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Lil Wayne Cancels Vancouver & Edmonton Concerts

Tue, Aug 18, 2009 by

Lil Wayne Cancels Vancouver & Edmonton Concerts

Tonight’s Lil’ Wayne concert at GM Place has been cancelled at the last minute.

“The Lil’ Wayne show has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond Live Nation’s control,” the promoter said in a news release on Monday afternoon.

The American rapper last performed in Vancouver in January.

His Edmonton show, scheduled for Aug. 18, has also reportedly been cancelled.

Rumours are flying that rapper got caught up at the Canadian border, but this is purely speculation at this point.

This isn’t the first time Lil’ Wayne has had to cancel a concert in Canada. On June 29, 2008, it was announced that his show at Circa in Toronto and a scheduled appearance in Montreal were cancelled “due to unknown circumstances.”

Shouts to GlobalTVBC and there are even rumors now that Canada wouldn’t let Wayne in the country because he was too high 😮

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  • Jungleman75

    I was so bummed when I heard on radio on way to concert. Woot 1st

  • Dre

    Sucks for the Canadian fans.

  • Natalie

    that sucks for canadians! thank God He Was Able To Make It To Toronto. I Was So Happy That Didnt Cancel. Thanks Weezy 4 Coming To My Home Town! woop!

  • yeah it dose sucks for canadians.

  • baby

    i bet wayne refused to let them check his bus.. LOL
    weed is gonna get wayne into a lot of trouble 😛


    damn that sucks for them im praying he goes through with the UK dates, hopefully he’s not too high to fly over…his smoking is costing the fans good money!

  • weezyF

    i saw on shanell’s usteam and on nicki minaj’s twitter that wayne’s bus was having some trouble at the border

  • m

    u idiots, he came to montreal & toronto august 4 and 5

  • thats to bad

  • Ponte_Trucha

    I saw on Tyga’s twitter last night that one of the buses was just held up at the border after the one he was on had practically gotten to the Venue after a 20 hour drive. I also saw that instead of heading to Colorado right away for the next show that is in a couple of days they went to Reno instead to do some gambling and then headed to Colorado.

  • weezyfreak

    350 dollars in the toilet. 🙁 YOU HAVE LET ME down wayne.

  • danq..dis niqqa always cancellin sumthn..well sucks 4 tha Canadian’s

  • weezyywee

    shit man the show in calgary was good it sucks i dont getta see yeah again in edmonton fucking people stopin the best thing to happen to this world

  • baby

    weezyfreak it says you can get the money back

  • high guy

    stupid fucking canadian border our border can piss off must have got a redneck country lovin officer

  • Weezyiswayne21

    His ass better keep the rest of his concert dates, i already bought my tickets =\

  • wernotthesame

    HE was told not to do the concerts by his doctor

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  • kayla

    how can you get money back? when i talked to ticketmaster they said they wouldnt refund it because they “already sent the money away”.

  • Chuck

    I wish people stop crying about lil wayne canceling his shows. The guy got stopped at the border and we as canadians didnt let him in. Now they saying he s sick which is a bunch of bs. He able to play some shows this weekend down in the states. Come on dont lie to us and say your sick when you got stopped at the borders and the officials wouldnt let you in. Canada doesn’t let criminals into the country sorry

  • he probaly aint want to do know tour wayne probaly fired up that shit.and passed out of like 5 cups of that sticky lean [YOUNG MONEY]


  • dan

    “i bet wayne refused to let them check his bus.. LOL
    weed is gonna get wayne into a lot of trouble :P”

    to whoever wrote this… obviously you arent from BC
    cause BC is famous over the world for weed. if anything
    he would buy weed up here cause BC has the best bud
    in the worldd….

  • Canadian girl

    Sorry to say this but up here in Canada we don’t like felons. Don’t think Lil Waynes music is any good. All he teaches kids is hey its ok to kill other if they are up in your face. And hey its okay to call your girl a biatch or a hoe. Yeah thats a winner alright. These rappers just do it to make a quick buck. I d say Ban the rap shit out of Canada we dont want it.

  • Your Dad

    Canadian Girl you are a idiot your one of those red neck hicks no one cares what you think so keep it to your self lil wayne is all good i was more hyped to see jeezy though

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