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Euro Talks His Most Important Moment With Lil Wayne, “Tha Carter VI”, Guitar & More [Video]

Euro Talks His Most Important Moment With Lil Wayne, Tha Carter 6, Guitar & More

Euro was the special guest on episode 50 of the Club Ambition Podcast and you can watch the 1 hour and 30 minute interview down below.

In their conversation, Euro talked about where he got his stage name from, being born in the Dominican Republic, meeting his favorite rapper JAY-Z, first meeting Birdman, and his upcoming collaboration mixtape with Cory Gunz.

The Young Money affiliate spoke on Lil Wayne first hearing his music and wanting to sign him, never signing an official contract with YM, his most important song and moment with Wayne being their “Destroyed” collab off No Ceilings 2, witnessing Weezy‘s work process, and more.

Also during their convo, Euro chatted a little bit about Tunechi‘s forthcoming Tha Carter VI album by saying Tune is in a “special mode” while recording music for it, confirmed Wayne is getting back into the guitar again, and how he hopes he is featured on C6. He even said the music he has heard so far from C6 sounds as good as Mr. Carter‘s verse on “Seeing Green“!

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Lil Wayne Meets Colby Covington + Jams Out To “Seeing Green” & “Bill Gates” At LIV [Pictures & Videos]

Lil Wayne Meets Colby Covington + Jams Out To Seeing Green & Bill Gates At LIV

On Sunday, August 14th, Lil Wayne hosted an event at LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida for “LIV on Sunday’s”.

While at the club, Wayne was spotted greeting mixed martial artist Colby Covington, who we already know is a big fan of the rapper.

Weezy also performed his “Steady Mobbin’” single live, as well as jammed out to “Bill Gates” and “Seeing Green” with DJ Scoob Doo, Mack Maine, Allan Cubas, and Gudda Gudda.

You can check out some more photos and footage of Tunechi partying and performing live at LIV on South Beach after the jump below, courtesy of Robert Diaz and Headliner World!

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Nicki Minaj Brings Out Lil Wayne At ESSENCE Fest To Perform “Seeing Green”, “High School” & More [Videos]

Nicki Minaj Brings Out Lil Wayne At ESSENCE Fest To Perform Seeing Green, High School & More

On July 1st, Nicki Minaj headlined the 2022 ESSENCE Festival from the Caesars Superdome stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As the show was in Lil Wayne and Birdman‘s hometown, it was only right that Nicki brought out Wayne and the No. 1 Stunna to surprise the crowd.

You can watch Minaj perform “Seeing Green“, “High School” and “A Milli” with Weezy, as well as “#1 Stunna” and “Pop Bottles” live with Baby after the jump below!

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Nicki Minaj Reveals Herself, Lil Wayne & Drake Have Discussed A “Big 3” Tour

Nicki Minaj Reveals Herself, Lil Wayne & Drake Have Discussed A Big 3 Tour

Nicki Minaj has teased on social media that herself, Lil Wayne and Drake could potentially be hitting the road together at some point.

During a Q&A session on Twitter over the weekend, Nicki was asked if she has “ever thought about a Big 3 Tour and maybe making it happen” to which she replied with:

“Yes, of course- that’s been discussed many times. Really a matter of timing. Also, IDK how all 3 of us would have enough time on stage to please all of our diff fans. Those are some pretty large catalogs.”

So there you go! It looks like the idea of a Big 3 tour has been thrown around a few times, but their busy schedules has made it difficult to come to fruition. Would you like to see a tour from Weezy, Barbie and Drizzy?

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Lil Wayne Performs “Seeing Green” & More Live At Drai’s Nightclub In Vegas [Video]

Lil Wayne Performs Seeing Green & More Live At Drais Nightclub In Vegas

Over Independence Day Weekend on July 3rd, Lil Wayne hosted an event during his return to Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the show, Weezy performed “Blunt Blowin’“, “John“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, “Rollin’“, “Wasted“, “HYFR“, “Money On My Mind” and “Pop Bottles“, as well as the new “Seeing Green” live for everyone in attendance.

You can check out some footage from Tunechi‘s live performance at Drai’s in Vegas after the jump below. Enjoy!

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