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Lil Wayne & Drake Are Shooting An “I’m Going In” Music Video

Fri, Aug 21, 2009 by

Lil Wayne & Drake Are Shooting An I'm Going In Music Video

Just before Drake goes in for knee surgery, he will shoot a music video for his single “I’m Going In” featuring Lil Wayne, which will be on the re-release of So Far Gone.

Lil Wayne and Drizzy are set to shoot the music video this month in Buffalo, New York. They also have a concert nearby on August 27 in Darien Center, but I am not sure if Drake will be performing that night.

I am also not sure if Young Jeezy will be joining them in the video either, because on the re-release of Drake‘s So Far Gone which is in stores September 15th the song only features Lil Wayne on the tracklist. This might mean Drake has added an extra verse to the track or the song is just cut shorter. You can see the covers of the upcoming re-release of So Far Gone here.

Anyone else excited โ“ ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • B

    that song is hot. nice 2 here dey makin a vid

  • pie148

    hell yeah!!!

  • that’s wassup!

  • Fresh King

    Lil wayne would of also shot his parts in Atlanta that day


  • A Fan

    i wonder if Lil Wayne will be sitting on a toilet in this vid?! “Its Weezy F Baby Come To Take A Shit And Urine On Your Toilet Bowl Bitches”

  • i’m so official all i need is a whistle

  • Yep!

    The only thing Drake’s “going in” for is another surgery, if he don’t sit his Chico Debarge looking ass down. Lmao!

    Good song though.

  • Samser

    Haha Drizzy will be standing still in the video like the Digital Girl remix ๐Ÿ˜†

  • They will have to censor like all of the song out ROFL




    Soo excited!! woop woop

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  • jay money

    dhats wats up ya dig! looking forward 2 dhat video and successful video 2

  • sweet i can’t wait till it comes out.

  • Young Money 8

    this is a sick track !!! i love this song i hope the video will be sick

  • uh oh…dis video gona be sweet

  • mwee

    yeess finallyy sik song

  • sick track but i was expecting a better track i mean i was bumping it 247 but to be honest wayne’s verse isnt on waynes level

  • John Doe

    All of lil waynes verse is going to just be an instrumental of the song due to all the vulgar things he says. lol
    but it should be a good video none the less. Cant Wait!

  • Tarun


  • nana

    i cant wait to see what theme they using 4 this joint

  • carter yeahhh

    isn’t the official name “I’m Goin’ In”?

  • humairrr

    Yep! Can’t wait, I also hoped he would shoot a video for this clip, and now he’s gonna.. sweeet XD
    I just hope this video can be a bit different of others, not that he is wearing black again:
    like always..

  • goooooooooood

  • cant wait to see this vid and i hope it comes out great like the song

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  • humairr there not going to shoot a clip. and its not going to be different from the others bitch. its going to be the same. ya ass hole.

  • Laura

    Does anyone know the shooting site.. or possibly where they will shoot?!

  • fatfreediscount

    thatll be tight

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    #1 on B.E.T……………… and a million request on demand

  • i think this video should be good becuase wayne is creative is shit

  • imma be dur

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