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DJ Whoo Kid Hints At G-Unit And Lil Wayne Beef

Thu, Jun 18, 2009 by

G-Unit associate DJ Whoo Kid recently spoke on 50 Cent’s new War Angel mixtape and hinted at why the rapper may be targeting Lil Wayne in his rhymes.

Speaking with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Whoo Kid explained what reasons Fif could have for going at Weezy.

“Somebody’s always gotta be buried,” Whoo Kid said referring to the mixtape’s ‘Prepare For Total Destruction’ cover warning. “I’m just gonna let everybody get ready. What you do is figure out who’s still relevant, who’s still rapping…It’s definitely not Eminem, but have your fans call up and think who we should bury. It’s kinda obvious. The fans know. Don’t spoil it for all the people out there, I mean, but you know Lil Wayne always cops a plea. He has his daddy, always calls up and talks for him states that Lil Wayne doesn’t have time for beef he’s more worried about money and pills and rock music. He’s not really worried about beef and stuff like that. And the chick that handles his weave, you know, he’s worried about his hair right now. Shout-out to the police officer, Rick Ross.”

Click continue below to listen to the interview and near the end of the video, he also goes on to talk about Weezy leaking so many songs that he has the club rocking.

Enjoy and shout outs to SOHH 8)

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  • NDeJesus

    If weezy has so many leakesd songs and has the club rocking how is that a bad thing? and as for his rock and his “weave” A nigga gotta look freesh it don’t matter the reason why weezy has some hooking him up in looks is the same reason 50 Cent goes to the Gym, and he is killing the rock Songs!


  • TWay

    FUCK THAT NIGGA!!!Wayne where u at?…please…write a diss on G-Unit!!!!

  • ABC

    I listened to the mixtape and I didn’t really hear 50 dissing Weezy… He did diss about niggaz wearing tight jeans and using autotune… but nothing personal towards Weezy!

  • ABC

    Also… G-Unit should release a whole album dissed towards Young Money and on the same date, Young Money should do the exact same thing haha… who would win =P

    Young Mula vs G-Unot!!!

  • Diggs08

    The only reason 50 cent is doing this is because nobody listens to him anymore so now he has to go after Wayne so that people will listen for that sole reason only lol. 50 cent is full of shit, how can they even talk “Who we gonna bury next?” When was the last time 50 ever buried anyone? Haha, the funny thing is that the only reason why people have listened to the war angel mixtape is to listen to what he said about Wayne. If anything this is just helping Wayne’s career not burying it. Wayne doesn’t need to talk shit to sell his albums, he just sells because people actually like his music!

  • 50 u know if wayne goes against u, u will be died im tellin u, u dont want to tuch him

  • Stephanie

    I have always disliked Whoo Kidd as a personality. He speaks so much bullshit and is so damn full of himself. You need only hit up his Twitter account to see that he actually believes he is the man.

    And 50 Cent is so utterly irrelevent right now, he has been out of it for a minute. Fiddy is always trying to beef with somebody I mean he dissed the Wu Tang Clan for crying out loud, they probably moulded him, being a New Yorker himself- asshole! He relies, and has always relied, upon beef to give him some limelight. Why can’t he focus on positivity. People like Weezy and Kanye never really beef like that cause they don’t need it they work hard and produce the goods.

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  • Diggs08

    One more thing, and this really shows how fucking retarded whoo kidd is… He tries to diss wayne by saying wayne doesnt have time for beef because he’s about his money! How the fuck is that a diss? Why would anyone waste their time talking shit when during that time they could be making money!? They should listen to some wise words from Weezy, “Money is the motivation”! Who’s in G-Unit anyways these days? I mean everyone must be dropping out for a reason… They can’t deal with 50 and his fucking bullshit! The person whos going to get buried with mixtape and all the beef is going to be 50. Wayne doesn’t have to come back at him because everyone knows that 50 is just a publicity man and needs to beef to get people to listen to his worthless shit. 50’s done!

  • dunathagreat

    my nigga weezy need to do sum shit like tha game did on that whole g-unot shit. that shit will be hotter than ever and as a matter of fact weezy need to post his number for all of his fans to leave him messages so we can feed this nigga ideas about who he should kill next y’all feel me young moneyians.

