Lil Wayne Talks The Hot Boys, Relationship With Birdman, Creative Style, Young Money & More

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Lil Wayne Talks Thinking He Would Retire With The Hot Boys, His Creative Style, Young Money & More

I have just come across a Lil Wayne interview online that took place at the Wize & Ope flagship store in Paris, France back in October, 2013. Even though this interview is not exactly “new”, I am posting it because I don’t believe I’ve seen the full version posted online anywhere before and especially not here on LilWayneHQ!

During the interview, Tune speaks on how he feels to see his Young Money artists be more than what he expected, always thinking that he would be in the Hot Boys group forever until he retired, the first time he realized he had a gift at rapping, his very first rhyme, being a great father, his stylist Marisa Flores, what his definition of a “clique” is, why he doesn’t write down his lyrics, meeting Cortez Bryant, his relationship with Birdman, partnering up with Wize & Ope, and more.

“I think when you write something down you become restricted, you’re focused on what your writing and therefore you can always write the same things, and you fall into the same pattern. Whereas if you do it from your head then everyday you wake up different.”

The interview seemed to get pretty awkward towards the end, but it was funny when the guy interviewing Weezy called the Hot Boys the “Lost Boys”. Tunechi also mentioned in the interview that if he ever stopped rapping it would be to make more kids!

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  • harry chhabra

    Carter V

  • 100

    Not heard a Wayne interview in a minute…..

  • danny be googling lil wayne name 24/7 to find rare interviews like this lmfao

    • John Brown

      and you are always refreshing this page and having first comment lol ๐Ÿ˜€

      • lol i just be the first to click on the link when it gets posted on twitter

        • HeckNOoooo

          Danny makes money from this, so he ain’t doing nothing wrong googling wayne 24/7

        • John Brown

          hah and I’ve seen this on fb and I was like second guy because there was only your comment ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Jungle

      That’s a good thing though

      • Dawn Bosley

        Thanks Danny! Is it just me or did this guy want to make it about race? I’m just about the whitest you can get in skin tone and have never seen wayne as black. I look at what he’s been through and respect him for who he is not what color he is…he’s way bigger than that, anyone agree?

  • Kael

    The old Wayne would of merked him for calling his group the lost boys

    • Guest


    • JustAGuy234

      thats some shit middle school white kids say ctfu. you act like wayne is some super wild thugged out serial killer. yea he from the street but come on…. old wayne, new wayne NO version of lil wayne would “merk someone for calling them the lost boy by mistake” always remember the gun lines about shooting people with AKs and shit are clever bars not his resume


    • YMCorey

      Nah.. That’s bad for publicity..

  • Biggest tunechi fan

    #1 fan for life and after life

    • lilwayne#1fan

      thayts me dawg

      • Biggest tunechi fan

        If u only knew

      • YMCorey

        Spit the verse from best of me then

        • yahdiggt

          Lol nigga you talking spit that throw it up verse or that sick of being.lonely since you a so called.”sqad up head”

          • YMCorey

            Duece Bigalow hehe young pimp juice git a hoe – dip a hoe – flip a hoe whoa send a hoe ta a mall show u ball up babydoll up – fore u walk her – crawl her dont spawl her, dont be easy let her find out the harder wait uh she be bringin cheese ta tha carter ta weezy carter, young boy pimp harder slow down slick u killn em weezy braught her ta antartica she aint have a coat so i let her wear my parka she wonder why we came, i come nd git my chain nd she wonder why we leavn cuz BITCH IS KRAZY its young wizzle bitch i gits izzel lip fizzel fizzel wit kizzel, big six big grizzel big whizzels nd ykno, they…keep…spinning…

    • YMCorey

      Okay spit the verse from sqad in me

  • KingChuck


  • Malissa

    I just love this man. Wayne is the deepest person ever and thass why I love him fucks wit him…..LUV!!! Im a weezy fan for eternity.

  • Time

    cortez looked worried when the camera turned to him hah!

  • T.D.E

    I need a new joint, I just played out my nigga remix and we alright, matter of fact I played my nigga remix so much, I dont think I will be able to bump it again. Implus everybody bumpin it in my hood

  • fewcha

    he was promoting the watch and the guy forgot to ask weezy about it :/

  • stephanie

    Wayne I fuck wit ya

  • Lethu

    Lol his stylist been dressing him lyk shit nowadays

  • realness

    Nice interview but LWHQ should do one too!! They wouldnt do mistakes and ask things that are important for us..

  • me,lt

    awkward ist not the right word xD … the interviewer was weird man xD, but he was probably just super excited just like I would be in the same situation

  • Guest

    Hyped AF for that We Alright video, Thug cry and Senile!! Carter V coming soon..

  • King Weezy F

    Hyped AF for that We Alright video, Thug cry and Senile!! Carter V coming soon……… ….. young money

  • JayHighAss

    It was suppose to be an interview about the watch … Lol,

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    • T.D.E

      This lil Nigga trynna play trapp on the HQ lol go play somewhere else kid

    • Yeyo

      Lmfaoooooooooo I’m done with this niggas meng !!!!!!!!

  • YoungTunechiYM

    Hahha nigga said pussy when he ask what’s the hardest thing to get through lmao! Classic Weezy answer! Go follow me on twitter y’all: @YoungTunechiYM

  • NickJaye

    the interviewer said “can i have one for free” and wayne looked at him and said I don’t wanna answer that.. OWNAGE LOL

  • TunechiBabi