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STREETRUNNER Explains How Lil Wayne’s Label Situation Has Hurt The Culture, Shares An Interesting Story About “Gossip” & More [Video]

STREETRUNNER Explains How Lil Wayne Label Situation Has Hurt The Culture, Shares An Interesting Story About Gossip & More

STREETRUNNER recently visited the Producergrind office and sat down with Dylan C and The Letter L Beats for an interview on their podcast.

Just before the 41 minute mark, the Miami producer revealed an interesting story about Lil Wayne‘s “Gossip” song that was recorded at the end of 2006 and how it escaped all of the leaks.

Carrying on with the subject of Tunechi, the producer then explained how Tune‘s situation with Cash Money Records has hurt the culture and how we have probably missed 2 – 3 albums because of this. Watch the full podcast below!

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50 Cent Calls Lil Wayne & Birdman Reuniting “A Real Hip-Hop Moment”

50 Cent Calls Lil Wayne & Birdman Reuniting A Real Hip Hop Moment

50 Cent took to his Instagram page a couple of days after Lil Wayne and Birdman reunited to react and share what he thinks about the whole situation.

The rapper, actor and businessman uploaded a picture of Tunechi and Baby from LIV nightclub on his social media and captioned it “a real hip-hop moment”:

“@LilTunechi & @Birdman5Star this is a real HipHop moment, HATE IT or LOVE IT you can’t stop it.#TheOath”

If you missed the news, Weezy and the #1 Stunna were spotted hugging, laughing and chopping it up at LIV in Miami, Florida this past Sunday (March 11th).

Fiddy also made some really smart comments back in 2015 about this whole relationship between Wayne and Birdman including why you shouldn’t get involved in it, which you can read here!

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Fat Joe Talks Witnessing Lil Wayne Come Up With His Verse On DJ Khaled’s “We Takin’ Over” & Says All New Rappers Owe Wayne A Favor [Video]

Fat Joe Talks Witnessing Lil Wayne Come Up With His Verse On DJ Khaled We Takin Over & Says All New Rappers Owe Wayne A Favor

For episode 253 of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” series, special guest Fat Joe sat down with DJ Akademiks and Nadeska to speak on various subjects that you can check out below.

At the 46:30 mark of their conversation, Joey Crack discussed Lil Wayne killing him on DJ Khaled’s “We Takin’ Over” single, called Wayne the “best rapper on earth at that time”, and told a story of what Weezy‘s recording process was like for his verse on “We Takin’ Over“, which included him standing in front of some big speakers at The Hit Factory and coming up with “I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats” line.

Joe also mentioned that he owes Tunechi so much for teaching him how to work as rappers in his era don’t work as hard as the new millennium rappers and said that he used to always think he had to keep on working himself as he knew Tune would be somewhere working.

Later on in the interview at the 51:30 mark, Fat Joe shared his thoughts on Lil Wayne‘s current situation with Birdman, as well as pointed out that all these new rappers owe Wayne a favor as they all rap exactly like him, but not as good.

Joey Crack even revealed that he loves Mr. Carter as a person, called him a true friend (which is rare in the music industry), and says Weezy is very intelligent, plus misunderstood as people will look at him and see the dreads and tattoos, but that’s not who he truly is!

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Birdman Goes On A Rant About His Current Situation With Lil Wayne, Sends A Warning [Video]

Birdman Goes On A Rant About His Current Situation With Lil Wayne, Sends A Warning

Birdman isn’t really a social media type of guy, but last night he decided to go on Instagram Live and get a few things off his chest including his current problems with Lil Wayne.

During his rant, Baby addressed everyone commenting “Free Wayne” and “Free C5” in his comments by saying:

“On G though, right? I be hearing all you niggas talking about this Lil Wayne shit. Lil Wayne this, Lil Wayne that. Bitch, Lil Wayne my son, I raised him. He ain’t had nothin’ and I brought him to be something, and he got some. Bitch, you think I ain’t gonna make sure he straight? Suck a nigga dick bitch. I’m gonna show all you pussy-ass niggas that got in my business, fuck you nigga. I’m gonna show you don’t play with me nigga. I’m what you call a fucking real mastermind, you lil’ bitty bitch. Ya heard me? And if you cross my line, you already know, I ain’t even got to tell you. You know what type of nigga I am and how I live. Fuck you nigga. Tear you’re ass up playing with me and mine.”

You can watch Birdman‘s rant on Instagram Live in a clip after the jump below. Head to the 2:35 mark to see the part about Weezy!

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AR-Ab Talks All About The Lil Wayne vs. Birdman Lawsuit [Video]

AR-Ab Talks All About The Lil Wayne vs Birdman Lawsuit

AR-Ab recently sat down with Vlad TV for an interview to speak on how close he was to signing with Cash Money Records.

During their conversation, AR-Ab revealed that 6 months ago Birdman told him his and Lil Wayne‘s lawsuit was about to be over and he was about to settle out, but Wayne ended up saying something on stage and so Baby pulled the plug on it.

The Philadelphia rapper also mentioned that Birdman told him his situation with Weezy was taking a toll on him and it was hurting him, because that’s his son and legacy. You can check out exactly what AR-Ab said after the jump below!

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