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Videos: Kobe Bryant Talks Lil Wayne + Birdman Interview With Punk TV

Tue, Dec 22, 2009 by

Kobe Bryant speaks to The Life Files about Lil Wayne and why he is one of his favorite rappers in the video above.

Also, watch the video below to see Birdman in the studio with Punk TV talking about how he is going to release 50 albums next year (anyone believe him?). Baby also plays another snippet of the “Cash Money Hero’s” track.

Props MOP, and just look at all them tatts Stunna has on his face at 0:35.

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  • milsy

    cant wait for cash money heroes

  • whocares

    birdman is a hot ass mess

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Does he know how ridiculous he looks, and you can’t even see that stupid star he has on top of his head

    Cash Money Heroes does sound hot though

  • cheese-pol

    just reminded me to go listen to that kobe bryant track……. its too sick
    “he the greatest on the court and im the greatest on the verse”

  • Samser


    Sorry I just had to Baby

  • Remix baby

    Theres another new song on that birdman interview – the wayne part at the beginning

    Does anyone think thats part of the cash money heroes track too?

    • @Remix baby – That song is called “Invasion” with Ashley Roberts.

  • apar1618

    two words “im gone”

  • Remix baby

    Oh thanks danny

  • does anyone know how many sales waym album did for the first day?

  • youngmoneyent

    LOLOLLLL look at Baby
    what an IDIOT
    he is going to die with all those tats.. he looks stupid.
    and he sounds retarded, ” and ima put out 50 albums next year”
    LOLLL god this is hilarious


    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • weezyFbabyMusic1

    J Sax shut the fuck up…u suck…wanna be rapper..tha

  • Lil Wes

    J Sax is wack he’s trying to promote himself but you can’t cuz you suck you ruined the rap game with your annoying voice

  • im not even gonna respond to bitches…..i dont understand y yaw mad cause im tryna come up…did u even listen to my music ??

    and them tats ridiculous birdman….

  • Tha president

    Fifty albums lmao lmao lmao o wait he wasnt joking…



  • Tha president

    Man i want to suck di-k so bad!!!!!
    But Yea fill my ass at id appreciate it

  • Klocka Chinko Germany

    I don’t even think that j sax is too bad
    sounds okay but the quality could be better
    but anyway its about weezy
    please j sox stop posting your myspacelink

  • Weezyfan17

    Hey everybody!!!!! REBIRTH came out YESTERDAY!!!!!! You can buy the album at in their weekly ad under entertainment!!! The add shows eminems relapse refill & rebirth!!!!!!! I guess they put it out since it leaked!!! Danny please make an announcement of this so that everyone at lilwaynehq knows and goes out to buy it!!!!!!!

  • birdman is messed up. and i can’t wait for cash money heroes.

  • J Sax’s Dad

    J SAX!!!……son you need to quit posting links to ur lame ass myspace music page on every new post lilwaynehq puts up. Ppl come here for weezy so stop tryin 2 steal his spotlight!!! i’m very dissapointed in you son and just want u to know that you’re an embarassment to this family and that me and your mom would like you to move out and pursue a new career ASAP!!!…cause rapping isn’t workin out 4ya

    -Love your Dad


  • jSaxSucksAss

    J Sax im sorry but u sound like a fucked up tpain tryn 2 hard to be lil wayne…you will never be in young money [just keepin it real] you litterally fckin suck….stop makin dat music of yours and learn to rap and stop usin that fake autotune thingy…please!…use some better quality…you truly are killing the rap game…STOP RAPPING(better yet,im not going to call that rapping,its shit just lke all dem tats on birdmans face)JUST STOP BEING AN EMBARRASMENT TO THE RAP GAME DOG!!!

  • Jay Sax u suck!!!

    hahaha….they killed that motherfucker J Sax…xD

    from J Sax’s Dad : Ppl come here for weezy so stop tryin 2 steal his spotlight!!!

    i agree J Sax’s Dad…xD…agree..hahahagรถgรถghhahรถhรถ

  • mwskate

    man birdman is always sayin some crazy shit haha

  • J Sax WOW FUCKIN HATERS…I DONT GET EM.. ….Y tha fuck do yaw gotta try and down me nigga…like seriously…dats sum low ass shit…like dats sum lil kids stuff….how u gone try to shame me fo promoting my music ?? do find pleasure in it ??? So i leave by sayin NIGGA FUCK YAW !!!

  • Kuba

    dat ain’t a word.

