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Video: Behind The Scenes Of Young Money’s “Roger That” Music Video

Thu, Feb 18, 2010 by

Here is the video to behind the scenes for Young Money‘s next single from their We Are Young Money album, “Roger That“. This music video looks like it’s gonna turn out really good, and it also looks like all of Young Mula had fun filming it. Shouts to Derick G, and you can view photos from the video shoot here.

“It’s YM and we at your neck, like a violin”

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  • Future

    YM go hard.

  • lamillie7

    2nd and yeah the video look like its going to be crzy

  • gary

    Looks siiikk!!!

  • yeedee

    haha who is that sippin the syrup

  • obtor

    ^^ short dawwgggggg

  • kim

    it looks siiiicck! can’t wait!

  • izzi32

    lol at birdman at 3:29
    pointing at his big big star tat

  • Matheo

    This gas mask at the beginning make me laugh :> Nicki & Shanell aww they look gorgeous <3

  • liam

    when we getting the drop the world behind the scenes?

  • sad

    tyga is fuckin ugly

  • WaynesWorld

    Ohhhh, i thought i herad my name…
    Wayne said: Amen…
    My name is: Eymen :D:D

  • MO

    tyga goes hard

  • Ronsonagga

    i just want the drought:(:(:(:(:(

  • A-diz

    lmao @izzi32 that’s halarious!

  • lennie[ms barbie]

    tyga dnt go that hard i have to amit even tho i am the number 1 fan and biggest fan of young money but he do go hard jus THE WAY HE ACT KINda lame but he is cute tho wel imma say he not ugly

  • Beau

    Why does T-Streets never make it into a video?!

  • Chris

    I love how weezy jumps in at the start of his verse ahahahahahaha