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Birdman – Money To Blow (Feat Drake & Lil Wayne)

Fri, Aug 21, 2009 by

Birdman Money To Blow Feat Drake & Lil Wayne

This track just kinda came out of nowhere, so I have no idea if this is from Baby‘s upcoming album or not. Anyways here is a record by Birdman called “Money To Blow” which features Lil Wayne and Drake. You will be happy to know that Weezy’s verse is not recycled, but Drake’s verse is! This is the full and finished version from a while back where Drake’s verse was leaked as a freestyle (and yes, Wayne rapped it at the MTV VMA’s). You can listen and download it below:

Enjoy 8)

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  • dc

    Its off Stunna’s new album “Priceless”

    This was one of my fav Drake songs after wayne spit it at the VMA’s but his new verse>>>>>>>>>>>>the song.

  • Ooohhh

    The albums called always Strapped now and Weezy killed it

  • young nas

    and we gon be alright if we put drake on every hook…

  • Weezy F Kobe

    “and well be ok if we have drake sing every hook” niceeeee

  • dam

    wayne is tooooo nice. Good chorus my drake too

  • beastman

    dis my track right here. Drake killed it, Wayne killed it, and i can actually listen to Birdman verse. Shit is dope.

  • New Lil Wayne finally =]

  • Young Money 8

    this song is pretty good ! drakes hook is gd but i know that his verse is from waynes performance at the VMA but is the complete verse from there ?

  • cheese-pol

    this is a fucking great song, just a shame waynes verse isn’t longerrrr

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    WTF was Drake doing giving this song to Birdman smh

  • james roby

    been waiting on the CDQ for this song for ages!

  • drake killed the hook. his verse is recycled but i still luv it. i luved weezys new verse too but i wish he would’ve rapped a lil towards the end rather then sing the whole thing. but overall pretty tight song.

  • dc

    damn wayne verse shoulda been longer tho he just suits this song perfectly.

  • BC2G

    This a certified hit! YOUNG MOULA BABY!

  • rockstar

    nice track….wish waynes verse was longer tho.

  • pie148

    this track is chill

  • WOW that was hot
    just take birdman out of it and its in.
    Drake’s hook was tight,Weezy killed his verse,Birdman tries his best.

  • how many times is weezy gonna appear on birdmans album… always strapped, always strapped remix, southside and now this???

  • BC2G


  • Samser

    Beat is ill

  • Ronald

    This song is released originally by Drake on Heartbreak Drake, The Best of Drake.
    But Wayne’s and Birdman’s verse is new. New Wayne song “Lil Wayne – I’m Feeling Myself” off Leak (Reloaded).

  • Diesel

    Wayne is always fire on birdmans tracks 😛 brings me back to like father, like son.

  • i love it. and birdman and lil wayne tracks are on fire.

  • damn..i thought drake stole dat verse frm wayne..buh damn..wayne murdered dat shit..drake did 2..i just herd it 2night..

  • nana



  • carter yeahhh

    Drake’s Verse, Wayne Rapped It over Misunderstood at the vma’s but it’s drake’s verse, thus “drizzy drake i love you boy” was said a couple of times by wayne….sick song

  • Jaylon

    Diz iz kinda of old song dey jus added weezy & stunna on der but i stil like diz song it go hard

  • skb314

    dam dese muthafuckas kno how 2 make hits,,,,i luv dese niggaz no homo

  • John Doe

    The track is ill. Even though Drake got his verse from the lil wayne VMA performance. I hate birdman, i think he should retire. Lil Wayne’s verse was okay. I wish it was longer and that he came on harder too. But, this is a good song.

  • cobra0808

    No you idiot. ITS DRAKES VERSE! Money to blow came out way before wayne sang it at the vmas you stupidass. Get you stuff straight before you say anything. Drake did not get his verse from wayne.retard.

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  • Go hard work birdman n drake n lil wayne I cantwait see this video

  • jimmy

    wayne is too nice

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