Lil Wayne – No Ceilings [Mixtape] [Download] + Cover

Wed, Oct 28, 2009 by

Lil Wayne No Ceilings Mixtape Download

Just as Weezy Week ends, we get Lil Wayne‘s “No Ceilings” mixtape! This is the unofficial version of the tape according to Ceelow and he also said there will be 8 new songs dropping on November 1st, but according to Mack Maine there will only be two new songs? Anyways we have updated this post with the official cover for “No Ceilings” which was created by HustleGRL, and you can download the mixtape below with the tracklist:

Download: zShare
No Password

01. Swag Surfin’
02. Ice Cream Paint Job
03. D.O.A.
04. Interlude
05. Wasted
06. Watch My Shoes
07. Break Up (Feat Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)
08. Banned From TV
09. Throw It In The Bag
10. I Think I Love Her (Feat Tyga & Shanell)
11. Interlude #2 (Feat Shanell)
12. Wetter
13. I’m Good (Feat Lucci Lou)
14. Poke Her Face (Feat Jae Millz)
15. Run This Town
16. I Gotta Feeling
17. Outro

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of this mixtape by downloading it, listening to it, and then leaving a comment below πŸ™‚


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  • YungGoon305

    official!!!! already knew diz wuz finna leak

  • Dre

    No mixtape cover?

  • ollxar

    been listening for it for a while… fire mixtape…

  • Pez

    So it’s exactly like the official version minus the cover?

  • whocares

    love number 9

  • shits been hott since sum days ago…

  • Young Money!24

    Tape is fire.played it for like 5 hrs.did lyrics for “I Poke Her” n “Throw It In The Bag” n “D.O.A.” n “I’m Good” n “Break Up”

    I’m tiredddddddd

  • youngmoneyent

    Everyone is acting like it already out..


  • Ooohhh

    I’m a motherfucker like a MILF lmao Weezy

  • it is out already.

  • Its been out for like 5+ hours now. But this is not the official. Official is coming out on November 1st. Plus 8 NEW tracks.

  • Y.T

    un-fucking-believable. some of those artists are gonna be embaressed when they hear weezy killing their songs!!

  • Diesel

    Sweeeeet πŸ™‚

  • whocares

    they not go be embarrassed, wayne not stoppin them from making money from their own song.

  • Weezyweetellem

    So are there 8 additional tracks coming on Halloween? Or is this all there is?

  • Pez

    Um will the new 8 tracks be offered separately for those of us who couldnt wait for de version oficial?

  • bliss47


    There is 8 new tracks coming on Nov 1st – That’s when the official mixtape will be released πŸ™‚

  • Brazilian YM

    thats hot!!
    weezy made it with this mixtape.
    no ceilings!
    give us the lyrics my boy

  • weezy_faN_bRazil

    fire mixtape…

  • JMB

    should have put it on earlier though..

  • joe

    just about 2 downnload this 1 http://www.myspace.com/sidiatorandjtizzy

  • Seb

    Fucking hot!!!!
    Cant wait for the offical version and the 8 new tracks.

  • 3 peat

    Please Weezy … kill “Lose Yourself” of Eminem … I want you to to put some better songs … Instrumentals like “3 peat” … You see ??

  • maisie

    itssss SICK tbf πŸ˜€

  • Perry

    sick <3

  • young money 8

    how come when i download it , it wont open… it says its compressed :S

  • Diesel

    I think it’s funny when people think that weezy actually reads this πŸ™‚

  • carter yeahhh

    I can’t get rar…..where is a zip file I can use???

    • @carter yeahhh – Use WinRAR

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  • iThink iLove Her..Hot Ass Beat!

  • louisvyutton5g


  • PaulKush

    THANK YOU LilWayneHQ.com…… Yes Glad this bitch leaked

  • Ooohhh

    Wayne’s always in his Bugatti now lol… well I take it that pic above is off him in his Bugatti

  • young nas

    about half the tape is good……. the rest are shit or nothing special

  • Samser

    How come Lil wayne left his ‘uhh’ at the end of DOA… because on that video he said to take out the ‘uhh’ lmao

    Also I love how wayne left the Jay-Z “I might send this to the mixtape Weezy” line in πŸ˜€

  • Remix baby

    How crazy is the Outro beat ddaaammmnnnnnnn

    “Your beat ain’t safe” πŸ˜†

  • helaman

    does he use autotune?