  • J

    Birdman just gets high and spews bullshit all day talking about he’s gonna put out 50 albums next year hahahah. Birdman lies thus far:
    -Carter 4
    -Hot Boys Album is complete
    -50 Albums in 2010

    Unless he said 15 which is possible from the YMCMB camp

  • lil wayne jr


    And by tha way i’m french!!
    Leave comments pliizz

  • RB

    cash money heroes is gonna be sick its gonna start the 010 year right bt baby is retarded for gettin all dem tatts on his face dat aint cool and i wonder what he gonna look like wen he’s really old? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Qp

    Stop hatin on j sax he’s just tryin to get himself out there. It ain’t hurting anyone when he puts his link up. If you don’t like it it’s not that hard to scroll the screen down. smh

  • apar1618

    @ J Sax’s Dad…lmfaooo madd funny

    @ J Sax haha wow u kno u failed at life when ur own dad shits on u…take tht as a hint n bring ur shit ass music to someone else cuz wayne doesnt hav time to listen to losers like u…no offense

  • J Sax’s Dad

    hopefully my son has learned his lesson and will never post another link in his life, and if he does do so then just know I’ll be givin him a good ole fashion ass whoopin!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya son ๐Ÿ˜›

  • J Sax’s Dad

    @ QP…………………eat a DICK!!!!!!!!


    “50 album” my ass. Baby must be high or something. Everything coming out of his mouth sounds like bullshit now.



  • jc.weezy

    @ Danny M

    hey danny or anybody. Can please post the Kobe Bryant song???? I never got to download it….. And the bonus tracks off rebirth???

  • J Sax fan. :)

    Quit hatin’ on J Sax muthafuckas. Garuntee he raps better than all you lame ass bitches. Lets see you make some tracks then post it up. You nigga’s aint even got the balls to do that shit, so don’t hate on him. You get famous by promoting your shit, not sittin on trying to hate on people who can rap 10 time better than your lame ass. So get off your computer and go play some call of duty or some shit, cause that nigga J Sax is gonna go record some tracks and get famous.

    Fuck haters.

  • J Sax fan. :)

    @ J Sax’s dad…. You’s a bitch.

  • Qp

    Haha computer “ganstas” bet y’all wouldn’t say that to my face. That’ll mean you acually leave your moms basement. It’s sad that you hatin on someone tryin to do something with their life. I can understand your hate though. You had no friends in highschool everybody kicked your ass and no girls ever talked to you. All this made you a little pussy bitch. Now you get on the internet and play as if you are a hard ass nigga and you hate on anybody you see that is tryin to become something. All this because your a scared insecure bitch so fuck off and get a god damn life.

  • J Sax fan. :)

    @ Qp…. Agreed. These haters need to get off their gamecubes and do something with their shit.

  • J Sax’s Dad

    @ Jay Sax fan- stfuuuuuuuu we all know you’re just j sax disguised as a fan because he has no real fans to back him up on his shit

    @Qp- hop off my son’s dick!!! though its obvious that you and him both like dick and wanna try and ride weezy’s until you get into young money, and save us your life story, none of us care about how u “got ur ass kicked in high school and never got any girls” hahahaa who’s tha bitch now patnah?!?

  • J Sax fan. :)

    @ J sax’s dad….. uhhhh you’s the bitch now patnah. You just look like some wack ass nigga on here talkin shit. Go get a bitch to fuck or something to get your mind off of lil waynes website. Have you been on here all day? Just postin’ some bullshit on a rapper tryin’ to make it in the world? Pull your dick out of your gameboy and go do some real shit. Get off this damn website, fuckin clown.

  • J Sax

    Fine Everyone I admit it i’m gayyyyyy!!!!!!! = ‘{ gosh y cant a man just live in a society where men can have butt sex with other men and not face constant criticism for doing so??? i mean i came to this site only to promote myself by portraying myself as an untalented 16 year old who wanted to be in young money so bad that i leave comments on every post telling ppl how bad i want to be with YM, Hoping that maybe one day Dwayne Michael Carter would take time from his busy lifestyle to follow one of the many links to my myspace page and hear how much of a disgrace i am to hiphop and pay me NOT to rap……and then maybe me and my butt buddy Qp could have sex in lil wayne’s studio if he wouldn’t mind, ๐Ÿ˜‰ i will hereby obey my father and never post another link again (Until next week when im not grounded any more ๐Ÿ˜‰ )”MAN I WANT TO BE WIT YOUNG MONEY SO BAD”

