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Drake Promises: “You Won’t Even Notice Lil Wayne Is Gone”

Thu, Mar 18, 2010 by

On his new single “Over,” Drake raps, “Making sure the Young Money ship is never sinking.” Even though the head of his label, Lil Wayne, is in jail, Drake insisted there’s no way he’ll let the camp slip from its top spot.

“I’m gonna do everything I told him I would do, what I said in the song: keep us afloat till he gets back,” Drake said on the set of his “Over” video. “You won’t even notice he’s gone. Promise.”

Last week, Wayne was sentenced to a year in jail for a 2007 gun-possession charge, but Drake knows his leader will be OK.

Lil Wayne is a legend,” Drake said. “I could never classify Wayne as victim. He’s too strong to me. Wayne is who he wants to be. People don’t understand. It’s really not an act. Lil Wayne is a character you’ll rarely run across, probably for the existence of human beings. He is that guy. He is Lil Wayne for a reason. He’s a rock star, a visionary, a workaholic. He doesn’t function like anybody I know. He’s a rare breed.

“I don’t think fame really has anything to do with his situation,” Drizzy continued. “We take precautions. All of us do. To be in the public eye and to be envied and have people who hate you and never have met you or have people who love you and tattoo your face on their body and never have met you, it’s an odd feeling for anybody. It’s a rush [for me]. I love it. It gets weird sometimes. So it’s just personal choices we all make. I never felt that threatened. I’m not sure what’s going through his head at the time. But Wayne has a reason for everything, always. I trust in Wayne. I believe in Wayne. He’s gonna be all right.”

Via MTV, and hit the jump to see a video of Nicki Minaj and Drizzy speaking about Lil Wayne turning up at Jay-Z’s Madison Square Garden show, and their performance.

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  • Neroez


  • jemmaaa


  • tunechi man

    3rd WEEZY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Hot Spitta

    “people who love you and tattoo their face on your body”

  • Rankin

    heard it too hot spitta

  • gary

    Cosign with drizzy

  • Chazz

    “You Won’t Even Notice Lil Wayne Is Gone”
    its about priciple
    we KNOW hes gone ,its not about noticing.and its all different for HIM whatever privileges he may have in there, so u shuld think about that.and care about it even if we dont know him personally
    a true fans thoughts shuld be like this
    even if we still get new songs n all its not the same as if wayne were not behind bars
    at least for me it isnt

  • Chazz

    and why is my comment awaiting moderation? oO there are no forbidden words or any racist religious or any other offendings in it >.>

  • Alex

    Man all you that hate lil Wayne ya wrong. Lil Wayne is the hottest sputter ever he won’t be mist even though he’s in jail.

  • Alejandro sandoval

    Yup he’s the best no one can compare to lil Wayne not gucci not kanye not drake. Free Wayne man he’s the best ever lil Wayne hes the best no one can’t say eneything cause they scared man drake never was in but lil Wayne brought him in, but DRAKE IS LIL WAYNE’S B I T C H.

  • Matheo

    I have such hope ;]

  • its not about not feeling lilwayne is gone.its about him being out with his family,friends and fans we want him out.they said he will be out after 8 mounth if he behaved its ok and thanks god its just 8 mounth and they trying to mess with him again with this arizona bullshit they are kidding dog they dont want him out because they no his the best and i think some one is behind weezy haters

  • Brrrrrr

    Nicki looks so hot!

  • c-dubb

    i cant not notice that lil wayne is gone. he’s my favorite rapper and the best rapper! drake goes extremely hard but he’s just not weezy..

  • DirtyStunna-209

    aye @Chazz. dude i totally agree wit you. when new shit is released Wayne shud be right there behind it. backing it. not locked up.

  • Mr.CARTERbestRAPPERalive420

    Wayne will return. Aint not one person in jail gunna mess with him. He’s recorded so many songs and shot so many videos Drake’s right. Even though we know he locked up, its going to be alright cause we’ll still have some new WEEEZY WEE tunes! All Wayne need to do is keep his head up, stay out of trouble, and come out with about 20 cd’s by the time he gets out!
    if you disagree f ck ya then fool!

  • Yep!

