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50 Cent Challenges Lil Wayne’s Album Success

Wed, Jul 1, 2009 by

50 Cent just won’t give it a rest will he! In a interview with XXL, he now challenges Lil Wayne‘s album success by saying “What does it mean that he has sold a million records?”. Check out what Fiddy said below talking to XXL:

“Well Em, I don’t even see Em in a category,” Fif explained in an interview. “Then Em’s number one and I’m number two. What does it mean that you sold a million albums? So you gonna forget I sold ten million records twice? 12 million first, ten million next, so what does that one million mean? What you’re talking about is who has a buzz. A buzz is a song, so the next song I release you feel could turn me into the hottest thing out here. If I’m showing you full capability, what makes you doubt that? There’s a cloud, there’s a respect that is well deserved on Jay-Z’s part because he’s had that cloud come over him and constantly work through it. Having so many projects come out and being successful and maintain being here, there’s a significance in that. Because the public goes after countless hit records, they say, ‘Think you can do it again?’ Ask me if you think he can do it again, hell yeah. ‘Cause he did it how many times in front of us?”

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  • First Commenter

    DUDE seriously if Lil Wayne doesnt come out with a diss track on “fif” i will no longer be a lil wayne fan

  • NUN but a HATER



  • Samser

    SMH at 50 Cent – He is by far the wackest rapper in the game right now…

  • flex

    em is the shit. 50? steppin into the wronggg territory if you ask me.

  • Drizzy

    lmao did he do this to kanye?? and what happen he lost

  • “All about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters, bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water”

    That line ^ ended his career =]

  • Knowledge26

    I’m not really feeling 50 these days either, but he does have a point. He may be wack now, but everybody gets their chance to shine. 50 Cent is right about the fact that you can’t forget that he sold 12 albums first, he sold 10 million albums later. He has money too. He is being a bit if hater, because he’s refusing to give Wayne credit for anything that he’s accomplished. Poor sportsmanship. Wayne is shining right now, and Drake is shining right now, and somebody else will shine later. That’s life. Believe it or not, Wayne won’t ALWAYS be on top. Everybody thought that about Jay-Z, but he’s not what he used to be.


  • Knowledge26

    Lol! I meant to say 12 million albums. Wayne went triple platinum with the carter 3. good for him, but he can’t make a comeback song, when he hasn’t reached that level of success.

  • weezyywee

    fcuk fifty cent bitch shouldnt even be walkin

  • GSK14

    50 Cent is wack!! have any of you ever noticed everytime he is dropping a major studio album he always conjures up a beef, n***** must think that he’s Harry Potter
    i mean think bout it-
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin’- Ja Rule and Murder Inc.
    The Massacre- The Game
    Curtis- Kanye West
    Before I Self Destruct- Lil Wayne
    He’s a leech, he feeds off of others success, so what he sold 10 mill, that cumulative shit, over like how many years, wayne and young money is the force to be reckoned with!! ye dig?

  • Goon7

    50 cent haha he a Fucking hater big ugly fuckin dig looking ass

    Wayne is hottes nigg under the sun

    Wayne= to 50 u suck dick I succed LOL

    Wayne =okay let’s money that’s ma lingo u gon always seen me with cash like tingo that nigg pimp call me before he left this bitch told me keep doing yo thing and tell 50 SHIT!!!

  • Carter Yeahhh

    why do others care about what others do…..if you can make a song everyday like wayne, then do it ha

  • just forget about 50. wayne rocks. and wayne his the best rapper alive.

  • riley

    mannn 50 is losing it.. wayne just needs to take this dumb ass out the game… get rich or die tryin was a hot album… but what was the name of his 2nd… damnn i forget… wayne goes hard on all 1324523452345 songs he does… 50 goes hard on like 30… all wayne needs to do is release on song and 50 is over with… when you fuck with the best you lose with the rest… weezy is on top till the casket drops…

  • riley

    “im all about a dollar fuck 2 quarters… bitch ill pour syurp in your vitimin water.” damn thats all he had to say..

