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Young Money – Girl You Know / Bed Rock

Tue, Sep 22, 2009 by

Young Money - Girl You Know

We finally have the Young Money song called “Girl You Know” which was produced by Kane Beatz. I think this record will be on the compilation album, and they will be shooting a video hopefully this month. We have two versions of this record; one with Lil Wayne, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Jae Millz, Tyga and Omarion which can be downloaded below:

Download: zShare

The second is called “Bed Rock” which is just Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lloyd who has replaced Omariooonn. You can listen and download this below:

Download: zShare

So which do y’all think is better ❓

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  • gazz

    Fuckin terrible

  • shit goes hard as hell!!!

  • John Doe

    where’s the weezy version ?

  • Pestrator

    wheres the second version at??

  • thacarter4

    Ok song, way too poppy

  • thacarter4

    and i wish niki minaj wasn’t on it she sucks

  • tHIZZ sHiiit Is DOPE ASS HELL!

  • JMB

    it’s indeed to pop..
    but still i kinda like it has this good vibe

  • best young money, and this gon b more than a hit, woww…

  • HI

    Why u delete the 2nd song?

  • C@RL

    i heard both versions… the one with LLoyd is striaght fire

  • dc

    wayne killed that

  • zeezy

    wayne’s verse was par for the course
    gudda was better than usual
    nicki straight killed it-she sounds so f’n hot
    tyga’s dope as usual
    drake prolly had the best

    overall i give the song an 8.5 (not as good as Every Girl, but still awesome)

    where’s the lloyd version tho? i heard it was insane…

  • alfady

    wheres the 2nd version at……..?

  • RebIRth69

    Nah! thIS tRack iS hOTT!
    EveRYoNE wENT iN oN THeir vErse…
    YEa iT waS diFFErenT bUT hEy, yOUng mONEy rEpreSEntS MUsIK!!!
    @thacarter4: HAha, u mUSt BE a qUEER, NickI MInaj is VErY taLEnted.. yOU haTIng oN hEr shOWS thaT shE’s tHAt gOOD. EveRY Pro neEDs sOME haTERS!

  • yo dat wat hottt… yall keep dat up everybody just killed it foreal.

  • JMB

    oke just got the second version
    and it’s fucking crazy!!
    better then original

  • yorled

    the second version sounds better with llyod on the hook well that one is going to be the finally version but it unfinished so if you can get the full version much will be appreciated

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    @JMB where you got it?

  • yorled

    L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E Download Link Below

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E


  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    thanks yorled

  • yorled

    yea anytime

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    sorry for the double comment 🙂 i thougt the first 1 wasn’t posted

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    the hook is great

  • JR

    Anyone got lyrics to this yet?

  • can someone put lloyds verse, on the one with tyga and jae millz, cuz yo im stuck which one 2 listen, 2 wayne went in mor a lil, on the first one, and fuckin tyga killed,it and lloyd was magic on the hook, someone just add millz and tygas verse 2 lloyds one.

  • fuck a niggas thoughts, on this song, how da fuck can a nigga hate on this,, this shit is insane, its better than every girl 2 me..

  • lil wes

    did anybody have seen the forever video on 106 and park?


    This Is a sad i really thought this song would be way better but the one wit Lloyd is better but still sad……..hopefully the next young money song would be better then Every Girl

  • jay money

    the other one with lloyd is better real talk and omarion aint even young money

  • z-eezy

    i need the full version of the lloyd one
    scratch what i said b4, this is better than every girl
    i cant wait for the album if this is what its gunna be like

  • z-eezy

    and lloyd needs to sign to cash money/young money since O left they need a male vocalist

  • Ooohhh

    I love it….. so Bed Rock is the official version & that will be the song for the music video?

  • drizzy

    i like the one wit llyod in it the best..

  • Weezyitaly

    Bed Rock is absolutely the fuckin best… Lloyd killed it… this shit could be a big hit in Europe too….

  • yezzir

    Wayne had the best verse. it was smoooth

  • every girl >>>>>>



  • dat gudda gudda shit

    that bed rock is way fuckin hotter but it ends in drakes verse before he finishes

  • jay money

    bed rock shit is better…fuck O lol

  • jay money

    the song is hot without him

  • fuck omarion that nigga stupid as fuck, why would u leave?? he fucked them over, they shot the music video n shit, and it could of come out, but this nigga wanted to leave, but thank god, if that nigga lloyd join money holayyy, look how much better his singing is comparded to omarion, and pusha was crazyy, thats a fo sure hit, whats poppin with i get in, the nigga just wasted a wayne verse, but we all know lloyd is gonna sign, and maybe chris brown i have a feeling of. anybody who u seen in videos chilling with young money are gon sign, young artists respect wayne like that.

  • carter yeahhh

    Which song is the OFFICIAL like going to be used version? the one with dj drops sounds like wayne’s verse is a little better but the 1st one has no dj….great i’m downloading both until somebody knows ha

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  • yo does any one know, if there realsing a video for girl you know, and bed rock?? damn if its thats the case fuckkkkkkk omarion!!!!!!!!

  • Okay im sorry, but nikki minaj just didnt go with this song, and her voice (no matter if it sexy), plus she was trying to rap like wayne… pussy on your chin like sound like dat drought three shit…. otherwise the bed rock one is a beast.

  • Kingrich

    Bed Rock=Straight fire…Thy all wnt in hard as fuck!!!

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Young moula ! Ba..By ! Hey ! Hey ! They are so strong !

  • Quez95

    Yeah, Girl You Know is better but I wish Nicki Minaj wasn’t on it.

  • lyte

    The Lloyd version is the best. WOW!! nice

  • DR. Carter

    pretty sick, i have a feeling that this will just grow on me, specially when it gets mastered.

    pretty sick melody man.

  • Critic

    Uhm, this isn’t better than Every Girl, this is trash. I like “Bed Rock” better, but this song is too plain, TOO POPPY. It’s a failure.

  • rob

    this is the same melody 4rm travis porter’s Adidas song


    This Beat Was Stolen By Travis Porter..
    Song Title: Travis Porter-A.D.I.D.A.S.

  • carter

    the original one is better its a song Omarion actually sounds lik a dude which ever version you go with omarion should be on it

  • H.K.C.(504)

    all i got 2 say dat thacarter 4 u are a H.A.T.E.R hater you just mad dat u not up there where nicki minja is at

  • Lloyd version was hot!!+

  • babnert

    sounds really sloppy

  • Celebrity

    This goes so hard..
    love young money

    drizzy drake rogers!!!!

  • The one wif O wasz smoove; kinda addicted more to that one kuz I was banqin Bedrock like 2 days before…but i can see y bedrock would be better…even tho Lloyd came up with that line (“Call me mr.flintstone, i can make your bedrock…”) on Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out ah few yrsz aqo…and the beat is actually from Travis Porter’s- Adidas…thats why it soundsz so pop music-ish…Actually, the original song was ‘Adidas’-by Travis Porter, remixedd to ‘Girl You Love My Adidas’-by Travis Porter ft. Young Money, remixedd aqain to ‘Girl You Know’-by Young Money ft. O, remixedd yet aqain to “BedRock”-by Young Money ft Lloyd…So now we are all awaiting the video, && I pray that Young Money got permission to use the track this time (i.e. “Prom Queen”) && ironically, I heard a song called “BabyGirl” by Lil Brod ft Sammie and Sammie’s chorus sounds very similar to the “BedRock” chorus with Lloyd…weird shiit…

  • Young money 360’sz