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Video: Lil Wayne Says “See Me In The Streets” To Fan For Speaking About Shanell

Fri, Feb 12, 2010 by

Lil Wayne was recently broadcasting live on uStream, and he was reading the comments people were making on the chat. Someone started talking about Shanell, and Weezy did warn the guy earlier that he would mute the uStream if someone asked about SnL again. Then someone called Ricky makes a comment about her, and it gets Wayne mad. He goes on mute and says “Fuck you, don’t talk ’bout Shanell, see me in the streets Ricky”. Was anyone watching this live haha ❓

Below, is an interview Birdman did with Ozone about a few subjects such as Cash Money, Lil Wayne, Drake, music, tattoos and his oil rig etc:

Does Drake write for Wayne?
C’mon, man. Wayne don’t even write, man. Honestly Wayne don’t write. I don’t know how he do that shit he do, but don’t no nigga do it for him. Wayne don’t play that shit, he never did. We ain’t with that shit. That’s cheatin’ to me, when you’re trying to be great. When you’re just an artist that wants a hot record, that’s something different, but when you’re trying to be great you ain’t bout to let no nigga write for you, cause you don’t wanna lose none of the credit. Wayne wants to be the best to ever do it. To be the greatest ever takes your skillful thoughts, not another person’s.

Why do you think people make such a big deal out of the relationship between you and Wayne?
I think it’s a symbolic situation for everybody, and it’s a family thing, you know, father and son. Maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s the business and how successful we’ve been. I really don’t know why muthafuckers care so much, but I’ve bred him through it. We came up together and we did everything together. Maybe they just wish they had a father-son relationship like we’ve got. But [people’s opinions] don’t bother me. I been stop letting shit a nigga say out his mouth bother me. It’s the music industry, and people are gonna make good and bad statements about you. So I hear no evil, see no evil.

If Wayne does end up doing some time behind his current legal issues, do you feel any benefit could come from him sitting down for a little while?
Shit, I don’t even look for a benefit from that, that’s just a fucked up experience that we’ve all probably had someone close to us experience. I don’t look for a benefit from jail, I don’t look for that, yaheardme? I’d rather him not even go in that muthafucker at all. Ain’t no benefit from that shit. He’s a man, so there ain’t too much to it. Just do it and come home. That’s all I can tell him.

Read the full interview here.

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  • First baby!!!!

  • jemmaaa

    lol haha (:

  • i was there lol! he muted for like a good 20 minutes which sucked! than in the parking lot he said a shout to me lol!

  • bigeezy

    I think that weezy got mad becouse he is in love with SNL,who knows mabye she is next weezys baby momma…

  • jemmaaa

    yeah i think she mite bee

  • i like this


    No..she’s not…stop attempting to spread rumors we aren’t mediatakeout

  • YMfan

    LOL…Nicca is so serious about his girl SNL

  • Matheo

    I wonder why He don’t want to answer the questions about Shanell maybe they really are together ? Who knows…

  • tonioutj

    they should get together n have a YM baby lol

  • devinh

    haha a YM baby.

  • devinh

    i do think that they are together.

  • MrsCarter

    I love Shaneell..!
    & Lil-Wayneeeeee!! both my fave from youngmoneyy..!

    looll…well first its Wayne
    then Drake

    Top 5!

  • waynefan

    What did ricky say about shanell?

  • ms.tennical

    yes what did he say about her ? but anyway if hesaid something bad about her so shout-out 2 him and i would say “FUCK SHANELL”coz she started to bother alot of fanz like ME u know why ? read my comment here :
    Look, u guyz ain’t know how much do i love wayne .. but after i noticed the fucked-up love realationship with snl i felt bad about him,, he’s great but when he shows how he loves dat stupid 1metre gurl he be so dope for loving dat shit
    anyway …. Dayum !

  • LOL

    “does Drake write for Wayne?” what kinda bullshit question is that lol…drake is nowhere near how wayne raps

  • nigga

    Real shit wayne dont play wit lil internet niggas he a real thugg

  • natalskaa

    hahahha. i saw this actually live! he was on till like 7am in the morning.
    damn i was even suprised. he was even making coffee rofl.

    but yeah ricky wouldn’t Zip It about Shannell so Wayne muted us after the guy said Shannell for the 3rd time lol. he wasn’t playing.

  • J Sax

    well….he warned tha nigga

    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • Bob

    how do you watch people on u stream

  • natalskaa

    well when they go live you can watch it. lil twists ustream is check his twitter for when he goes on with wayne, they usually go on at early morning when people sleep. like 3 or 4am lol

  • Alex

    Fuck Shanell. And all you stupid lazy talkers. You don’t have shit to do than follow around some idiot who made a few bucks? Niggas please!

  • Alex

    Shanell’s a slut and Lil Wayne should be called Lil Wang. hahahaha

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  • lil j

    all yall lil wayne hatas can suck my left nut leave da dude alone and listen to dat nigga music

  • FUCK MADDEN CHAMP!!! weezy tha best tha ever was and ever is…im stickin with ma nigga all tha way! shots out to young money!!!

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