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Video: Birdman Backstage At KS1075 Back 2 School Jam

Fri, Aug 28, 2009 by

Whilst Wayne is undoubtedly the face of the Cash Money movement, it is Bryan “Birdman” Williams who is one of the main reasons the label has risen to the prominence it’s at now. Backstage at KS1075’s Back 2 School Jam, Birdman found some time to speak on a variety of subjects.

He spoke on the evolution of Cash Money Records, his new album which will be called Priceless and that will drop in November along with Wayne‘s album, Young Money‘s album and other albums 😛 , Drake’s injury and the new talent signed to CMR including Kevin Rudolf, Jay Sean and Bow Wow.

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  • Bbbbrrrrrrr lmao

  • Lil Wayne

    yeah man bbbbrrrrrr the birdcall haha that’s so funny Birdman rules

  • Ooohhh

    Birdman is the man behind everything and without him, there will be no Wayne or Drake!





  • Fresh King

    I got to give it to Cash Money though, they are always on their grind and they deserve everything that’s coming to them

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Hot Boys reunion on the way

  • james roby

    agree with fresh king – you gotta respect their hustle…