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Lil Wayne Announces Tour Dates For His 2013 “America’s Most Wanted” Music Festival

Mon, Mar 25, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Announces Tour Dates For His 2013 Americas Most Wanted Music Festival

Lil Wayne warned us that he would be going on a tour around the United States of America in a public service announcement last week. Now here are the dates for his forthcoming “America’s Most Wanted” music festival, which will begin on July 9th in Alabama and end on September 1st in California.

The opening acts for Weezy F Baby‘s upcoming tour have been confirmed to be T.I. and 2 Chainz. Hit the jump to find out which states and arenas Tune will be performing at later this year.

July 09, 2013 | Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America | Oak Mountain Amphitheater
July 10, 2013 | Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America | Bridgestone Arena
July 12, 2013 | Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America | Lakewood Amphitheater
July 13, 2013 | Tampa Bay, Florida, United States of America | Live Nation Amphitheater
July 14, 2013 | West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America | Cruzan Amphitheater
July 16, 2013 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America | First Niagara Pavilion
July 17, 2013 | Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America | 1st Mariner Arena
July 19, 2013 | Wantagh, New York, United States of America | Jones Beach
July 20, 2013 | Camden, New Jersey, United States of America | Susquehanna Bank Center
July 21, 2013 | Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States of America | Toyota Pavilion
July 23, 2013 | Bangor, Maine, United States of America | Bangor Amphitheater
July 24, 2013 | Holmdel, New Jersey, United States of America | PNC Bank Arts Center
July 26, 2013 | Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America | Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
July 27, 2013 | Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America | Time Warner Pavilion
July 28, 2013 | Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States of America | Farm Bureau Live
July 30, 2013 | Buffalo, New York, United States of America | Darien Lake PAC
July 31, 2013 | Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America | Comcast Theatre
August 02, 2013 | Washington, D.C., United States of America | Verizon Center
August 03, 2013 | Saratoga Springs, New York, United States of America | SSPAC
August 04, 2013 | Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America | Comcast Center
August 06, 2013 | Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America | Riverbend Music Pavilion
August 07, 2013 | Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America | Blossom Music Center
August 09, 2013 | Detroit, Michigan, United States of America | Joe Louis Arena
August 10, 2013 | Chicago, Illinois, United States of America | First Midwest Bank Amphitheater
August 11, 2013 | St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America | Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
August 13, 2013 | Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America | Klipsch Music Center
August 14, 2013 | Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America | FedEx Forum
August 16, 2013 | Dallas, Texas, United States of America | Gexa Pavilion
August 17, 2013 | Austin, Texas, United States of America | Austin360 Amphitheater
August 18, 2013 | Houston, Texas, United States of America | CWM Pavilion
August 20, 2013 | Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America | Qwest Center
August 21, 2013 | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America | Chesapeake Energy Center
August 23, 2013 | Denver, Colorado, United States of America | Fiddler’s Green
August 24, 2013 | Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America | Isleta Amphitheater
August 27, 2013 | San Diego, California, United States of America | Sleep Train Amphitheater
August 28, 2013 | Sacramento, California, United States of America | Sleep Train Amphitheater
August 30, 2013 | Concord, California, United States of America | Sleep Train Pavilion
August 31, 2013 | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America | MGM Grand Arena
September 01, 2013 | Irvine, California, United States of America | Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Will you be going to a show :?: Let me know in the comments below.

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  • vicky

    weezy 1 baby

  • Tunechi


  • Paul

    I am soooooooo pumped for this!!!! No one understands my excitement!

  • Jeffryyyy

    No Canada stops

  • Robert

    When the tickets go on sale?

  • Dayne Steele

    Cant wait to see my boy in Cleveland August 7th…..never been to a concert before so Im so excited to make this my first.

  • Deontretre

    YES HES COMING TO DETROIT!!!!!!,,313 alday!!

  • Deontretre


  • Trukfit


  • Yoooooo

    Yo know he will cancel 3 days before right?

    Or the tour will get cancelled because he will have another seizure

  • iamsosickwithit

    Ohhhh shit go weeeezy!!!!!!

  • astronaut chick

    i’ll be going to watch future
    dont care about wayne or t.i.

  • @tune

    He’s coming to OKC even though he hates OKC

  • molasses jones

    I want to do 5 min. interview with you on SWEET TV!, Follow you on part of the tour for more in depth time. Contact Tiffany at for more details.

    molasses jones

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  • Tune Knowledge

    He hasn’t stopped in Boise, ID since he was arrested here……… :( That fucked my day up..

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  • B2rhom

    I live in columbus, ohio. I hope i can make it Cleveland to see tunechi

  • THeo

    why not mobile al

  • Jessie

    I saw Drake in Denver for the club paradise tour, which was amazing! I’ll probably go there to see Lil Wayne!!