  • lil weezy baby

    weezy will easily fuck 50 cent up if he want to

  • YoungMoneyEnt

    This fucking bitch ass nobody, Yeah this guy can keep spending his time beefing and Wayne will keep making that guap.

  • nigga

    somebody gone beat dj whoo kid ass and fuck up G-unit bitch ass

  • Young Money!

    50 da wackest nigga alive!!!!!!!!! I agree wit diggs,,,not only wen was da last time he buried someone.who did he bury?ja rule?? Fat joe??? Give me a break.wayne don’t need to beef wit 50.50 desperate for attention.example-dissing wu tang clan.maybe he should bury soulja boy,another nobody.wayne is making hits everyday n gettin money.wuts 50 doin-watchin his whole carrer end.50 played out since his 2nd album,who listens to him these days.he always singin his raps,n wen he does rap he sucks..wayne on another level.wayne is outta this world n fiddy still tryin to get out of ny..young mula all day!!!!! Fuck g-unot!!!

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Young Money!


  • djdd

    wow so this nigga Who Kid diss wayne… then at the end praise wayne for having all these songs out…. then he said wayne got like 10 songs out lmao more like 300 this year loser

  • Emo ass niggas

    wayne is emo…..yall is emo too…..real niggas stand up

  • rawbert

    wow,,, 50 cent is such a bitch ass nigguh,,, hes jus flat out stupid,, hes jus hyping lil wayne up cuhs ppl are gunna wanna see if wayne answers so theyll jump on him even more than now(:,,, weezy forever



  • Ooohhh

    50 is just desperate for attention smh

  • kgtucp

    FUCK G UNIT!!!!!

  • when are the tickets going to be on sell for mtl?

  • Pleaseplease , Wayne. Shout out to Ross and make a diss song against Gay-unit. It would be the best thing ever, you 2 guys. Birdman backin you up too. Oh, it would be tight

  • steezyfbaby

    Fuck Dj Whoo Kid, raggin on Birdman and shit, fucking homo. That was funny though, Ross the Police officer :p

  • wait, does anyone REALLY listen to G-Unit anymore? what they got, 1 fan left?

  • Emo ass niggas

    wayne fans = emo fags

  • IReallyLovesWeezy

    yeah… when are the tickets going on sale for mtl?
    i am so going to his concert!
    tks weezy for comin to mtl!!!!!!!
    fuck yeah!


  • vaughansee-d-muda4ka

    let’s have a brand new set of beefs
    we are tired of rickross and g unit. lets now put them up against the best rapper in the universe.

  • Mrs Carter

    i kno this isnt anithin to do with this but is drake still Affiliated with young money. cos it dnt say in the Young Mula bit 🙂

  • @Mrs Carter – Thanks :$ ^

  • wayne a beast how the fuck the man emo cause he killin it lyrically in rock and rap fucking best rapper alive WAYNE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!
    cant wait to go to the concert in philly

  • Meezy91

    Man Wayne has never responded to 50 before what makes the angry homo think hes gonna respond now? and Emo get yo ass gone dick riding hater if you hate weezy why you on his site?


    “im all about the dolla, fuck two quarters. i could pour syrup in that vitamin water..” thats all WEEZY had to say to shut this monkey(50) the fuck up… all of Weezy disses by 50 were trash and this 1 verse jus shut him down!

  • lilweezyfan1

    wow. this is such a career.

  • Young Mula Baby!

    EMO U Stupid..,,But Wayne Tha Shi Period…50 Irelevent And Need Somethin 2 Start So His bum ass album can get bought… let iit go mane Shout 2 Gucci Mane

  • dan32oo5

    wezzy, rip 50 apart! that nigga cant fuckin rap.. his bitchass just mummbles the whole time about dumbass shit.

  • weezy f aka godzilla

    i’d like to thank 50 and DJ Whoo Kid (btw who is whoo kid to talk on wayne, i mean he has skills, but he would need a space shuttle to get on wayne’s level)…anyway…thanks to g-unit, it’s haters that keep you relevant. 50 is one of the best publicist’s wayne ever had! shout out to 50! lol

    young mula babbbbyyy!

  • weezy f aka godzilla

    …and “mrs. carter” drake will forever be affiliated w/ ym…well i won’t say forever b/c we saw what happened w/ currency, etc…but as far into the future, and certainly right now…you will heard drake shout young money in his tracks, just the way i like it! 🙂 they’re goin on tour this summer! too bad the closest to my place they’re getting is cleveland, abt 5 hrs away! still might go! i went to the i am music tour in cleveland it was nuts!

