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Lil Wayne Gets Made Into A Cake + Replaces Flo Rida On Shakira’s Album + Parties With Nelly

Thu, Oct 29, 2009 by

Lil Wayne Gets Made Into A Cake

So, yes. This is a real cake, made by a real bakery in Beverly Hills. And yes, it was created for a famous person. Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s daughter, to be exact. Licorice dreads! Those eyebrows! What part of his face would you even eat first?? I ask you.

Props Idolator, and hit the jump to read about Shakira replacing Flo Rida for Lil Wayne on her album and Weezy partying it up with Nelly in Miami.

Lil Wayne Replaces Flo Rida on Shakira’s “Give It Up to Me” Single:

Timbaland was originally supposed to rap on the track until Flo Rida replaced him. Then Lil Wayne came into the picture. “Everyone’s breath was taken away when Lil Wayne said he wanted to jump on the record,” said Amanda Ghost, the head of Shakira’s label Epic Records.

The rapper and Colombian bombshell only met once before briefly when they landed at an airport in the Bahamas at the same time. “This is the modern approach to things, with so little time and so much going on,” Shakira told the magazine. “I guess I’ll see him when we shoot the video.” (Rap-Up)

Lil Wayne Parties With Nelly:

Lil Wayne is enjoying his freedom before he starts a jail term for possessing an illegal gun. The rap superstar — who pleaded guilty last week to possessing a .40-caliber semi-automatic cops found in a Louis Vuitton bag on his tour bus outside the Beacon Theatre — was spotted at Miami hot spot Liv on Sunday night. A spy said Wayne was living it up alongside rapper Nelly and added, “They were with a big group of women and stayed until 4 a.m.” Wayne needs to get all his partying done before February’s sentencing, when he’s expected to be handed a year in jail. (NY Post)

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  • JMB

    good for him

  • WeezyMula

    That looks horrible man

  • Weezy Frenchy Baby

    i think its not a very good representation of him yeah its not wayne there

  • Chamillitary Mayne

    Can’t wait for the video with Shakira and Weezy…… oh and Shakira’s hips 😀

  • charity

    u is soooo dam fine i wnt 2 meet u



  • young nas

    thank god that cake for a girl cause thats homo if a boy ate a lil wayne cake even if we are a fan of him lol

  • lol this funny.

  • matthew

    Flo Rida is wack anyways



  • YuNG A12TiSK

    they needa hired the cake boss or the chefs from ace of cake
    bcuz that shiet is nowehere near lil waynes face

  • YuNG A12TiSK

    sorry for posting twice
    buh the more you look at the cake
    the more it resembles affion crockett haha

  • missweezy

    this cake dont look like wayne…. its uglyyyy

  • gabriel

    how much cost?
    1 million dollars?

  • Quan

    y0 dat cake look hella nasty..eww,,ii wudnt eat it even if ii am a fan and plus its hmo to0 if ura dude…ewwww,,,no ceilings!!

  • Bloop Bloop

    That Aint Lil Wayne In My Book….

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    im sorry dude but that cake is … one the scariest things i’ve ever seen lmaooo! he looks fatter….but wouldn’t it be weird, im eating weezy’s eye….lmao wierd dude

  • jake807

    that cake is terrifying lol

  • lil wayne jr

    that doesnt really look like lil wayne.

  • Yep!

    Wayne is going to f*ck as many women as he can before he goes to jail. I heard the “women” don’t look that good on the inside though, so how can you really blame him. Lol! Watch him get 8 more hoes pregnant before he goes. I bet Wayne and Nelly fucked every bitch that they hung out with that night, if they were in the club until 4 a.m. They weren’t discussing politics that’s for sure. Wayne need to take his ass home and spend time with them kids. Once you have kids, the whole “shaking my ass in the club” scene should get old fast. Wayne will be in his 20’s forever in his mind, just like Jay-Z wants to be. I thought that everything he’s going through, would change him, but rich men and rappers, are very stubborn when it comes to change. He really needs to snap out of party mode and focus on what changes he should make in order to have an even more successful career. He doesn’t need to be spending time in jail, at this point in his career.

  • Yep!

    I’d also like to add that if you poured water on that cake, it would transform into a Gremlin. Yep!

  • mouse

    omg it looks terrible i was so scared when i saw that

  • So danny, wayne mentions Nelly’s name wen he names off young money in the “run this town” verse and he is partying with him……Nelly to young money??

    • @Kolt45 – Yeah, Shanell’s nickname is ‘Nelly’

  • wuttupdoe

    i think he said “super millz, mack, tyga, streets, nell (shanell) and super nick” if you thought about it for more than 2 seconds


    that cake is fucced up

  • a.m.g.

    whea can i get a cake lyk dis

  • Moe Tough

    WWWHHHHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE WEEZY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think the licorice would have to be eaten last otherwise all that sweetness may ruin your appetite for the rest!

  • Weezy

    that cake looks nothing like weezy!