  • Rob

    I been to the last two. I will be going to this one too.

  • Will

    No Canadian dates what the f**k.

  • danther

    Tampa, man! and then driving over to the Palm Beach show the night after! This just made my day.

  • Tochukwu

    WEEZY F!!!!!! #YoungMoney Hope I can make it to the one on the 17th of July in Baltimore, Maryland

  • LilWeezyAna

    @Dayne, I’m going to the one in Cleveland too. U ever heard of the Klipsch Amphitheatre though?

  • TrainOfthoughts

    I’ll be Charlotte!!! Or Atlanta!!

  • F

    @Will it’s still a United States Tour! Get it? No Canada involved!

  • Khosta

    No worries still the best for me

  • shabzbm

    @danny so you know if lil wayne would be coming to london :(

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  • Jamie Lee

    So beyond excited to see him again. Been to numerous concerts. Their amazing he’s amazing. Can’t wait for him to come to darien lake in buffalo NY. <3

  • P. Na$ty

    No Staples Center??

  • http://@Spacemartian98 John Content

    Verizon Center, i am in their!!!!!! when does tickets go on sell?

  • Sir. T

    He should’ve called it ‘USA tour’.. Tune i’m dissapointed on ya dude, thinking that the only fans u got are Americans only. When are u coming back to S.A??

  • Mula_Baby

    August 27, 2013 | San Diego , Future Rollin tooo Thass Wassupp Cant Wait finna Be LIVE !!

  • polski

    no canada???? we are the better fansssssssssss

  • Wes

    How the FUCK is he not gonna come to his own HOME TOWN???

    NEW ORLEANS!?!?!?!?!?

    they better announce more dates, if not thats fucked up weezy…

  • pippies

    @ Deontretre i agree fuck canada un united piece of shit country , but unfortunnaly i was born here in canada so fuck my life

  • Bri


  • Lisa Johnson

    First midwest amphitheater Tinley park Chicago Illinois Baby!

  • MattyG23

    common wayne its been time since you did a concert in Toronto…wheres the loves bruh?

  • Sherita

    I have been waiting on my boo to come to Memphis for 4EVER!!!!!!!! I am OVERLY excited OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mindy Bearden

    First stop Birmingham,All !!! I am so there, can’t wait!!

  • Crizz31424

    Why would you go everywhere in the East EXCEPT LOUISVILLE!!!! like come on now everybody down here would go to his concert

  • Jaybich223

    Yeeeeesssss my nigga wayne coming too Oakland CA fashoo I’m going

  • http://- Claire

    AUG 11th in STL for my birthday!!

  • Triggerman

    i’m 16 do you have to be a certain age to go to his concerts or no

  • aWeeZy

    Damn, no Los Angeles?? wack. Guess I am gonna have to drive to see him. When do tickets go on sale??

  • J

    How is he not comming to new orleans? That’s down bad.

  • pats

    Its america most wanted so canada will not be involved but u can go to the buffalo, NY one

  • Amber

    What about Milwaukee, WI???

  • Justin

    where can i get the tickets for July 21, 2013 | Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States of America | Toyota Pavilion

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    good, hopefully someone can snipe his gremlin looking ass. no stops in nyc, los ageles or neworleans, lol.. this bitch ass nigga know better than to come to real thugged out cities. he going to them soft ass cities. thats hoe you know his fans are softer than his daughters pussy lips. fucking weak ass nigga. scared he going to get G checked in L.A again. in nyc, 50cent got them snipers ready for that punk. even in neworlensa they dont fuck with this fake ass skateboarding nigga. you groupies are so blind. lol, hope he catches another seizure and dies, need to put that shit on worldstar, it would diffinitly make me happy to see this wack ass, cock sucka dead… needs it..

  • D17

    Danny has weezy cancelled his european tour?????!!!!!!

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lil dwayne <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< getting head from wendy williams

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lil dwayne <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Immortal Technique

  • choc

    My first concert was when i was a eleven and it was a weezy concert , now im 19 and i just have to see him again before i die lol jk no but i have to see again.



  • maria_latina_wayne

    i hope lil wayne still are coming to europe

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    Hey Danny when do tickets go on sale?

  • Khosta

    I get a dick up my ass

  • Biggdaddyrice

    I lick balls

  • Hyphy03

    No Vancouver? No Canada at all? The fuck -.-

  • Danny M

    I got rape by wayne

  • Danny M

    I love dicks

  • ?

    Aye Danny M do you know ur a faggot

  • Raul

    This sucks!!!! Tune should come to Seattle again!!!!!

  • Fuk u

    I hope this nigga neva comes home again.. Bitch ass can’t even perform for his own city that put him on.. Weezy dead to Nola

  • Tuneeeee

    Hell yea Dallas texas!!