  • Man Fuck 50 man He Aint Even On Eminems Level..And Shit He Aint No Where Near Lil Wayne FUCK DHAT NIGGA MAYNE

  • 50=RAP Wayne=Crap

    All ya’ll niggas stupid if it was that easy for Wayne to end 50 career he would of been did it by now take a second and think about… U thought about it ok… Oh yea why the fuk ya’ll be splitting Em and 50 up they are best friends thats like me sayin’ Wayne is hella cold and Drake is weak ass fuk see how stupid that sounds to u Wayne fans thats the same as sayin’ Em is hella cold and 50 is weak cause it don’t if one is weak cuz if Wayne diss 50 and it turns into beef and 50 just so happens to be losing guess who is going to step in and help….. Ding Ding Em…

  • Weezyyy

    fuckk 50.. chekkk songgg Told Yall’ by weezyy ..weezy all daiii .

  • bennnyyyyyyy

    …it means wayne is influencial and has a large fan base.

  • Klaudio

    50 has to have something wrong with him if he thinks he can go after wayne. Wayne will kill him, 50 cant even rap, hes more like a ringtone rapper.

    “All about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters, bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water” Lil Wayne

  • Young Money!

    50 Worst Rapper Alive.50 boring already or hes been boring since after his 1st album.Like i said 100 times.50 went after ja n murder inc-he won.50 went after Game-he lost.50 went after Kanye-he lost.Now he wonna go against Wayne???? he must b drunk.He got his head blown up just cause he ended Ja Rule career.Wuts Ja Rule to Lil Wayne????? Nuntin.He think he can do it once that he can do it to anybody..ohhhh Self Destruction sold shit but wen Self Destruction came out he said suntin like, da sells dont matter,hes just putting it out for his fans.N now hes bragging about his sells wen nobody was out back then.LOL.Who was killin da game back then wen he sold 12 mil?? Just 50.So can u please stop posting anything of 50 plzzzzzzzzzzzz.Nobody cares for him.

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr.DeyRok

    FUCK 50 CENT

  • Hollygrove1722

    Why the fuck would Wayne give a fuck about 50. The only way 50 will ever get hot is if Wayne attacks, i bet he could give a fuck less about curtis, too busy countin money

  • Frankthetank

    i agree 100% with knowledge26.

  • ImmaBeastImmaDawg

    i think the best way to diss 50 is
    not paying attention to all the shit he sais at all

    like 50 doesn’t even exist

  • purebbc

    50 cent is jealous of Lil’ Wayne and I don’t even like Wayne but 50 is quickly descending while Wayne is ascending 50 is exaggerating too he sold 11million not 12 on the first one and 5million not 10 on the second one see how he has to lie about numbers in order to look stronger you boring your flow is boring Kiss and Styles bodied you Killa bodied you and you just plain jealous of Lil Wayne and we know it well I know it

  • wayne gee

    all ya niggas wack riding wayne dick he is the hottest rapper right now because he talentd ya just mad cus fifty rich as fuck and so am i so kiss our rich asses and stay broke

  • to those of you that dont know…..lil wayne gets more money per cd that he sells cause cash money owns 100% of there masters. which means if carter 3 sells for 12.99 at best buy or target, he gets the full 13 bucks while 50 on the other hand doesnt own his masters cause if is eminem’s artist and gets maybe 5 dollars per cd. 50 makes his bread through his endorsement deals, concerts, appearence, clothing, and other well market business. COMPARING JUST RAP AND ONLY RAP…..he aint getting money like that ask him to please explain how much he gets per cd…..i bet he gets upset and wont answer!

  • wayne-bow

    OMG! this nigga fifty still trynna talk that sh!t huh… gay fiddy give NO variety at all, everyone know he was OVER after in the club song… dumb-ass gorrillas

  • Yep!

    Niggas on here comparing ambum sales. Are you serious? When it comes to MONEY, 50 made 50 million in one fucking year. It takes a cold, smart muthafucka to do somehting like that, so give props where props are due. I hate it when people ride Wayne’s dick so hard, to the point where they start ignoring facts. Cause when 50 was doing his thing, nobody gave a fuck about Wayne. It is about the buzz and whose hot, not about talent.

    People care about Wayne’s personal life and clothes more than his music. 50 made more power moves than Wayne, he did more than just rap. Music and Baby is all Wayne has. He hasn’t made his money work for him like 50. That’s the difference between the two. What alot of you idiots fail to realize, is that there’s more than one way to make money. 50 is a hater, and a bunch of other things, but what he’s not is broke, or stupid. I bet Young Money doesn’t reach G-Units success, despite where they are now. Believe that. Yep!

