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Lil Wayne & Birdman Hit With Copyright Suit

Sat, Oct 31, 2009 by

Lil Wayne & Birdman Hit With Copyright Suit

It just keeps getting worse for Lil Wayne 🙁 A man who did the skits on Birdman‘s and Weezy‘s “Like Father, Like Son” collaboration album has file a copyright infringement lawsuit against Baby and Weezy saying he was never paid and they used the tracks without his permission. Check out what Hollywood Reporter are saying below:

A Florida man wants rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman to show him respect — for using his voice on a song with that title.

Thomas Marasciullo filed a copyright infringement lawsuit Friday in a Manhattan federal court against the rappers, their record label and various music distribution outlets.

The lawsuit says Cash Money Records had him record some “Italian-styled” repartee in 2006. The suit says his work was used without pay or permission on “Respect” and other tracks from the rappers’ joint 2006 album “Like Father, Like Son” and Birdman‘s 2007 album “5 Star Stunna“.

A lawyer and representatives for the label didn’t immediately return messages.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for Marasciullo, who lives in Florida’s Hernando County.

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  • Weezy Fan

    The link on Bitches Wanna is dead, make a new link, I wanna hear it! 🙁

  • damn….:S


    People need to FUCK OFF.

  • People should fuck off. Fucking cocksuckers. LIL WAYNE 4 LIFE!

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  • YoUnCaRteR


  • weezyveli

    where is no ceilings official version???? its holloween im tired of shit gettin pushed back dont fuckin tell me it is really coming out on thanksgiving

  • weezy.f.b.

    ohh damn come on for some fuckin’ skits this can not be serious, nobody listin to this shit

  • ^Stop asskissing and be REALISTIC. This is business; it’s ALL about making money. If you wanna be a Lil’ Wayne suck-up you should KNOW that his motivation is money as well. Same goes for 90% in the business, so this guy has got the FULL right to ask for his money this way.

  • wayne-numba-1-fan

    ain’t that a bitch the man did that just because wayne going to prison … because how he gonna sue him 4rm 2 and a half years ago that’s some bullshit

  • Where is the official No Ceilings mixtape? It’s HW now 🙁

  • Pez

    pfff, the judge better dismiss it with prejudice.

  • NewWhiz

    Fuckk Them,,Tehy Want YM/CM To Fall!!
    But They CAnt

  • WTF

    didnt u know that the official no ceilings will come out tomorrow with 8 new songs
    its mentioned in an early post
    and to this post just another motherfucker who wants to take an advantage from weezy

  • richii

    Damn, leave wayne alone for minute,..
    you should be happy that wayne wants to spit on your shit!

    (but okay, to be fair you deserve your money)

    *off subject*

    isnt this “No Ceilings” official??

  • ak_wayne

    fuck this pussy assn igga.. ahh my voice on this track .suck on a big long dick .fukin leave weezy alone.. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • ak_wayne

    and NO tht is not the official mixtape..thjts just random tracks put into the mixtape. NOFS are fucking retards

  • ak_wayne

    didnt mean to go hard RICHII .soz..

  • Rkind

    Are you serious? Those skits were the worst part of Like Father, Like Son. He doesn’t deserve any money.

  • What?

    Zelos Says:
    October 31st, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    ^Stop ass kissing and be REALISTIC. This is business; it’s ALL about making money. If you wanna be a Lil’ Wayne suck-up you should KNOW that his motivation is money as well. Same goes for 90% in the business, so this guy has got the FULL right to ask for his money this way.

    ^Truth^ Wayne goes hard, but come on you expect some dude to just do shit for free?

  • YMCM

    Zelos Says:
    October 31st, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    ^Stop asskissing and be REALISTIC. This is business; it’s ALL about making money. If you wanna be a Lil’ Wayne suck-up you should KNOW that his motivation is money as well. Same goes for 90% in the business, so this guy has got the FULL right to ask for his money this way.

    ^^ I understand what you mean by why would he bring it up now?? Like Father Like Son is pretty old.

  • richii


    No harm, i was just wondering?

