

Do you agree with what 50 Cent is saying Wayniacs? I would have to agree with 50 and I have noticed a lot myself that everyone just seems to be comparing Dedication 5 to earlier tapes in the Dedication series such as Dedication 2 instead of just enjoying how good D5 actually is as a project.

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