    Drake’s talented, but as far as him thinking that he can handle keeping Y/M afloat…..Come on! He can’t even skip or dance on stage without falling and bustin’ his ass. Drake’s a talented rapper, but he’s a square, and is nowhere near Lil Wayne’s level as far as lyrics or image is concerned. Sign with J Records nigga!

    Also how the hell is it going to feel like Wayne’s not in jail, when he’s not performing with the group during live performances? Lil Wayne IS Y/M and if Drake’s clumsy ass thinks he’s capable of holding down the fort by himself, he’s insane! Wayne is the reason why anybody took the time to listen to anybody else in Y/M, including Drake, with Wayne in jail, the rest of the group will e exposed as the non talented people that they are. Yep!

  • Fuck the police

    Gotta love drake…I like how he’s puttin ym on his back because we all know no one else can.

  • wayne sucks

    alendranjo sandoval ur
    a faggot
    wtf is wrong wit u?
    ur daddy sticking it 2 hard?
    r u 4 real?
    I can think about 30 rappers dat are better dan wayne
    wayne fucking sucks!!!!!!
    hes not even in the top 50s
    he will never be one of the greatest fag

  • PurpleHazeALLDAWAY

    kk well he mentioned rockstar . workaholic and all datt but he forgot to mention RAPPERR………
    freee wayne

  • i want to get to YOUNG MONEY …………i want to be with you ….how can i do to join you YOUNG MONEY

  • Rose

    Weezy’s the best, and music just ain’t music if he ain’t actually out there, still makin the best songs out there. He’s the one who can only really keep Y/M afloat, and how can we not notice if we KNOW he’s behind bars? Hope Drake can actually keep Y/M from sinkin..

  • Rose

    I wanna join Y/M also, so what can I do to join Y/M? Dat would be sweet if I could, but, I’m only 14. So I got my doubts, but can I?

  • Rose

    My older bro wants me to join Young Money, I kinda want to too, but I’m gonna be only 14 this August, but if I can, what can I do to join?

  • Rose

    Jeez, dat made me sound desperate…

  • A-diz

    Stfu up Rose! You aint joining YM and dont leave 4 posts in a row. And 14? Shouldn’t you be worrying about passing your fresh year of high school bitch! Soo wooo! Free @Tunechi

  • Yep!

    Why people on here hating on rose for wanting to be a Y/M member? Couldn’t do any worse than Chuckee and Twist. Give her a shot.

  • Mr.CARTERbestRAPPERalive420

    Yep! has a point, rose couldnt be any worse than twist or chuckee or even gudda for that matter! lol hilarious. butt still, sorry rose butt its extremely DOUBTFULL

  • jmizzle

    what THE hell is ppl talking bout lol awww man yall trying to join YM WTF!!! R YALL thinking i ganruntee thats not possible speically not for a groupie fan lol maybe if u was already in the game an someone that waynes recongnize as having talent other than that forget about it lol, AN TO THAT HATING ASS FAIRY THAT COMMENTED UNDER THE NAME WAYNE SUCKS UR A FUCKING IDOT LOL ANYONE WHO SAYS LIL WAYNE DOES NOT HAVE TALENT DOESNT NO SHIT ABOUT THE MAKE UP OF A TRU MC STOP HATING AN GET A JOB, HOW THE HELL ARE U GOING TO NOT LIKE THIS MAN MUSIC BUT WILL COME TO THIS SITE AN HATE LOL I MEAN THAT SHOWS U WHAT TYPE OF MOTHERFUCKER U DEALING WIT LOL AN EVERYONE IN YM HAS TALENT BEHIND THE MIC

  • jmizzle


  • Man, I love Lil Wayne. Drake has had some hits as well. I like Tyga. I like Short Dawg too. One thing I can’t stand is how everyone in this thread of comments has to say negative things, and bad grammar. Jesus Christ, learn to spell. Lil Wayne is an inspiration and anyone that truly disagrees that he has done great things, is completely ignorant. His music is easy to listen to. You almost have to like it. I know he’s got some MixTapes that aren’t perfect but he’s worked his way up. Da Draught 3 has to be my favorite collaboration of Lil Wayne tracks. No Ceilings is undoubtedly great. Music is supposed to make ya feel good and that’s what his music does, and it does it well. The lyrics expressed in his art is masterful. He has a great philosophy on life and music. Some people, like the media, tries making a big deal about him smoking Marijuana, but I’m with him on this. Alcohol is man made, weed is natural. He can obviously function on a daily basis. Weed isn’t hardly harmful. Lil Wayne is a truly inspirational individual that deserves the life he’s been givin’. This jail time caused by his illegal doings won’t phase him at all. He’s too strong to let anything bring him down.

