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Lil Wayne Makes Cameo In “The Motivation” Movie [Video]

Mon, Aug 5, 2013 by

Above, you can watch Lil Wayne‘s special appearance in The Motivation movie, which is a film told through the eyes of the eight best street-skateboarders in the world. Weezy F Baby can be seen talking about how hyped he is to be at the 2012 Street League skateboarding championships, which took place in New Jersey last year, and how his skating game is right now.

The Motivation movie will be released worldwide on iTunes, VOD and DVD tomorrow (August 6th). The director of The Carter Documentary, Adam Bhala Lough, is also the same person who directed this documentary.

You can pre-order The Motivation film from iTunes here and also view more information for the documentary on the official website here!

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  • Mais je saiiiiiis


  • youngtunechie

    That LWHQ shoutout danny!

  • power

    cool shit

  • First

  • Killaa

    Still can’t kickflip most likely lol

  • The Till Family

    Where’s Nino Brown 3?

    Wayne just gonna ignore all his own documentaries of him in the studio and go to making skating documentaries now?


  • stackz

    The Carter doc director damnnnnn…… is there more clips of weezy in this or not???

  • Grimm

    That jacket is dope anny word on d5 releasdat

  • Ymcmb 4 life

    @the Till family…. Niño brown 3 got cancelled way back when Wayne’s song “single” came out you keep waiting though shows how much of a wayne fan you’re

    “Make her have to go and cancel that bitch like Nino” – Lil Wayne

    • So wrong, you need to watch the movie “New Jack City” to understand that Nino reference.

  • Flow

    This nigga Wayne is a true skater now.

  • keith

    im sorry but i just cant take wayne serious as a skater……’s all just one big marketing scheme to keep white people buying his music

  • d5

    What happened to that interview on friday with bow wow. Did he realease anything important on d5. Wtf
    I missed it.

  • dontae

    haaaaaaaa @thetillfamily dumb name and you got owned mr. know it all ass nigga

  • MALI

    nino canceled a bitch/got rid of a bitch in new jack city thats why wayne said that

  • LiL zeetune

    Tunechi all da way #wat eva u du am behind u dawg

  • tony_montana

    @YMCMB 4 life, man you’re wrong!!! He was refering to ‘new jack city’, had absolutely nothing to do with ‘nino brown 3’ bro.

  • Kidd

    Bow wow said that it was a scheduling conflict he should reschedule it on a day wayne doesnt jave a show

  • Kidd

    @ymcmb4life in the movie new jack city the main character named nino brown says cancel that bitch to murder his girlfriend

  • Dcksck666

    He even trying to talk like a skater now

    Wayne wanna be tyler the creator bad

    This guy is a mere shadow of what he used to be or portray your choice

  • truth




  • what up Jamie Thomas!

  • realone

    @kidd nino dident mean kill his gf when he said that he means replace….weezy looks real happy


    Where can I get that hoodie he got on?