  • Kayla_F_Baby

    danny my computer doesnt read rar files do you think you could post the zshare link

    • Everyone you need to use WinRAR for extracting the .rar files – You can get a free copy from http://www.rarlabs.com

      Also the password is “www.lilwaynehq.com” like it says in the post.

  • bryan

    can you post the individual tracks or something I can’t even download this? how do you listen to rar? can we not get it on zshare individually

  • helaman

    rar is like a zip file download a program called winzip and it should extract the files out and the password to extract them is lilwaynehq.com

  • swagga surfin is da best song eva!

  • Mario

    for all you guys that cant play the rar file, here is the zip version


  • Danny,
    Did you get my message about that album with the tracks for Rebirth? I have it compressed in a RAR file and cannot convert them in Windows Media Player or Itunes, I need your help buddy! We got REBIRTH!!!

    • @DJBMURDER – Rebirth ain’t out dude…

  • Pez

    damn… I wish he did a proper rap instead of the outro over david guetta’s beat.

  • Chazz

    WHOOOOOO ITS HERE thx danny youre the breast ! i mean … BEST =)

  • Kingwhopper

    Why isnt there a zshare version!?

  • truth hurt sometimes





    no mixtape cover? πŸ™ good mixtape anyway πŸ˜€

  • haha….we’ll see…..some of us @ Buckmarley are trying to convert the files….i really have the RAR file….don’t believe me? want the link?

  • Xclusive Wayne

    @ WEEZY

    can u not read?

    its says a cover is coming out on the 31st along with 8 new songs

  • So0o NASTY 69

    hot mixtape weezy , cant wait for the 8 more tracks n da cover !!!

  • Bloop Bloop


  • cheese-pol

    wow the cover is shit…… the tape is fire tho



  • MIB

    I thought it will be Da Drought 4…. or some like this……….SHit!)) ITs good!

  • Chazz

    WHOOO weezy on i gotta feeling – CRAZY !! throw it in the bag and wetter are so awesome <3 thx weezy u r the best !

  • weezyanimal

    best mixtape in years

  • Killa1

    No Ceilings goddamnit now the fuckin sky’s showing!!!

  • edub202

    Yall got zshare because rapidshare is not working for me over here

  • D-mac

    i want the link djbmurder

  • D_weezy08


  • me

    the mother fucking god of rap did it once again do what you can before you go in and when you out its a MOTHER FUCKIN PROBLEM YOOOOOOOOOOUNG MUUUULLA BBBAABY!!! so all you lame ass rappers get ya fake ass shine on

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  • Weezy F Nigga


  • Zackery

    i thought theres no features?
    oh well its hard as fuck!

  • MrWizzleFBaby

    Well.. This might be the sickest shit ive heard from wayne since drought 3. Just sayin.

  • nohadra

    i can’t open the file.
    that’s kinda annoying! –.

  • Terence

    Hey i managed to get the pre-released trax of the mixtape. Iv been all ova the net tryng to download the full mixtape but none of them are opening. Please if someone knows off any proper sites, post them!!! We dig Weezy

  • BIg Mat Mock

    Hey, how do i get it to save the file on my itunes so i can listen to it in the car?

  • Lil Zly


  • Johnny

    it’s ok. wayne’s still not rappin like he used to. just a bunch of boring metaphors and similies

  • Chazz

    I poke her face off and now she faceless
    i poke her so much i deserve a bracelet πŸ˜€

  • AuStiN S

    is there any links for each individual song, somewhere?. . . i cant download the zips-

  • natalskaa

    wow! this mixtape is hot! i loveee it! can’t wait till nov.1st πŸ™‚
    thank youuuu!! & Awesome Cover πŸ˜€

  • the real shit

    Weezy kill D.O.A you send it to mixtape weezy here it is

  • matt

    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? Why won’t the files from the zip save into itunes.. why are they locked?