  • Simba



    Get off Weezys dick

  • money_green

    Whoa…. what’s wrong with the top of this I kno yall love weezy he’s hott no doubt but drake definetly can take over YM and weezy makein drake? No cuz he had plenty of other labels tryin to sign him along with wayne..they just didn’t send artists out to help with his mixtape and when the boss volunteers to help you himself that’s a lot of respect if anybody can take over YM while weezys gone it certaintly is Drake…watch how thank me later will do without much of wayne’s help..Over already is a bigg hit..cmon people think as a music fan and not a wayne dick rider.. Drake is right there with wayn and doesn’t even have an album out

  • seiraloveslilwayne

    Lil wayne is beast and fuckin awesome and fuck u all that say lil wayne isnt tha best cuz he is da best and always fuckin will be!!!! Free Wayne!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weeeeezy!!!!!!!!!! is one hell of a hard working mother fuckaaaa i have ever seen and heard of before,all those mixtapes,albums,videos and features he had mad since he was introduced to da real game by Birdman and Slim……..Jail is just a room wth big bars,,,it shall never change him at alot, he is what he is aaiiiittt!!!!!!!!we gon mis ur weezy,,,,waiting for ur return yaaaadiiigg!!!!fuck ’em haters 3x ……

    Weezy’s Namibian number one fannnnnnn everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mr.CARTERbestRAPPERalive420

    StopHatin’ said it.

    check it. couldnt have said it any better mah dude.

  • sweezy

    YOUNG MONEY. y’all need to listen first Wayne is the realist shit out right now including young money you cant stop em. not to menion drake is gettin hot right now. Look out man its gunna be poppin real soon.

  • sweezy

    yall gotta check out wasted, steady mobbin, im at war, different girls and women lie men lie. sick stuff from wayne check out those songs then leave a post of what you guys think im tellin you its the bomb metaphor heaven cant mess wit wayne

  • sweezy

    im serious check those songs out. (all by wayne) they have some artiss in them but im saying ull have a new level of respect for him his shits crzy. Best metaphors by far sick sick sick…

  • breanna

    im a the biggest fan ever to lil wayne he is so sexy mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  • sweezy

    did anyone check out the songs i said up there. leave me a comment and tellv me its not the hottest shit.

  • phame

    DRAKE FUKEN GOTZ THIS u fukin haterz, yess wayne was the head of Y/M and the reason y people lisend, and he still is but u gotta give drake credit for putting Y/M on his bak i meen thats a fuken heavy load, its like putting the world on his shoulders, but who else stepped up to keep money afloat?? huh?? drake did and if that proves sumthing it proves that he gotz balls and Y/M pride….if drake was willing to put that weight in his shoulders then he deserves to be Y/M bcuz he trying to keep it afloat, will he keep it afloat, hell yea i trust in drake, that song “Over” is hella bad ass now he is comming up, is he as big as Lil Wayne now, No, will he ever be, Maybe, everybody starts from zero, i saw a comment here that says “drake was nobody until wayne brought him in” thats gotta be the dummest shit i heard, i mean think about it, Lil wayne was nobody until “birman” brought HIM in, and now look at Lil wayne, he is the best dam rapper alive. Lil Wayne is my favorite rapper, and then is drake, i never really lisend to drake but now with that song “Over” i am, drake juss got a shit load of respect from me for taking the responsability of keeping Y/M afloat during waynes absens, if u can respect ANYBODY for doing that then ur juss a fuken dumasss

  • Sam

    miss Wayne already

  • dream ah j

    all you ppl sayin that wayne sucks is stuuuupid!! you just jealous that he hott and you fuckers is ugly as hell shit up and to drake DAMN he catchin up with wayne i here hos voice and stop to rejoice…did i spell that right?I LUV LIL WAYNE HE SEXXY SO IS DRAKE:D I LUV HIM TOO!!!!!

  • dream ah j

    i said shit up ha:D i so stupid !