    I’m Waiting for the official release myself

    I didnt hear ONE track of “No ceilings”

    IM waiting for the official release..


    Fuck this shit, 8 NEW NO CEILINGS TRACKS COMING TOMORROW PEOPLE! Watch out, Lil Wayne domination tomorrow.

  • whateva. this dumbass just wants some money and to get his name out there and heard.

  • Yep!

    @ Zelos- My thoughts exactly!

    @ wayne-numba-one-fan- I must say though, it wouldn’t have took me 2 seconds, let alone over 2 years for me to request my stacks either. One must question Marasciullo’s true intentions.

    I’m just going to add this to keep it real, and alot of Wayne fans aren’t going to understand this but they have to agree that it’s true. People hate on Wayne and Baby PERIOD! 90% of you think I’m one of those people, but in all honesty, I have money TOO! Not as much as Wayne OR Baby, but I’m rich TOO. Feels good to say it, but you can’t take it with you when you go, so it doesn’t matter. I never hate on a black man or person making money. EVER! I got respect for Wayne’s lyricism, that’s all… nothing more. Not his clothes, his money, his bitches, his cars…just the lyrics. Because I don’t love or worship Lil Wayne, the way most of you choose to, you think that makes me a hater. So be it. Back to what I was saying though, people DO hate on Wayne and there are going to be people out there who are glad that he’s going to jail, because they think that it’s going to make people focus on someone else for a minute and when Wayne gets out he won’t be as successful. I know that’s not true. Wayne has so much music out that it won’t even feel like he’s gone, except for any music concerts and shows for the next 8 months to a year, maybe even less. If it weren’t for his money, he wouldn’t have gotten that plea deal, but New York is strict when it comes to that. Wayne’s fans and friends all wanna say “How could you arrest someone who’s done so much and is coming to your city to perform for his fans and kids and stuff?” Lol! But nobody’s taking to the time to think about the fact that he also disrespected the City of New York by bringing that bullshit there, when he knew he didn’t have to. Example: If you were a Wayne fan and invited Wayne to your party (at home) and he came over with a whole bunch of drugs and a gun, and syrup and shit, that could get you thrown in jail, and the cops come when the party gets too wild. When they come they find all that shit he brought with him, and threaten to take the person that owns the house, what would you do. Take the rap for some rapper that you like? Lol! Wake up ya’ll. Wayne doesn’t know or love you like that…he’s just a person that raps for his own personal gain. You have to look at things from both sides of the fence. Yep!

  • ak_wayne

    no1 wants to read tht Yep! get away from here u dumbass lecturer. Yeh RICHII .. we all waiting for the no ceilings………… look up bitch aint no ceilings.. see me at the top controlling things !!!!!!!!!!!!! ya digggg

  • jngl

    @ Yep!

    it’s pathetic that someone even have to say that. I always assumed those “LIL WAYNE IS A GOD” dudes where some twelve year-olds. But, apparently, they aren’t.

  • Woah, and here I was, thinking everyone who visited this website was a blinded Lil’ Wayne fanboy. Glad to see some people in here make some solid sense and actually use grammar and interpunction.

  • Ooohhh

    Lil Wayne lawsuits are never ending



  • weezy_faN_bRazil

    when tha fuk is the original no ceilings dropping lol?

  • @danny – hey bro, lil twist just twittered (twitted??) that no ceilings is dropping tonight on I went to the site, and its the real site and pretty much says the same thing. just lettin u know in case you hadn’t heard yet… although im sure u have. haha.

  • alfady

    that guys a fuckin prick but smart. He knows waynes not gonna bother goin to court for that shit so he’s just gonna settle out of court. Money aint a thing motherfucker its the only thing….WEEZY

  • madtssoo aka weezy

    this is some maddafacking bullshit!!!

  • r3ady_DaWorld504

    NO CEILINGS PLEASE!!! forget oh boy he wack 4 dat doe..

  • How a great deal of do I owe you for all the Perfect post.

  • that suite makes you look good with all those tatts on you

  • that suite makes you look have some serious tattson your body im just a really big fan