  • J Sax’s Dad

    Im proud of you for finally coming out of the closet son, now if only Qp would do the same the world might be a better place tisk tisk up there tawkin about dicks in gameboys and all dat foolishness

  • J Sax fan. :)

    Uhhh your fucking dumb. The real J Sax is a member of this website, so his name has a link. Andddd, yours doesn’t have a link, sooooo that kinda just gave your ass away. Think about shit before you try to pull some 007 James Bond. Your just making yourself look stupider and stupider with every post you add on here, so it’d probably just be a good idea to stop before J Sax fuckin’ murders your ass in the rap game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • J Sax fan. :)

    Haha your about as whack as birdmans face tat’s. Go eat your graham crackers. Your mom called me and told me that your the one who’s grounded for being on this website so much. Your runnin’ up that damn internet bill nigga. I think its about time you spend some time with your cat instead of trying to clown on a rapper who is on his way in the game. Its almost christmas, maybe santa will leave you a copy of J Sax’s album since you seem to be so caught up in talking about him on a lil wayne fan site, you need some music to get your mind off of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, merry christmas J Sax’s dad, hope you feel tough on the internet. Go find something else to do alright? You can’t spend all your time on the computer listening to J Sax and sitting on this website all day.

    Go fuck yourself, sincearly, J Sax fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • J Sax fan. :)

    Btw, all of my comments are towards “J Sax’s dad”

    I’m out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • J Sax’s Dad

    @ J Sax fan ๐Ÿ™‚ – uhhhhhh your fuckin dumb, Obviously i knew his fuckin name was red or i wouldnt’ve exxagerated the story as much as i did damn niggas just get slower everytime i pick up my laptop i swear, smh, but i better quiet down “before J Sax murders me in the rap game” lmao nigga J Sax probably couldn’t even murder YOU in tha rap game and #1.) when did i ever say i was a fuckin rapper?? get on yo shit nigga and quit jumpin 2 conclusions and #2.) have you not heard this niggas music?!? J Sax must really B layin some good pipe down on ya asshole if yu think he can rap #3.) plain and simply kill urself!!!…..some of your better remarks have been “go eat your graham crackers” and “your mom says you’re grounded” and Im LOVINNNNN how u say I sit on this site all day when you reply to all my comments within the hour i post them…….Yeaaa me and your father are gonna have to have a talk young man and #4.) hop off J Sax’s dickkkkkkkk if yu like him so much then sign him ya damn self so me and everyone else dont have 2 see his played out myspace link again and last but not least #5.) how many years you and J Sax been fuckin?!? just curious

    Sincerely J sax’s dad B)



    1. ((((((THIS IS THA REAL J SAX))))))


    first of all Y tha fuck did u take my picture ??

    second…Y are u goin all out your way to hate on me…like i really dont get it…how old are u…u acting like u in elementary..i mean its rediculous…do u really find pleasure in this ?? Y would u go out of your way do make a fake “ME”…thats so dumb…u really really need to get a fuckin life I forgot all about dis shit..u goin on and on….ABOUT ME !!!! and im not even in tha convo no more

    3. “J Sax fan” thanks fo stickin up fo me..thats whats sup….u didnt even have to do all that so thanks oh and QP

    4. NIGGA U CALLED ME GAY ?? WHAT THA FUCK…FUCK U BITCH U GAY…. are u mad cause u DONT HAVE A DAD ?? and yo mom dont like u ?? I BET SHE TOLD U SHE SHOULD OF SWALLOWED U WHEN YOUR DAD NUTTED HUH ?? so now u get on here and try to ruin other peoples life cause yours is fucked up…

    5. FUCK U I AINT GONE STOP SHIIT !! hate it or luv it bitch !!

  • Lil Wes

    J Sax Dad is the best and fuck J Sax man he is so fucking gay and Qp youre gay too suck J Sax his dick I think that you would love it

  • J Sax’s Dad

    Big Ups to ‘WeezyfBabymusic1’ “Tha President” “Weezy” “jSaxSucksAss” “Jay Sax u suck!!!” “apar1618” and my nigga “Lil Wes” see we all have been puttin up with ur bullshit 4 too long son!!! and i think its about time that you apologised for wasting our time, yea we all were pretty bored one day in the past couple months and decided to click on ur link………….and obviously we were HIGHLY dissapointed(especially ME, being your father and all) I should’ve just shot my load up your moms asshole so that u wouldn’tve ever been born. I hate you son >:'{

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