  • RoRo F Baby

    i’ve neva liked 50…he’s alwayz suckd fo me

  • tha illest

    For real why is “emo ass niggas” on waynes site if he hates him?
    50 needs to listen to we be steady mobbin. “fuck around and leave a niggas brains on the streets”

  • nick

    I wish gunit would go after wayne.It did nothing to ross.His album was number 1 the first week of its release.Also, wayne has went at 50 “im all about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters.Bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water’.whoo kid is only doin’ this to get some popularity again cause he’s fallin off and waynes at the top.Yung Mula Babyyyyyyy

  • YMOB

    First off,that emo dude has to be the stupidest fuck I’ve ever seen. Hes a waste of a username. Now that thats over with, DJ WHoo Kid needs to get off of 50 cents dick. 50 cent is fuckin garbage and Wayne is so much more versatile in his music than he is. Wayne will eat him alive, think I’m lyin? Young Mula!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #1 Weezy Fan

    die slow

  • Emo ass niggas

    peeps mad cuz they fall into emo catagory…lol its all good homie’s go kiss yo pops……real niggas stand up, tight jean wearing emo fags stfu

  • Hoo Da Fck Is G-Unit To Talk Anyway??…Wat Kinda Nikka Listeen To Dem Any??…Fckin 50 Cent Pleasee…LilWayne Ma Husband And Yu Betta Believe He Will Kill 50 Ass….x3333


  • weezyfbabiee17



  • Mohamed

    Man this nigga 50 is about 2 end is carrier if he fuck with weezy!!!
    first of all wayne got new song every day and his on every hot album..
    so 50 better not even try 2 beef with that nigga wayne cause that nigga is on some other level in this rap game..
    wayne his so fuckin crazy he dont ever rap his on some rock shit!!!!!


  • fady

    the only reason 50 is attacking wayne is cuz nobody listens to him anymore. all he is tryin to do is attract attention because he knows that as soon as people hear that he mentions weezy, they will listen to the song. hes a bitch and needs to just retire..

  • just want say
    FUCK 50


  • wayniac#113

    gay unit is ttryin hard 2 do smthn, bt mannnnnnnnnnn dey suck, dey never will run weezyf, dey suck all day,,,,,,,

  • 50 don’t want it,Wayne would murda Dat boi
    But it would be raw if they both were goin at it
    But I think Wayne would win but it would be a
    Shocker if 50 came wit some heat

  • yaboyryan

    hahaha 50 cent nd g-unit sorry wayne dont even go to beef wit these nigggas he still way more popular than them young money in charge

  • bob

    50 cent cant even beat rick ross lyrically … he think he can take it to wayne lmao … and who is g-unit? all that left is 50 bent and tony gayo

  • KharliMichele


  • yuntune33

    man fuck 50 all i got to say his annoying as fuck all he does is start shit so fuck thta nigga man

  • scomm

    How old a are these people that are commenting, wayne raps like his mom is wackin him of and hes cumin. And also whoever said that 50 didn’t beat Ross…did you know that 50 let that beef go because he doesnt even know who Rick Ross is? Also if 50 starts beef at wayne do you people realize that Eminem and Dre are on his side? Do you really think that Em and Dre like that corny nig too???

  • Riley

    fifty has lost it… he must be out of his mind going up against the hottest rapper in the game… wayne is and always will be on top of it…

  • cking

    dnt make no sense he cant mess wit weezy on his worse days

  • cking

    fif so weak he cant mess wit lil wayne

  • 50ABitchNigga

    50 a Lil Bitch.Whoo Kid a futboi.& who’s G-Unit?Didn’t they die off in 06?

    Y-Y-Y-Young Money!

  • KidOfRage

    scomm Says:
    June 20th, 2009 at 1:17 am

    How old a are these people that are commenting, wayne raps like his mom is wackin him of and hes cumin. And also whoever said that 50 didn’t beat Ross…did you know that 50 let that beef go because he doesnt even know who Rick Ross is? Also if 50 starts beef at wayne do you people realize that Eminem and Dre are on his side? Do you really think that Em and Dre like that corny nig too???

    Dre aint doing shit
    Em already stated he wouldn’t mind doing a track with wayne….so…..