  • bpiz

    yo the rapidshare takes forever and zshare aint workin for me

  • Trevor

    for all u people struggling, have u tried limewire or frostwire? their prolly on there!

  • Jr

    Its good it aint no drought 3..hes gotta stop talking about shitting all the time

  • Candy

    wayen own hip hop

  • no lungs18

    OMG R.I.P. to all of these beats lol, wayne straight up kills every track..amazing mixtape

  • weezyfkobe

    for those of u still cant download it go to datpiff create a free account and download it http://www.datpiff.com/Wayne_Lil_Wayne__No_Ceilings.m74278.html

  • Nookie

    geil alta…
    I mean – dope !!!

  • SMF

    No Ceilings !!

  • i love it i fucking love it!

  • jman

    wats the username for rapidshare

  • why?

    im sorry its no drought 3… i mean the songs that he chose to use all have shit instrumentals anyways so it makes me not want to listen to them… only about 3 songs on here that have a decent beat. i gotta feeling, wasted, and wetter. and the lyrics to ice cream paint job are good and swag surfin. but comeon choose better shit to kill. these songs committed suicide. 90% of them were garbage when they came out. im just glad he didnt do your a jerk. then i would have never downloaded it… just another disappointment for me.

  • viking lyfe

    Damn shanell with that verse really think i love her

  • SMF

    8 more tackssxx
    i hope all the above is one of them .. thx lwhq

  • Zackery

    i want him to rap on photoshoot.
    ok your right < thatd be some shit.

  • Zackery

    watch my shoes was my favorite.

  • Bpt2o3


  • bigticket21

    whats the password for

  • weezy jr.

    i love it

  • Mo

    Fire mixtape !!! Love it

  • Weezybaby.

    the mixtape is hottt! awaiting the other 8 tracks, hoping there as good as these!
    bring on tha carter IV and rebirth!

  • Shady Encon

    Birdman Jr. Does it again.i agree its not a Drought 3 but fuckin awesome

  • Bloop Bloop

    Yall fucking retarded if you think Drought 3 better than No Ceilings….Drought 3 should have been called Young Money Vol 2….Shit was full of YM wack verses and not much Wayne…It was nothing compared to Drought 2

  • D.R.A

    oh man, im luving wat im hearin bout this tape
    as impatient as i am, im gunna try to wait till oct 31st or nov 1st for the official tape with the 8 new songs……oh man, the wait is just gunna kill me, but its only a few days, wish me look guys lol

  • quartel

    wayne stated that he will kill all tha songs that he likes n tha songs tha dudes frontin on he did just that plus hes done 8 songs he havent leaked best rapper alive he make lyrics jump higher than tha word regardless of the topic young money cash money

  • no lungs18

    bloop bloop has no fucking idea what he is talking about, da drought 3 was the best peice of art in the history of hip hop..stupid motherfucker, 07 was wayne’s prime and drought 3 was his best mixtape ever.

  • Bloop Bloop

    @No Lungs18: Nigga you must have just jumped on Waynes dick…Must be crowded on that bandwagon..lmao

    Drought 3 = Best piece of art in the history of hip hop? Get a Qtip nigga

  • Bloop Bloop

    Whoaaaa….lmao, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY HEAD! I was thinkin Dedication 3 my niggas….My bad…Apologies to all

  • nice2k

    @bloop bloop

    you just a stupid dick. Dedication 3 is not Drought 3. Go google

  • Bloop Bloop

    @Nice2k: I know that dumbshit…I was thinkin Dedication 3 the whole time….It was my bad

  • weezyfkobe

    @ bloop bloop ya mayne i was about to get on u too haa u “Accidentally” said drought 2 was better than ddrought 3 i knew that had to be a typo haa but i agree with u that dedication 3 was 98% garbage

  • nice2k

    @Bloop Bloop

    Alright :]

  • WeezyForLife(408)

    FUUUUCCKKK, Thats Was UPP! Fucken Murderd EverY song… WEEZY!

