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Robert Hoobler Speaks On Lil Wayne Going To Jail x Weezy Goes Bowling x More

Sun, Mar 14, 2010 by

Robert Hoobler Speaks On Lil Wayne Going To Jail

No one is more disappointed that Lil Wayne is jailed on gun charges than the cop who saved the rapper’s life 15 years ago after an accidental shot to the chest.

“It’s sad to see somebody get involved with guns like that – any kid, no matter who they are,” said Robert Hoobler, a New Orleans Police Department cop for two decades.

“I’m sorry to see that happened to him, but at least he admitted to what happened and took his medicine,” said Hoobler, 53, who now works for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Hoobler is more of an AC/DC and Metallica fan, but he has genuine affection for Lil Wayne.

They crossed paths in 1994 when Lil Wayne was a seventh grader living in New Orleans’ rough Hollygrove neighborhood. A call came in for shots fired, and Hoobler and other cops rushed to the address.

“We heard loud music the first time, but nothing the second time – just a little voice moaning for help,” Hoobler said.

The cops kicked in the door and found Lil Wayne covered in blood. He had dragged himself from the bedroom to the front of the apartment, leaving a bloody trail.

There were no ambulances immediately available, so Hoobler cradled Lil Wayne in his arms as they raced in a police cruiser to the nearest hospital.

That saved the rapper’s life, doctors said.

Lil Wayne has acknowledged Hoobler‘s heroics in person and in the press and he’s become a a bit of a local celebrity, recognized from a VH1 “Behind the Music” special. At the school where the cop’s grandkids attend, children ask for autographs.

Just last week, Hoobler bought his first Lil Wayne album and he has been listening to it on a boom box in his police cruiser after work.

“Now that I finally got a hold of his new CD, and see that it really turned out good, I hope he makes more of them,” he said.

Via NYDailyNews, and it’s cool to see the cop who saved Wayne‘s life is liking the Rebirth album.

Hit the jump to watch Lil Wayne and Lil Twist go bowling on Wayne‘s last day of freedom before heading to jail, another The Carter Documentary preview (some unreleased scenes), and the producer of “Pop Bottles” venting on Birdman and Lil Wayne. Oh and check back to tomorrow for the Gudda Gudda and Tunechi record, “Willy Wonka“.

Producer Steve Moralesm (who?) vents on Birdman for not giving him a check for “Pop Bottles”, and says Lil Wayne changed his style cause of him: “I gave him the guitar”

The Carter Documentary – Investor Preview (Some unreleased scenes):

Lil Wayne (Team Tunechi) goes bowling with Lil Twist (Team Twist) on his last night of freedom before going to jail last Monday:

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    That police officer is a hero in my eyes and I can’t wait to hear this Gudda/Weezy single

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    So I guess Weezy ghost wrote Drake’s verse on “Money To Blow”? Why is he rapping his line in the investor trailer during the rehearsal for the VMAS?

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    I miss wayne soooo much! When is some1 gonna update us on how he’s doin n jail?? I hope there ain’t a bunch of jealous ass haters fuckin wit him! Does any1 know if there is a address or somethin so people can mail him letters or whatever?

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    Anyone notice Wayne signing Drake’s “Forever” verse?

    What’s that all about?

  • Yoshi

    I meant Money to Blow, my fault.

  • Yoshi
  • J

    Drake had the Money to Blow verse back in July 2008. Wayne discovered him shortly after and rapped the verse to show him his loyalty. In turn, Drake blew up as Wayne predicted and signed to Young Money rather than any other label.

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    all i know is Wayne did that song at the 08 MTV music awards something like dat idk if drake borrowed it from wayne or not or wayne borrowed it i just know wayne said that verse in 08
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    PPL ARe Already Comparinq Lil Wanye With Em. LOL. Wayne Havent Droped Carter 4 Yet.. Thats Going to be One of the best albums of all time.. CARTER 4

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