  • marcus check out my boy, hes better then lil wayne, i promise

  • danielle

    july 13 <3 ,yep tampa florida babyyyy !!!!!

  • weezy4life

    Danny or anyone know if weezy will go anywhere in Canada anytime this year or we gotta wait for the fucking carter 5 tour?

  • Dougie

    What up Weezy? Show ur hometown some luv man!! Hope the N.O is added!!!

  • Estefani

    Finally we decides to come Tn, been waiting on this moment. Imma start saving up cause im going and period.


    August 31st n vegas #trukfit weezy f baby #ymcmb im there

  • Manner

    hey danny there is no sleepy train in san diego. is that typo?

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lil wendy, I just got off from other blogs. and there shitting on the album. ha ha ha, you bum ass nigga….Im loving seeing this clown fall…all you groupies better appreciate this faggot ass this year, cause this will be the last year lil wendy will be relevant, even though his popularity now is fading…lil dwayne you should bow out gracefully and invest in therapy you faggot. you dont know if your a bitch or a nigga….your album is goingtripple bird shit…

  • renee

    Omg freaking out. So pumped!!

  • Rasho

    NO Seattle stop? WTF Wayne?

  • Dawn

    1st Mariner Arena…I’ll be there :)

  • c’est la vie

    Man!! His not coming to new Orleans.

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lil wayne hope you get hot in the face you ugly motherfucker..

  • http://deleted mahya

    whyhe dont come to iran?

  • LegitPerson

    and he skips new orleans, his birthstate, im confused :o

  • Khosta

    Went to South africa’s best music store 2day to look for IANAHB2 and they said it will arrive in April, so pissed cause I wanted to buy the album and support way. And why aint he comin to South africa

  • Becka

    CLEVELAND can’t wait Ill be there!!! Love lil wayne!! Anyone wanna ride along? He’s gonna kill it!!!! Excited :)

  • LilWeezyAna

    @Becka, u know where this klipsch amphitheater is at???

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lil dwayne <<<<<<<<<<< bloody cotex

  • lilwaynelovr

    Hell to the yeah imma see my man!! Wayne u iz da best!!! Oaktown baby!

  • becka

    @LilWeezyAna yes I do. I’ve been to previous concerts there

  • Zach

    Are these all of them or is there more? It so is he coming to Little Rock, Arkansas?

  • Danny

    @becka where is klipsch amphitheater located at? Is it near Cleveland?

  • Mish

    please come to new zealand weezy !

  • Mish

    you would seriously make a killing please sign some shit for me if you do !

  • youngmaxz

    wayne z stil d hiphop only son, fuck d barrel step murda

  • RuffBuff716

    When’s ticket info gonna be up

  • samantha

    Hell yeah I’m going, won my tickets today.STREETS 94.5 Atlanta. Yall can’t even buy them yet.:-)

  • BDoe

    Hw dude dnt come 2 his hometown fr a tour doe??? CNT B REAL LIFE!

  • Tabitha Mckeey

    yall talkin bout dats fucked up , but wats really fucked up da nigga is 4rom Louisiana, and nt comin here , dats cool didn’t wnt 2 see his ass anyway , wnt to see future

  • Paladin Crow

    OKC here I come!

  • Keith Rebarber

    I’m from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Pompano Beach, Floirda.. I’m definitely going to the concert in West Palm Beach.

  • #1Stunna

    July 16th Pittsburgh. Weezy gon’ get the shit. Fuck T.I. and Future.

  • austin

    no minnesota smh

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  • curby-giver

    Deontretre dont hate ’cause us Canadians harder then you MOFO and our weed better then yours .!..

  • Je

    Opening Acts wanted for this tour email

  • Nicki Smith

    A lot ppl talking shit he’s not doing his hometown. Weezy’s doing 40 shows & Europe/ it’s a lot. He can’t go everywhere/he’s prob got contracts & don’t even pick where he’s going himself. I’m going to Camden July 20/can’t wait! Went last time & every time he does Camden.& been to Scranton twice! Wells Fargo/ this is gonna make show #5

  • moses

    What happen to San Antonio?

  • Young Dre i Would Love to Open Up For Lil Wayne Please Email me at or Text me 5013928913 i Repeat i would Love to Open Up for lil wayne Please EmIl me at or either Text me 5013928913 ..

  • Yuppers

    Why he not coming to Milwaukee?

  • Heather

    Why did the Phoenix concert get cancelled? August 25th. I cant even find out anything about it. I m so disapointed and want a explanation. I


    for u retards who say “its an american tour fuck canada” u clearly failed geography cuz Canada is apart of NORTH AMERICA DUMB SHIT….and your argument is invalid cuz he has european dates…are u gonna try to tell me Amsterdam and Paris is in AMERICA?

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