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Gudda Gudda & Lil Wayne – Demolition Freestyle Part 1 x Part 2 x Young Money Hostpital

Mon, Sep 28, 2009 by

Gudda Gudda & Lil Wayne - Demolition Freestyle Part 1 x Part 2 x Young Money Hostpital

Here are three songs which feature Lil Wayne from Gudda Gudda‘s Guddaville mixtape which dropped earlier today. One song is the full version to “Young Money Hospital” with less DJ, and the other two are “Demolition” freestyles. You can listen and download the songs below, and you can download the full Guddaville mixtape at

Bonus: Here is a short snippet of a Lil Wayne Rebirth song called “Roller Coaster“:

Props to WeezyFan from the forums.

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  • this is sick. i love it.


    CHEAA!!!!!!!! FIREEEEE



  • james roby

    that rebirth track sounds straight fire

  • i was bumping that demolition since da morning, wayne went fckin crazyyyyyyyyy!!!!!1 daz old wayne shit, this ngga went hard for lik 3 minutes straight it was crazyyy

  • hhm??


  • i was bumpin pt2 but this part 1 wowwwwwwwwww damnnnn, wayne is the best rapper alive, noone really fuckin with this nigga damnnnn

  • Darren

    this sounds very old he doesnt do that purp shit no more he killed some bars

  • Weezy F F F F F Baby


  • Hip Hop is Alive

    wayne f. murdered this shiit [x

  • thacarter4

    can’t wait for roller coaster

  • thafantasy

    hot song weezy holla at this down ass b-more chick or call me 443 653 5276 /443 453 1838 i love you weezy so much and you talent i look forward to your call babe from thafantasy poetry/songwriter p.s wayne i got some albums i”d like to share with you

  • Pestrator

    Wayne killed that shit
    he should put out more tracks like that

  • luiseezy

    omfg wayne fucking kill it “break a nigga down 2 a decimal”

  • carter yeahhh

    Will these ever come out nodj cdq or does dj ill will like to ruin perfect songs?? haa

  • trizzy

    im expectin This was recorded like bak dedication 3 But This Shit Cold As Hell (Weezy Best rapper)

  • asser

    ^^ yeah, its obvious.. dedication 3 flow = wack.. i want that drought 3, dedication 2 flow again… hopefully on no ceilings..

    he has some sick lines tho.. but this was the time when wayne fell inlove with auto-tune… wayne has changed now AGAIN a lil bit.. forever verse was fucking ill..

  • BrewCityYM

    Mane Wayne Fuckin Killed Both Dem demolition’s! Spittin Like dude said 3-4min each! He aint went that hard in a min.

    This Shit got me geeked for “no ceiling” the mixtape

    But damn wayne a fool for this shit


  • weezyfbabiee17


  • Darren

    was that wayne cursing in the roller coaster snippit?

  • carter yeahhh

    this mixtape would be SOOO much better if they dropped it NODJ CDQ like mastered…..all these mixtapes would be ha

  • wayne2345

    straight fireee!!

  • What Gudda?

    Talking about raping and molesting other rappers doesn’t sound right GUDDA GUDDA.

    I think Gudda Gudda is cool and all but that verse doesn’t sound right.

  • hey

    can sum1 plz put a link to download these songs dz dont seem to work for me

  • fisforfranchise

    move the g and add an s, put the i before the in, put an a in front of that and you have what i am

    god damn weezyf.

  • JMB

    demolition part2
    wayne absolutly killed it!
    he killed it like he ain’t killed in a long time

  • Tmmy

    sick songs

  • jay money

    Gudda Gudda is a beast

  • Jbedolla

    Lyrics!!!!! Please let his new mixtape be this hot

  • king2945

    my nigga wayne did the pepto bismal theme!! wow… fuckin beast!

  • king2945

    Which is better?? DEMOLITION 1 or 2?????? just curious.. they both ill to me. i cant choose

  • Jbedolla

    Lyrics, Danny!!!

  • Jocey

    Fucking fire !

  • paper chaser money runnin’ like andale ! (:

  • J.t.

    Wayne=The Mother fucking best

  • J.t.

    Everything this nigga do is the shit

  • Slik

    That “pepto bismol” line in Part 1 made me fuckin laugh LMAO!
    near the end

  • Julie T.

    Mhm straight fire as usual [;

  • Lance W.

    my bullets got wings and ur cerebellum can fly…shit wayne!

    crack flow no bake just stir and shake, shootin when we pull up like urkle waist…wayne is just straight fire in these songs…best ive heard in a LONG time from wayne…hopefully he will get rid of autotune and rap the way he was born to rap…the guy just too ill for that autotune…DOA wayne DOA!

  • mandem

    Listen people Lil wayne is the best raper and metor alive/ He is muzik. So you listen to the tune and see how he brings gudda gudda. That’s how you know anyone can sing, just get them the right beat and verse… Also personally i think gudda is good, plus he sounds clear, you can hear everysingle word, that’s rap because you are expressing yourself so you got make sure you communicate with the audience !!! Weezy F crazy

  • AlexxSeddon.

    Weeezy spits some sick lyrics , amazing flow aswell on this joint , also gudda sounddss good aswell .. part 1 is better than 2 .. both ace tho.

  • trop

    go download or buy: the carter doc.

    he was listenin to himself when the carter 3 dropped. the same demolition freestyle part 1. back in 07. this dude is sick. his got thousands of unreleased tracks. go watch it.

  • wodi

    weak sauce

  • guddiac
  • DJSM@LLs

    can anyone tell me who produced the demolition instrumentals?