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DJ Drama Reveals He Is Working On Getting Lil Wayne’s “Dedication” Mixtape Series Added To Streaming Platforms

DJ Drama Reveals He Is Working On Getting Lil Wayne Dedication Mixtape Series Added To Streaming Platforms

According to DJ Drama, him and Lil Wayne are currently working on getting their Dedication mixtapes onto streaming services.

This all started after Wayne revealed in his “Drink Champs” interview that he has never been paid for any of his tapes to which Young Money‘s former artist Jae Millz took to Twitter to say:

“DJ Drama somewhere still counting money, smiling from ear to ear happy that Tune had a trillion bars and a good heart! Lol”

The Philadelphia DJ then replied to Millzy by saying he’s never received any money for the Dedication projects either, but they are currently working on getting them uploaded to streaming platforms! Would you like to see this happen?

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Birdman Says He Gave Lil Wayne Almost $400 Million During Their Time In Business [Video]

Birdman Says He Gave Lil Wayne Almost $400 Million During Their Time In Business

Last month, Birdman made his second appearance in a year and Juvenile made his debut appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” to promote their joint project, Just Another Gangsta.

While on the American talk show, Baby revealed he plans to remove his face tattoos and has spoke to 50 Cent about it, he has paid Juvie the money he was owed from back in the day and that is why they are working together again, he gave Lil Wayne almost $400 million during their time in business, he just wants Wayne to be happy, and plenty more.

You can check out the #1 Stunna and Juvenile‘s interview with Wendy Williams in a video after the jump below!

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Nivea Opens Up About First Meeting Lil Wayne, Being Proposed To Twice By Him, “Dope New Gospel” & More [Videos]

Nivea Opens Up About First Meeting Lil Wayne, Being Proposed To Twice By Him, Dope New Gospel & More

Over the past 2 months, Nivea has participated in a few interviews; one was a special with BET, one was with Frank & Wanda on their In The Morning radio show, and the final one was with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

During these conversations, which you can watch below, the Georgia singer shared the story of how she first met Lil Wayne, which was when he told his record label he wanted to do a song with Nivea, but then telling her deep down that he just wanted her mobile number.

Nivea also spoke on her relationship with Wayne, being proposed to twice by him and wearing the engagement ring in her “Laundromat” music video, motherhood, Tunechi never being late with a child support payment, working with Tune on “Dope New Gospel” off Tha Carter V, not being paid for her feature yet, and plenty more!

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Tyga Raps About Birdman Not Paying Lil Wayne & Wanting “Tha Carter V” Released On New Single “Cash Money”

Tyga Raps About Birdman Not Paying Lil Wayne & Wants Tha Carter 5 Released On New Single Cash Money

Tyga released a new song called “Cash Money” on Friday. It’s been a slow week with Lil Wayne news, so I thought I’d post it for anyone who hasn’t heard it as T-Raww references Wayne throughout the track.

On the song’s chorus, Tygaman raps about how he has never been paid from Birdman and Cash Money Records: “Cash Money never paid me, but your boy did his thing, he still made cash money”.

Ty also mentioned on the track that Tunechi should be paid, because he has been loyal to Baby all these years: “I’m a Hot Boy, shout out Weezy Baby; If your man is loyal, nigga you should pay ’em”.

He even mentioned on the record, which you can listen to below, that himself and the streets want Tha Carter V to be freed for release: “I’m a Hot Boy, free B.G.; Free Tha Carter V, let the streets eat”!

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Soulja Boy Says He Produces & Raps On Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album

Soulja Boy Says He Produced & Rapped On Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album

Soulja Boy recently spoke to Complex about his work on Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album, due to be released in stores on March 26th. S.Beezy confirmed that he had produced two songs on the project and one will also include a rap verse from him. Check out what he said below:

What’s happening next with your music?
Well, I record everyday. I’m in the studio everyday. Next month, you got Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II. I made that album, as far as production.

You’re producing on Lil Wayne’s album?
Yeah, I made a couple beats on that album. The paperwork’s already done. I made the album. I’ve been paid for it. It’s going to be dope once that record releases. I got a feature on there, me and Wayne rapping on one song. And then I got a beat on there that I produced, that they paid me for. Then I produced a couple joints for Wiz. After that, Iā€™m looking to drop USA Dre in March 2013.

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Lil Wayne & Birdman Hit With Copyright Suit

Lil Wayne & Birdman Hit With Copyright Suit

It just keeps getting worse for Lil Wayne šŸ™ A man who did the skits on Birdman‘s and Weezy‘s “Like Father, Like Son” collaboration album has file a copyright infringement lawsuit against Baby and Weezy saying he was never paid and they used the tracks without his permission. Check out what Hollywood Reporter are saying below:

A Florida man wants rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman to show him respect — for using his voice on a song with that title.

Thomas Marasciullo filed a copyright infringement lawsuit Friday in a Manhattan federal court against the rappers, their record label and various music distribution outlets.

The lawsuit says Cash Money Records had him record some “Italian-styled” repartee in 2006. The suit says his work was used without pay or permission on “Respect” and other tracks from the rappers’ joint 2006 album “Like Father, Like Son” and Birdman‘s 2007 album “5 Star Stunna“.

A lawyer and representatives for the label didn’t immediately return messages.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for Marasciullo, who lives in Florida’s Hernando County.