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Lil Wayne Reveals If He Is A Street Or Vert Skater, How He Learned To Fall On A Skateboard & More [Video]

Lil Wayne Reveals If He Is A Street Or Vert Skater, How He Learned To Fall On A Skateboard & More

Lil Wayne chopped it up with American Eagle, who he has just released his new clothing line with, while on the rooftop of New Design High School in Manhattan on July 15th to discuss all about skateboarding.

During their conversation, Wayne spoke on when he first started skating, what inspired him, the first trick he learned, what beginners must learn when starting to skate, if he is a street or vert skater, learning to fall, his favorite area for skate parks, and what gets him excited about skate parks.

The Best Rapper Alive also mentioned what you should not do when visiting a skate park for the first time, what he wears for his skate sessions, if he has music or no music playing in the background when skating, and lists a few legends of the skateboarding culture that everyone should learn from. You can check it all out in the video after the jump below!

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Freeway Chats About His Upcoming “Blood Pressure” Single Featuring Lil Wayne [Video]

Freeway Chats About His Upcoming Blood Pressure Single Featuring Lil Wayne

While at the 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta earlier this month, HHS1987’s Terrell Thomas caught up with Freeway on the Sprite green carpet for an interview.

During their conversation, the Philadelphia rapper shouted out his “brother” Lil Wayne for showing “a lot of love” by bringing him out at the 2016 Budweiser Made In America Festival in his hometown.

Freeway also spoke a little bit about his upcoming single featuring Wayne called “Blood Pressure” by saying it’s “fire” and will be released in the next few weeks!

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Lil Wayne Makes Cameo In “The Motivation” Movie [Video]

Above, you can watch Lil Wayne‘s special appearance in The Motivation movie, which is a film told through the eyes of the eight best street-skateboarders in the world. Weezy F Baby can be seen talking about how hyped he is to be at the 2012 Street League skateboarding championships, which took place in New Jersey last year, and how his skating game is right now.

The Motivation movie will be released worldwide on iTunes, VOD and DVD tomorrow (August 6th). The director of The Carter Documentary, Adam Bhala Lough, is also the same person who directed this documentary.

You can pre-order The Motivation film from iTunes here and also view more information for the documentary on the official website here!


Lil Wayne Cuts His Cheek During First Street Skating Mission [Video]

The Skateboard Mag releases some footage of Lil Wayne‘s first street skating mission with Greg Lutzka that you can watch in the video above.

During the clip, we can see Tune and his friends performing skateboarding tricks as well as the accident were he cut his cheek, which explains why he has been wearing a band-aid on his face recently.

Wayne did have a good way to put the cheek accident in words though: “I’m a lover and the streets kissed me”.


Video: Lil Wayne & Drake Perform “Miss Me” In Las Vegas x Weezy On A Billboard In Los Angeles

Drake: “But I could never love her cause to her I’m just a rapper, and soon she’ll have met another”
Lil Wayne: “I fucked that bitch!”

Remember back during Memorial Day Weekend in May when Drake brought out Lil Wayne at the Rehab Pool Party in Las Vegas ❓ Well some dope footage of the two performing “Miss Me” has just surfaced on the net. You can check out the footage above, and view some pics here and here!

After the jump, you can check out a photo of Tunechi on a billboard in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard (most popular street in Hollywood) that Detail spotted. Detail sent the photo to Weezy who was really happy about it and told Detail: “Dats real!!! My nigga thank you a billion for ‘How To Love'”.

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