  • j-money

    no ceilings is a good tape but far from wayne’s best work. on this tape you hear stretches of old weezy but not throughout the whole song. i’ve been bumpin wayne since the carter and heard him evolve and change. i guess i just miss the old wayne. drought 3 and dedication 2 by far are his best mixtapes but hopefully carter 4 will remind me of old weezy.

  • WeeZy

    daymmnnn..sickkk ass shytt…especially “ice cream paint job” that track is hardd as hell!

  • dw

    Mixtape of the year. Holy shit

  • dw

    This>>>>>>>>Drought 3

  • richii

    Holla at J-money!

    I was following wayne since ghet of the corner, so people like us who were following wayne for that long saw him change,.
    And when he changed he still spits fire,. you have to change the game now and then,. but you got to admit this shit is good as hell!!

    Wayne for life!
    even through his rock shit
    got my nigga’s back! πŸ˜› although he doesnt know me

  • steven griffith

    hey ummm dr wayne
    im a true fan love yaa musik but as this shit was ass i didnt like it u could came hard-pause – o your verse i need to hear more death wish weezy drought3 dedecation2 weezy we all know u the shit but dont like it it sound like ur giving up on your sond this ass btw im srry to hear this i wish this was better been waitin for a minutes n its bust like a first round draft( like a jamarcus russell or vince young) plz delete n come harder pause love the music btw but this is ASS
    ur fan
    steven griffith

  • young money

    maaaaaan weezy made everybody look like fucking kitty litter
    im gettin high just listenin to this

  • weezyisme

    fuckin killin all the beats


    Extreme mixtape, anybody know when we’ll be hearing a full version of Cash Money Heroes?

  • no lungs18

    bloop you have no right to comment in here if you mix up dedication 3 with drought 3 you retarted FAGGOT.

    and this mixtape keeps getting better every time i listen to it..

  • this mixtape is hard. i love all the songs. on this mixtape. but my favorite on is 15. Run This Town. wayne killed it. run this town is a sick/hard song.

  • :)

    Sounds like one of the new songs gonna be Akon’s “Sexy Bitch”

  • tooo naaasty !

  • tessssx


  • beezy !

    i have two songs that are part of the 8 that are coming out november 1st ! lets just say i have my connections πŸ™‚

    they are

    1. live your life( hottest out of the all)
    2.all of the above

    danny please contact me so you can get these up

    • @beezy ! – Are you sure they are not blends?

  • tae

    hard as fuck! best rapper..
    banned from tv he went off on that song

    oh and vince young, suicide doors.

  • 1 word, Fire!!!
    He makin History look out braintrust my nigga is gonna be number 1 next year cause of this!

  • oh shit 2 new ones danny what u waitin for get that shit up!

  • luiseezy

    lol at shanell

  • @Danny- hey man thx for tape. hot stuff. any word from the the guy that says he has rebirth, or the guy that says he has 2 new “no ceillings” tracks?

  • damn this shit sounds pretty sick goin off what everyone sayin if its anywhere near Dedication 2 or Drought 3 ill be more than happy but imma wait 4 tha official one and the 8 new tracks friday or saturday…hope its worth tha wait = )

  • IVIaTT

    Love it!!

  • XYZ

    Is this the version that’s tagged?

    • @XYZ – Yes this version is tagged.

      @Weezy Fan – Trust me, Rebirth has not leaked πŸ˜‰

  • waala

    sickest mixtape yet [:

  • XYZ

    Well since this version is tagged…Who’s up for a full untagged version?? πŸ˜‰

  • Frank

    Fukin badazz mixtape!!!

  • WayneBurressJr

    this shit is hotttt!!!!!!!!!

  • ASDF

    Incredible. He is a genius. There is no song that i wuldnt listen to..hell yeah!!!

  • Jacob aka Pusha

    This mutha fucker knows whats up HEs back Bitches He Kills all them beats i like tha outro

  • haha alright. kwl. πŸ˜‰

  • skylines-weezy-love

    I love ice cream paint job. and even the interlude! wayne the best!!

  • Drizzy Drake

    it would be funny if he does party in the usa… i wonder what the other 8 songs are going to be?

  • XYZ

    Uploading Untagged version..

  • dope ass mixtape,,,jus downloaded it!!