  • s.baker

    so 50 is basically sayin dat wayne has to fall off for lyk 2 years and then come back and do wat he did wit da carter 3? but wayne has been hott for bout a year and a half and he stays on point. he’s sayin dat in order to be great yu have to fuck up and den get it back? why cant wayne jus stay on top and keep doinn his shyt? lol wayne makes a fuckkin new song lyk everyday sometimes more than 1 and 50 makes a song lyk once a month and dey still suck. 50 is hatin on da best so i guess itz ok for him to hate. g-unit hasnt been hott since….the game? 50 is garbage go suck a dickk yu wack ma fuckka!!

  • b

    fifty is an annoyin fuckin fake ass dick rider.

    All about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters, bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water

    nuff said ya dig?

  • YMBaby

    @ Yep!
    Ain’t nobody buggin about 50’s lifetime achievements… We’re ONLY talkin about rap wise… 50 is whack as hell because he’s just a hater LIKE YOU and he don’t want to accept the fact that Wayne is indeed a good rapper… obviously 50 has accomplished MORE than Wayne because Wayne just got HOT like 2 years ago… I know 50 didn’t get all of his empire til he was into his fame… as far as young money they are far more talented than G-Unit EVER was so with that said I KNOW they will blow up more that G-UNOT ever did… especially with Drake signed on, that’s some major talent for ya! So y don’t u QUIT bein a hater and hop off a Wayne fan site if you don’t like other people recognizing Wayne’s talent. Yep!

  • omfgweezy

    ok plain and simple 50 makes more money lets get dat out da way but dis is rap beef Ω have 2 compare rap and rap only yea 50 sold all dose records but spent dat money quick now we add da records 4 dis year 50 came out wit wat 2 or 3 songs album came out a flopped fiffty done ova srrie 50 ur career is done go make me a fuckin drink now weezy got money BAM dat rite dere sold more dan 50 singles did in da last 3 years 50 stop tryin 2 stir beef go afta sumbody who career is ova like idk go afta a r&b artist just save urself da time and da shame srrie but its all bout now and now is wayne and yung mmoney g unit is ova game did it 2 yall so basically just stop

  • waynesbiggestfan

    for anyone that thinks em will jump n help 50 when hes losing kanye will just help wayne
    weezy f baby for life

  • Gunit/DrakeSupporter

    reading these comments make me laugh clearly most of you are under the age of 19 years.

    First off there’s absolutly no rap beef between 50 and wayne right now so I dunno why u fags are tryna hype up a fantasy…YOU want there to be a beef so you have something to talk about lol tell the truse…

    Second…your drunk if you think selling 700,000 copies first week is a flop even if the album wasn’t that great..I’m talkin about Curtis right now…out of 10 I’d prolly give that album a 7-7.5 but I do agree it wasn’t the best work from 50. If 700,000 first week is a flop, what do you call niggas like Red and Meth doin 60,000 first week, or Busta doin 70,000 first week…if your gonna sit there and say either one of those artists are whack then u clearly are not a hip hop fan, u go down in the books as a wave rider…whatever ppl like at the time u gonna like too…ya’ll prolly wear them emo pants and got your hair all slicked to the side too don’t ya lol.

    thirdly and lastly…this is directed to YMBaby…Wayne actually started to catch his buzz back in 2004 so thats Five years ago after he released the Carter 1 and there was a significant change in his rhyme scheme and style…not to mention he’s been on the mainstream rap scene since like 1997, did ya’ll for get about wobbidy wobbidy back that ass up lol…I take nothing away from wayne he is an amazing rapper…(however I do think Drake is better)….But you cannot deny that 50 makes a good point about the buzz effect…do you honestly think if weezy re-release albums like 500 degreez or The Block is hot..he’d still sell a mill first week..if you do u neeed to put the pipe down….quite frankly I doubt he’ll ever do it again, especially if he keeps singin with that gay ass T-pain shit… I dont wanna here that on every song any more its played…the nigga needs to get back to the Drought 3 mentality that was one of the dopest mixtapes of all time….

