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Video: Lil Wayne & Drake Perform “Miss Me” In Las Vegas x Weezy On A Billboard In Los Angeles

Sat, Jul 30, 2011 by

Drake: “But I could never love her cause to her I’m just a rapper, and soon she’ll have met another”
Lil Wayne: “I fucked that bitch!”

Remember back during Memorial Day Weekend in May when Drake brought out Lil Wayne at the Rehab Pool Party in Las Vegas ❓ Well some dope footage of the two performing “Miss Me” has just surfaced on the net. You can check out the footage above, and view some pics here and here!

After the jump, you can check out a photo of Tunechi on a billboard in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard (most popular street in Hollywood) that Detail spotted. Detail sent the photo to Weezy who was really happy about it and told Detail: “Dats real!!! My nigga thank you a billion for ‘How To Love'”.

Lil Wayne On Billboard In Sunset Boulevard

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  • M

    Really good

  • 2nd

  • donat

    first bitches

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    haha he fucked that bitch

  • TuneChi

    Hahaha we

  • wayneo7897

    pretty sure this happened in like may cuz i recognize the place and drizzys shirt

  • JohnnyB

    it did dumb fuck read the post

  • wayneo7897

    nevermind i know it says that at the begining

  • junie

    duh it says may 2o dickhead

  • junie

    weezy performin how to love at the vmas smh

  • rap it up design

    theres billboards with wayne for some station ALL over here. the whole young money crew.

  • your mind

    how u know what he performing at the vmas? stfu asshole

  • ayoo

    @junie yeah jackass it hasnt been said what he’s performing, it never is . u idiot

  • DAZE

    AUG. 29TH 2011 LETS GOOOO C4!!

  • yo mama

    yeeeeahh support wayne yalll. august 29th the carter four. lets show these niggaz what it is

  • robb27

    damn straight im buying atleast 3 copies first week!! ..and im lol that nigga wayne yelled out “i fucked that bitch” (random as hell) hahahaa

  • wtf

    @junie stfu hoe -wayne voice

  • the truth

    i see those two faggs “gecko” and ” it’s cee J (GAY) ” hasnt woke up from they long night together huh?? lmfaooo pussies

  • whatupdoe?

    lmao at @the truth ..yeah u know they have no life dude..they’ll be here to say some lame shit. smfh anyway im buying 3 copies myself c4 nigggga

  • jessika

    omg i cant believe we’re 28 days away from having the carter 4 im amped as hell. my ipod is ready

  • JOSH_99

    wussup with waynes girlfriend dhea? anyone seen her lately?

  • samusukix

    yes it is on the vmas u idiots 28/8 is vmas day and thats the date on the billboard
    or maybe im too high cus i nvr comment
    and fuck im hungry no homo

  • lilwayne>allrappers


  • If he said thanks for how to love when he saw the billboard then i promise he’s gonna be performing it because he thinks that’s what everyone wants

  • inside scoop ;)

    wtf r u talking about? 0___o ^^

  • john pabs(jamaica)

    Jah know,likkle wayne bad nuh rass