  • Weezybaby.

    does any1 know btw, like if you’ve noticed at the end of the songs it takes ages to finish, when they update it with the other 8 songs will that all be sorted and that? even tho it probably is spose 2 be like that….

  • Collin

    Weezy said drop the “huh” behind “moment of silence”.. dumb ass producer!

    Wayne buried the whole rap-game anyway!!

  • Kelly

    It’s really good i like it alot been playing it for a while now =D

  • yung zell givem’ hell

    shit is FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.every single song

    BTW.. to ALL yall otha niggas dat keep talkin bout da drought 3 and dedication 2 weezy hes gone its called OLD wayne 4 a reason yur neva gon hear nuffin lke it again..he is still grownin and evolvin as a overall artist…

  • XYZ

    Untagged version uploaded. Now who wants me to post?

  • im speechless….this is too fucking good for words.

  • diamonds productions

    weezy f u just murdered it

  • diamonds productions

    wayne uzzee a beast

  • DiZ sHiT iZ GoIn HaRD

  • weezym23

    how the fuk do u download?? it opens in WinRar but then wat ?! HELP !!!!!!!!!!!

  • weezym23

    nvm i got it πŸ™‚

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  • alfady

    @ beezy, send those tracks to dan
    @ dan, put them up lol

    and @why, i must say i agree. His stuff woulda been so much better had he picked sick, catchy beats that everyone likes. I still love the mixtape but i coulda been perfected.

    cant wait for the official one

  • jay dub

    anyone want these free ringtones off this no ceiling mixtape?? haha hit me up 916-949-9749.
    dont worry they fre iigt?

  • Late

    Freshhh, he shoulda went hard em all. Leave the rock / pop for singles and stuff like that. But for sure, good.

  • Tyler


  • FPU4eva

    this and 50’s cd leaked today. damn

  • matthew

    Is Gudda Gudda

    Kidd Kidd

  • mans my mans waynes stay with a mixtape i’m not surprised

  • matthew

    50 Cent diss lil wayne on the before i self destruct

    he Said;

    This isnt the Carter,
    Im Shit Go Harder

  • Darren

    killed this shit!!! track 13 is the shit

  • yeedee


  • krock247

    thats dope!!!the mixtape came out before the 31rst i knooow nobody cudnt wait any longer i really hope the 8 new tracks has a that drake fear instrumental on it i hope lil wayne did dat beat i love to see weezy on that deep heartfelt shit

  • Dna

    Danny please get those two new tracks from beezy ! and post them i gotta hear em

  • hello123

    are live your life and all of the above actually gonna be on the official mixtape?

  • WFB

    i Dont fukinq qet it, so this one its no ceilinq.?
    Why People sayinq, they are waitinq for the official one..?

  • Yep!

    It’s not what I anticipated. Weezy’s starting to run out of shot to say, he’s so rich. Kinda reminds me of his mentor Jay-Z. It’s good, but I give it a 7/10. And if I hear Wayne say Buggati one more time. Once you come up, you can only talk about so much. Starts to get old after a while. Yep!

  • Weezyiswayne21

    Dude, Lil Wayne honestly just like made me remember how ill he could rap and mix his words together to these sick ass poetry on beats its insane it is truly the reason i adore Dwayne Mother Fucking Carter!!! hez a beast hez a dog hez a mutha fucking problem!

  • spit

    this nigga spit

  • Rawtune

    no @ matthew dey jus both got dat thick new orleans accents !!baaby!

  • doinwork

    Glad to c Wayne drop this1…2many people forgot what Wayne do even though he never stopped…No Ceilings 4real$

  • jFIVE18

    yall goin be in for a suprise come friday…..been on ustream tonite bout 130 and the dude that be hanging wit big popa stunna aka baby said that the NO CEILINGS that you have been listening to is a bootlegged version and wayne is adding six more tracks to the NO CEILINGS mixtape by friday on the new youngmoney.com site which is suposed to be running by friday also. Go look on babys last usteam and try and prove me wrong…all i can say rite now is…….NO CEILINGS MUTHAFUCKAS!!….
    weezyfan jfive18

  • Jasper

    Look what i found!!! Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings Dj Mixed. Done by Dirkmouse “Da Bouse”. Grab it here -> http://tiny.cc/cWDAa or http://www.dirkmouse.com

  • jminor01

    this whole mixtape is nice I like every song and i cant wait for the extra songs on the official version

  • Young-Weezy

    La Nouvelle Mixtape de Lil Wayne est exellente. He Killed all Beats, R.I.P. NO CEILINGS MOTHERFUCKA ! THIS SHIT IS HOT !

