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Ex-Police Officer Robert Hoobler, Who Saved Lil Wayne’s Life, Dies At 65

Ex-Police Officer Robert Hoobler Who Saved Lil Wayne Life Dies At 65

The ex-New Orleans police officer who saved Lil Wayne‘s life when he attempted suicide and shot himself at 12-years-old, Robert Hoobler, has passed away at the age of 65.

According to his friends, Robert was found dead on Friday (July 22nd) inside his Old Jefferson home. He had been suffering for many years with health issues, due to a bad car crash that led to him having both of his legs amputated.

It’s possible Tunechi will be paying for the funeral costs as when Tune had previously heard rumors of Hoobler passing away (listen to “London Roads“), he was ready to pay for the funeral costs then. R.I.P. to Robert Hoobler aka Uncle Bob!


Robert Hoobler Aka Uncle Bob Says Lil Wayne Has Offered To Assist Him Financially For Life

Robert Hoobler Aka Uncle Bob Says Lil Wayne Has Offered To Assist Him Financially For Life

The former police officer who saved Lil Wayne‘s life when he attempted suicide at 12-years-old, Robert Hoobler, has revealed to TMZ that Wayne told him personally he has his back for life if he ever needs anything.

Uncle Bob mentioned he met Tunechi back in 2019 when he had a radio show in his hometown of New Orleans and says Tune offered to assist him with any financial support that he may need.

To this day, Robert has not accepted the offer but he did add there has been a conversation to see if Bob can join Weezy‘s team in an administrative type of role.

They also discussed the “London Roads” controversy where Mr. Carter raps: “Ms. Cita, I remember goin’ in your gun drawer; Puttin’ it to my chest and missin’ my heart by centimeters; Oh Lord, I remember dyin’ on her room floor; And wakin’ up in some police’s arms; He died recent, so I hope heaven made more room for him; And I hope he see me, cause if he didn’t save that lil’ boy there would be no Weezy, oh Lord”

Robert Hoobler says Lil Wayne had heard rumors that he had passed away and so Wayne was even ready to pay for his funeral costs. However, from my personal understanding, I believe Bob had been in a bad car crash and lost both of his legs, which you can see from the picture above!


Robert Hoobler Speaks On Lil Wayne Going To Jail x Weezy Goes Bowling x More

Robert Hoobler Speaks On Lil Wayne Going To Jail

No one is more disappointed that Lil Wayne is jailed on gun charges than the cop who saved the rapper’s life 15 years ago after an accidental shot to the chest.

“It’s sad to see somebody get involved with guns like that – any kid, no matter who they are,” said Robert Hoobler, a New Orleans Police Department cop for two decades.

“I’m sorry to see that happened to him, but at least he admitted to what happened and took his medicine,” said Hoobler, 53, who now works for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Hoobler is more of an AC/DC and Metallica fan, but he has genuine affection for Lil Wayne.

They crossed paths in 1994 when Lil Wayne was a seventh grader living in New Orleans’ rough Hollygrove neighborhood. A call came in for shots fired, and Hoobler and other cops rushed to the address.

“We heard loud music the first time, but nothing the second time – just a little voice moaning for help,” Hoobler said.

The cops kicked in the door and found Lil Wayne covered in blood. He had dragged himself from the bedroom to the front of the apartment, leaving a bloody trail.

There were no ambulances immediately available, so Hoobler cradled Lil Wayne in his arms as they raced in a police cruiser to the nearest hospital.

That saved the rapper’s life, doctors said.

Lil Wayne has acknowledged Hoobler‘s heroics in person and in the press and he’s become a a bit of a local celebrity, recognized from a VH1 “Behind the Music” special. At the school where the cop’s grandkids attend, children ask for autographs.

Just last week, Hoobler bought his first Lil Wayne album and he has been listening to it on a boom box in his police cruiser after work.

“Now that I finally got a hold of his new CD, and see that it really turned out good, I hope he makes more of them,” he said.

Via NYDailyNews, and it’s cool to see the cop who saved Wayne‘s life is liking the Rebirth album.

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