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Videos: Tour Of Lil Wayne’s Florida Mansion + Cash Money In LA

Mon, Dec 28, 2009 by

Check out an exclusive tour of Lil Wayne‘s Florida mansion in the video above. Props I’m Trill

Hit the jump to see Birdman, Jay Sean, and Mack Maine in Los Angeles were they watch themselves on BET’s 106 & Park, and then go to perform on Jimmey Kimmel.

Props Derick G

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  • kenno


  • Ooohhh

    Hard work pays off like you can see from the video


    Thats some sick crib right there

  • broseph

    You can tell he’s barely ever home, that shit looks horrible lol, I thought weezy was living INSANE, but the fact is his studio is probably sicker than his mansion.

    Not gonna front though, the outdoor area, and the kitchen island were pretty sick, but other than that the house was way to plain and open.

    And this can’t be his only place, in his last video release for no ceilings, he had a huge projection TV, and the walls were red…

  • Kai

    @ Ooohhh:

    Did you ever work hard?

  • nitt

    siick crib (H)

  • lol @broseph i think this is the video the realtors show the potential buyers, i mean come on u didnt see one thing about wayne anywhere, it was too clean for someone to be living in it at that time



  • Raf

    Guy’s.. This is the house that Wayne bought (on a credit I guess) like 3 years ago, when he moved to Miami and got re-married to Trina. (with no pre-nup). Since then, they got divorced. And since he cheated on her (no shit.. he made it, that’s what you work for) she got the house in the divorce. (a house he is still paying the mortgage for). Now he lives in a rented apartment, that we all know (with the projection screen).

    remember what he told the rolling stone guy about the pre-nup in the carter doc.. and ever since he broke up with trina, he was on that fucked up music shit ( they broke up after dedication 2). the sizzurp and all.

  • dom

    lol gods gift! oh man, shit was a 1 hit wonder for me 🙂 how much do u think was in that med case?

  • Ooohhh

    Kai – why da fuck you asking me that?

  • james roby

    broseph of course thats not his only place….. wayne will have like 50 cribs all over the world

  • Karu

    Ummm.. do some of y’all know that Wayne didn’t live in this crib yet when this tour vid was made?
    This vid was shot several years ago, now the house looks completely different. I’ve even read somewhere that some ppl thought that this crib is lying on the shores of PUBLIC waterway! 😀 Crazy! Cuz it’s not, we all know that.

    @Raf: what are you talking about, homie? 😀 Wayne never married Trina, haha. He OWNS this mansion, it’s 100% Wayne’s.

  • whats that drizzy song at 6:02 called?

  • Felicia

    i love lil waynes mansion!

  • the best roro

    whats that wayne song at 0:08 called? in the beginning ? when he said
    ” she was young girl and pussy “



  • bre

    i would luv 2 live wit him n dat house so he wont b alone

  • GaiaBaby

    Whats that wayne song at 0:08 called??

  • broseph

    True true, I hear ya’ll.

    Wayne needs to fu** around n do a MTV cribs, it would put mtv cribs back on the map lol.

    Na but for real though, any know wheres waynes apartment is? I wanna see if he’d run the bugatti. I got something for him.

  • GSK14

    whats the second song when they driving in LA suttin when wayne goes YMCMB at the start, sounds crazy! #YMCMB

  • Yep!

    Bad ass house, but yes it does look like he’s never home. I’d never pay that much for a house, that I’d never have time to be in. Never! More props to him though, cause he’s obviously got the money to afford it.

    If that house was mine, I’d never leave it, EVER! And I damn sure wouldn’t let anybody in it. Yep! Nice tour.

  • person junior

    porra muito foda a mansão meis é do Lil Wayne??????????

  • that took some hard work. and nice photos. and nice pictures

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  • luiseezy f crazy

    damn no wonder weezy said “elevator in ma crib cuz is 5 floors, am not expectin u 2 hav 1 inside urs” dammn dis she is nice

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  • Killa1

    ” ImmaBeastImmaDawg Says:
    December 28th, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    whats that drizzy song at 6:02 called?

    Drake – Give Ya

  • luiseezy f crazy

    @the best ro ro is called paradice

  • @Killa1
    thnx a bunch 😉

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  • Weezy’s #1 Fan

    amazin house <3

  • B-Cloud

    Wayne work 24/7 so ya’ll don’t see him at home is also true …… I love that house,i wish that house could be mah house lol :))

    Becuz he’s a best rapper alive so he can got a rest place to relax everynight ……….. !!!!!!!!!

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  • brad

    he got like 5 of these houses but in all different states

  • bigjay220

    Thats In Miami Its In One Of The Chains Of Star Island I live In A Condo In The Main City Right By There Its Not Viewable When Driving By Because It’s Towards The Back Of The Island…But Yeah Its In a Chain Of Star Island…

  • Andria Brown

    I absolutely LOVE any & everything Young Money and Cash Money, 4 Lyfe!

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  • what is the song at 2:02 (im in da hood)