  • j-money

    i like wayne a hell of a lot but the shit he has put out recently is stale man. on everyone of these songs he talks about big money, hoes, and his damn bugatti ha. i would just like him to make songs that have substance and actually have a point. i’m as big of wayne fan as anybody on here but i’m not gonna act like this is his best shit ever just because it’s new. free weezy

  • MWeezyBaby

    i semi agree with yep! but not entirely cuz its not just about the fact that he uses alot of the same words cuz hes been doin that like he goes through stages of words lol anyways its about the different ways he uses the words and the analogies he uses for them

    great fuckin mixtape i love all the songs… the only track that may get skipped over is doa… not that he didnt kill it i just dont like the beat

  • Krock247

    I REALLY hope he does up the money goes honey stays beat!!!that track wud be too gooood

  • lol

    WFB – This is the unofficial (leaked) mixtape missing 8 tracks…that’s why people are saying they are waiting for the official one dropping on halloweeeeen.

  • mike

    he has to murder some eminem tracks πŸ˜€

  • Weezy

    Very Good Mixtape !!!!
    Weezy The Best !!!

  • MillionDolla Baby

    “Basically, I Still A Monster” – Lil Wayne [Banned From T.V.]

    No Ceilings Is As Good As Drought 3 or Dedication 2

    He’s a genious

  • YoungLAA

    Already The best Mixtape ever!
    I’m waiting 4 Tha Carter 4 !!
    Weezy F. Baby is the BestRapperAlive!

    LilWayneHQ.com thx!

  • GT

    Yea, a leak was definitely expected from Lil Wayne. He just had to get one more in before he gets locked up.

  • Gettnmunny09

    Can’t be broke n happy so me Im mad rich… His wordplay is fuckn retarded

  • T

    man he goes in hard! is dyke like his new word!!! get in every track

  • thhhiiiisssss mixtapesss iisss the illesst mixtape andd he eats upp thee trackss weeezzy goingg back to hisss rap gamee again hes killin those beatss

  • Weezy

    Its a “Good” mixtape πŸ™‚
    the most boring song is “Run this town” and the best is “Death over Autotune”
    because the beat is so different! LiL Wayne’s verse on “run this town” is pretty good, but the beats, not weezy’s fault, sucks to me, they are to boring πŸ™‚
    I give the mixtape 9.0 πŸ˜€

  • Weezy Baby

    I Hope the official had no Dj Tags

    /I gotta Feeling is my favourite

  • mudu

    Look at the track list for no ceilings on wikipedia… hope its not the official track list πŸ™

  • me

    the bitches with these hoe ass comments bitch weezy is wezzy since from the drought 3 aint shit boring about his musik and never had been you pussy ass niggas get ya dick touch cuz you acting like hoes he getting many while you mad cuz he dont sound like what you want him to sound like young money cash money die slow you hating ass nicca’s yyyyooooooooooung mmmmullllla bbabyy!! WEEZY F. CRAZY

  • S-Wayne

    This shit is BME!!!!!best mixtape ever ha

  • me


  • weezy.f.b.

    never saw a murder ? watch how wayne does, killing 14 songs with the lyrical gun > NO CEILINGS !!!