    Anyways thats my two cents…challenge me if you dare too but make sure you come with legit implications as to why 50/G-Unit’s careers are over<—that's pretty funny for anyone to say that considering is the 6th most visited site with facebook being number one, and it is the number one hip hop site to date.

  • louie bankz

    wayne has bin a fag &wil continually b a faggot……..only dumb ass niggas compare 50 &little wayne…..fact e sold a gay album 2 sum gay lovers doest make him d best,do anoda album &make 1.1 milli album sales in d 1st week,b4 U start comparism….e has bin in d game way longer dan most rappers out dere even Eminem I guess,but wat does e av 2 show 4 dat………. by now E ought 2 b compared 2 Jay&Diddy as power waders in Hiphop not just a hot rapper..d only person who compares 2 dem is 50cent or Em &not wayne dou 50 is just 6yrs in d Rap arena……wayne is still seen as a teenager high on coke tryin 2 find his true identity,E might just cop an heart attack 4m too much coke…..f%&k outta here

  • Yep!

    @ YMmoney- Oh o.k…you must be one of those homo ass Wayne fans that think just because somebody doesn’t think Wayne is the BEST rapper of all time, and doesn’t JOCK HIS SWAG, and listens to other rappers music too, they’re a hater huh? You are so gay.

    I repeat… I like Wayne’s music, but I DO NOT WORSHIP HIM. I don’t worship shit but Jesus. That is the difference between me, and you fags on here, screaming out “no homo”, but are stuck in the damn closet. Be real and admit that you want to suck Wayne’s dick, quit spending your financial aid checks/unemployment, trying to keep up with the Carter’s.

    @ G Unit/Drake supporter- Finally someone on here, with some damn sense.

  • Yep!

    How could selling 700,000 albums ever be a flop? The niggas on here talking shit about 50 and G-Unit, will never ever see that level of success. For the record, I don’t believe that 50 and Wayne have beef at all. They used to battle rap and talk shit over tracks back in the day, and it was all friendly competition. Now niggas, wanna take shit serious and start talking about taking each other’s lives. You guys be on here going so hard over Wayne, and if you ever met him in public, him and his entourage would treat you like shit..Lol!

  • ymf4e

    wow 50 cent just cant get over things. one day he says he thinks wayne is a succesful rapper and now he thinks hes a flop becuse sellin a milli records is nothing. like damn 50 the only reason why u keep saying things about wayne is so his fans can read it to so u can just get some publicity this nigga is phenin for some fans

  • YMBaby

    First of all your response was whack… Maybe you should go back and reread it or better yet let me reword it for you because you OBVIOUSLY did not understand it… Never said Lil Wayne was the BEST RAPPER ALIVE bc Jay-Z (amongst other rappers) is a great rapper too… and i’m a chick smart a** so no i don’t jack his swag but for someone who claims to like Lil Wayne you spend A LOT OF YOUR TIME hatin on him… you hate on him more than congratulate him… Which is exactly what my response said… 50 doesn’t want to accept the fact that Wayne is a good rapper… as far as financial aid checks and all that, well we know where YOU’RE gettin your money from and spending it… Oh by the way because you are a fan of Wayne it doesn’t mean you worship him or want to suck his d**k… We can tell you were scorned by them whenever you tried to go up to Lil Wayne’s entourage and they dissed you… Could it have been Nicki Minaj? Because you seem to hate on her hard core LOL

  • Not just cuz I’m a Weezy fan or cuz I hate 50, but 50 needz 2 give it a rest awready. Give Weezy his credit. He been on his game since the Sqad dayz. And before tha Sqad dayz, remember he got his first Source Award at 16-17. Tha Block Is Hot wuz a platinum album. Although Lights Out N 500Dz weren’t his biggest sellerz, each were good albumz. Carter 1 wuz a hit, Carter 2 wuz a hit. Between C2 N C3 wuz a three year hiatus, and he still put out a shitload of mixtapes N features. And about ur old claims to mixtapes: Even if u DID ‘invent’ tha mixtape, Lil Wayne/Young Money has become more synonymous to tha word ‘mixtape’ than 50 Cent/G-Unot, and it aww started wit tha SQ series (what up Sqad Up?). Then after 3 years of having the most anticipated hip hop album, he drops what I call ‘movie for listeners’, Tha Carter III, which sold 500K in a day, 1M in a week. ‘The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’ (as u wuz originally gon call it) sold 1M in a week, but not 500K in a day. And even still he’s on his grizzy, bout 2 drop C4 AND a rock CD. Let Weezy do his thing. Give it a rest. U got money. Let Weezy get his. U a billion dollar rapper. Yain’t got no excuse 2 be hateN on no nigga. And quit useN Em az a crutch. U a sorry ass nigga.

