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Lil Wayne Hits Up Stevie Williams’ Private Skate Park “Status Life” In Atlanta [Video]

Lil Wayne Hits Up Stevie Williams Private Skate Park Status Life In Atlanta

A new video has surfaced online that shows Lil Wayne skateboarding at professional skateboarder Stevie Williams‘ private skate park called Status Life in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the clip, which you can watch below, Tune can be seen showing off his skating skills and tagging the park with “Tunechi SQAD” using graffiti!

As well as Weezy, the video also features Andrey Tarasov, Anthony Williams, Karim Callendar, Niko Howard, Nyree Morrison, Stevie Williams, TC, Tyreek “TJ” Morrison, and Cristophe Pettipas-Friedrich (who filmed it all).

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Lil Wayne Goes Skating At Brandon Biebel’s L.A. Skatepark With Stevie Williams & Others

Lil Wayne Goes Skating At Brandon Biebel Los Angeles Skatepark With Stevie Williams & Others

This week, Lil Wayne had a skateboarding session at Brandon Biebel’s private skatepark in Los Angeles, California, which took place all night until the early morning.

Tunechi was skating with Brandon Biebel, Chance Eldridge, Dan Abadi, Evan Hernandez, James Riff, Rob DeGruy, Stevie Williams, and Terry Kennedy.

You can view 3 more photos of Weezy F Baby at the skatepark below, as well as also watch a short clip of him doing the boardslide skating trick!

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Lil Wayne Attends His SUPRA Spectre Shoe Launch, Tattoos BJ Betts & Chaz Ortiz [Pictures]

Lil Wayne Attends His SUPRA Spectre Shoe Launch, Tattoos BJ Betts & Chaz Ortiz

Last night, Lil Wayne hosted a launch party for his SUPRA Spectre sneakers (previously known as Chimeras) in Miami, Florida. While at the event, Weezy F Baby did a little bit of skateboarding with Stevie Williams, chopped it up with OFIVE magazine, took pics with guests, and even tattooed BJ Betts and Chaz Ortiz.

Hit the jump to check out some photos from the SUPRA event, courtesy of Instagram.

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SUPRA Releases “S1W” Sneakers By Lil Wayne & Stevie Williams

SUPRA have just released their new footwear called “S1W“, which is a collaboration shoe from Stevie Williams and Lil Wayne. In the video above, Weezy F Baby speaks on his new sneakers, how it feels to be involved in a shoe with Stevie Williams, and goes skating at a skate park with the SUPRA team.

“I asked Wayne if he wanted to do a colorway with my shoe and he said he was up for it. Just supporting Wayne skateboarding, and having his name on my shoe, it just shows how big this skateboarding thing is. I’m excited about it.” – Stevie Williams

“It’s dope, it’s super dope. Stevie’s a legend, so to even be involved in anything Stevie’s doing is crazy, man—and then to be part of his shoe? Come on, man.” – Lil Wayne

The high-performance S1W mid top is lavishly constructed with red pig suede and red full-grain leather. The shoe has custom “PRESIDENT” (left) and “CARTER” (right) sock liners, white accents, padded red mesh lining and tongue, and it’s built atop a white, lightweight, cored-out sole that features a new SUPRAFOAM footbed with impact technology.

Hit the jump to check out some photos of the “S1W” sneakers. If you want to purchase a pair of them, you can do so from the SUPRA website here. I’ve already placed my order!

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Lil Wayne At Amsterdam Skatepark In Netherlands [Video & Pics]

In the video above, you can watch Lil Wayne skateboarding in his all black YMCMB tracksuit at Amsterdam Skatepark in the Netherlands. You can also view two photos from the private skate session below, courtesy of Tacky!

Lil Wayne At Amsterdam Skatepark In Netherlands

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