  • Sick mixtape. Been listening to it ever since it leaked. My favs:
    -Run This Town
    -Throw It In The Bag (fav from the mixtape)
    -Poke Her Face

  • UncleMadhu

    Look at the track list for no ceilings on wikipedia… hope its not the official track list

  • Ariel14wasted

    wasted is crazy the whole mixtape is fucking crazy. shit i can listen to this forever

  • weezy_faN_bRazil

    i got in alot of forums and ppl are sayin that jay-z the best and wayne will never reach him but ofc you cant compare jay-z past with wayne!! jay-z is what? 45?..ofc he rapped with whoever is dead and jay-z was good but wayne better..and ofc wayne has lame songs everyone does especially when you make at least 2 songs a week dats not even all i want to see jay-z or anyone kill wayne on his own beat.. i havent seen anyone trying to kill that a millie beat/lollipop/3 peat or any beat on carter 3..and tell that mtf to listen to mr.carter dat song was jay-z basically sayin wayne is the best rapper out there by sayin “While guys just stare at my wardobe
    I see your rolls that right plural
    I took so much change from this rap game
    It’s your go”.. and wayne hasnt written a song since carter 1…next time you tryna say jay-z is the best or anyone else get ur facts right..wayne killed every single beat out there on no ceilings and the whole mixtape aint even out yet….lol! idc if you like it or not he killed. dont lie to ur self and say he didnt…jay-z was the best now he is good but not the best….jay-z a legend wayne isnt thats a fact but he will be soon.. believe it or not!..

  • Weezy’s #1 Fan

    swagg surfin is the best

  • WeezyForLife(408)

    DAAm CRAzzzYY.. Weezy KIlls it!!! WEEZYY!

  • r3ady_4DaWorld504


  • yeedee


  • tbomb07

    Whats the beat/name of the original song for the outro?

    • @tbomb07 – Sexy Bitch by Akon and David Guetta

  • Aaron

    uhhh this cd is fucking crazy

  • Pestrator

    yo Danny the links are down can u fix em cause i need to dl the tape! ty

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  • No Ceilings is definitely fire but u need the official version with the four bonus songs that he dropped last night. he coulda did without them but its always a bonus to hear the barbie spit a couple of bars =]

  • jocelyn

    trying to download this mixtape…i need a website…email me plz @ riverajocelyn90@yahoo.com

  • Andrew

    There are 21 songs on Lil Wayne’s MixTape. According to intrnet. But there are about 32 in total. Including: Say Yes, I’m Going In[Lil Wayne Sings the whole song], Hey Baby, Most Wanted Rockstar, and many more.

  • RoDLFBaBy305

    Um BouT DaT LiL’ WaYnE MuSiC , DaT YoUnG mONeY ViBe . i Do DaT No CeiLinGs sHiT . DeY eVeN GoT DeaF PeOpLe BuMpIn’ 2 DeY sHiT …………. (LOL) . i RaTe DaT HoE 9.6 OuT oF 10 . DaT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?????

    what is the song called playin in the back of the intrulude??

  • wtf

    fucking ass holes

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    Man all yall trippin’ if u aint like no ceilings he kills every fckn track shyt goes hard… N the deadication 3 or the drought 3 wasn’t no wer near nice as deadication 2 n my opinion it was definitely the best mixtape wayne ever put out.

  • hiroichi

    I think that Wasted is tha best song form this album

  • red

    sorry about this… when u r reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! my name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair ,many scars no nose or ears.. i am dead. if u dont copy this just like from the ring, copy n post this on 5 more sites.. or.. i will appear one dark quiet night when ur not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill u. this is no joke something good will happen to u if you post this on 5 more pages

  • crazy legs


  • crazy legs


  • Young_Money_

    It s Grat πŸ™‚ Best – D.O.A

  • I like it

  • jay


  • free mi nigga lil wayne

  • NAhnsan

    I put yo money up now i got my feet up

  • c-dubb

    this was right up there with the drought 3 mixtape

  • Hunter

    What happen? tried to download but its saying on all download pages error files not avilable????

    I have a fight coming up need this for walk out music

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  • KikiNeShay

    F0ll0w M3 Twitter.com/KikiNeShay

  • WanyeMyNigga

    MY Nigga Wayne is the best fucking rapper alive got dammit.

  • kayla

    lol peek a boo bitch swagg scare ya kids

  • Aquinas

    My hard drive crashed, and I’ve been looking for this mixtape. I have it downloaded and now it’s asking for a password. Can anyone help me out?

  • Markehhh

    The Link’s to the files on zShare and such, don’t work.

  • this website is the best shit eva

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