    ‘So you should getcha weight N lose tha hate/Remember males shouldn’t be jealous, thatz a femalez trait’ -Mack Maine

    ‘All about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters/Bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water’ -Lil Wayne

  • BiG wayNe

    1 SentenCe I Can Say AnD That iS FuCk 50 And All Of His Fans And FriendS
    weEzzZy is GoD In Rap And You God In Gay And In Pussy Boy Style !!!!!

  • Rafeeq

    Nigga 50 was tight like ten years…get the fuck outta here

  • drizzy^head

    yall on lil wayne sack

    drizzy writes all his muzic

    listen to how his style changed….

    lil wayne will never accomplish wat
    fif has….

    lil wayne only sold more than 1million 1time

    50 does it every time

    yall should juss go fuck lil wayne guys only

    he’s gay member…..

    fif deserves respect but he nver gets it

    so he juss lettin yall knoe yall give a skinny jean wearing fagget
    respect who raps dnt even make since respet but nt him
    yall on sum other stuff…

    i give fif respect got all these haters n he still cumming back 4 more

    oh in fif came wit a wizzy diss n wayne backed dwn like fif said he would

    yall say fif hatin all yall niggas hatin rite now

    signed = cj

  • wayne suck$

    wayne is weak he had a hole verse saying buck buck and buck buck

    a rather listen to soulja boi mann

  • wayne suck$

    oh and half of these niggas didnt start liking lil wayne till da carter (2&3)

    >>>>fake fans<<<<,

    50 fans stay wit him dats y he sale so much records

  • >>>THE HATE

    i like lil wayne but

    fif deserves his respect

    and kanye sold more records than fif the first week but fif sold more overall

    look it up chumps


  • Lil Wayne is out of touch with reality. That is a nice line about pouring syrup in the vitamin water. Anyone that wants to get at 50 for riding coat tails needs to shut up. 50 Cent did his thing, on and off the mic, that’s why his ass is set financially. Lil Wayne is not on 50’s level financially, or as a person for that matter. This nigga talkin bout off one them thangs he see 70,000 dollars, nigga learn how to do some math for you tell stories. The only reason weezy even sold 1 mil is b/c of the females grabbin his shit. He got the females on lock i’ll give him that, but i don’t feel weezy as a gangsta rapper. Weezy is an EMCEE and he need to stick bein a EMCEE and rappin about what being an EMCEE has allowed him to buy, cuz it damn sure wasn’t 70k a thang. Always was and always will be the weakest cash money member. I’d rather listen to Turk.

  • Really good read, nice to read a good blog at last!

  • All U weezy haterz…get da fukk offa fifs no-havenest nuts. That purple, fugly gorilla lookn ass nugga ain’t NEVA gon b on wayne’s level…Wayne a dope lil nigga. He aint pickin beef w/pussy ass niggaz like ja, kanye,… fake ass bitch. Iweezy is ta pick beef, he make it BEEF… not no bull-ish. Fukk ne haterz, if u dnt like wayne, u aint rite in da dome. Only reason wayne aint pickin a fight wit fifs punk ass is cuz fif aint worth his tyme… otha wise he would wrekk that fake ass bitch….pCe giggaz

  • 50 up

    50 will kill wayne in rap or a fight. 50 up wayne down. wayne is a bum he needs to lift some weights and stop smoking weed all the time

  • Kadafi_213

    look at wayne now bitch hotter then a motherfckier

  • let

    fuck any1 who fu*k wit 50, 50 is ma nigga so dnt u dis repct him bitch
    more espcially 2 u BiG wayNe

  • let

    there is only one lord 4rm heaven n wyne is nt him

  • 50 i love your rap back then but now am with wezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy baby

  • haters cut the jet fuck hip hop wezzzy is hip hop