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Video: Behind The Scenes For Lil Wayne’s “Drop The World” Music Video Featuring Eminem

Tue, Mar 2, 2010 by

Derick G gives us the behind the scenes footage from the set of Lil Wayne‘s “Drop The World” music video featuring Eminem, which is the next single from Weezy‘s Rebirth album. Chris Robinson directed this video and it was shot in California. You can see a bit of information about the video here, and also a couple of pics from the video shoot here. Birdman will make a cameo in this music video, and Tunechi is wearing his “Listen to Lil Wayne” t-shirt again. I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t wait to watch this music video on March 11th when it is being premiered!

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  • natalskaa

    awesome video post! YAY WEEZY IS FREE TILL TOMORROW 🙂

  • James

    First? lol

  • Weezy/Em

    first bitcheeees 😀
    weezy shouldn’t go to prison
    god blessed him

  • tay

    shit 2nd 3rd who cares tight ass video its gonnah be

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Maaan Looks Siiiiick !!!

  • Movement


  • W.F

    Thiss looks amazing
    Shout out from weed paradicee Amsterdamm !

  • natalskaa

    who cares about the first thing anyways! but omg God is by his side! he clearly doesn’t want Wayne in jail. he’s a good man. FFS stupid law !

  • waala

    deamm i cant wait for this videoo my Niggas
    i hopee it’s dopeee [ :

  • rob

    at 1:10 smoke comes out his mouth wen he says hurt

  • nana





  • can’t wait

  • Video looks dope! Weezy rockin the screen as usual and eminem looked great aswell! Can’t wait!!!!

  • martian101

    cant wait for this video these my 2 fav rappers

  • video looks dope! cnt wait to c wat they do with that green screen shit tho. Em looks PERFECT!!! he’s juz doin his job. Wayne kinda all over d place but watev. cant wait to c d finished product and what the concept is. rioting and smashin bricks and shit… weird. but we shall c on MARCH 11TH!!!!!

  • B-Cloud

    This is great …. But i can’t wait for that 🙁 FREEEEE WEEZYYYYYYYYYYY PLEASE !!!!!


    hey diz iz a only wayne place get da hell out EMINEM BEST RAPPER ALIVE

  • luiseezy f crazy

    lmao wen da people ran like retards lol i bet weezy gonna do some dragon ball z shit

  • Chris

    When they ran around like retards? bro are u stupid? when making a film or music video or whatevs it looks stupid while doing it but itll turn out looking sik on camera. thats some shit u need to figure out son. this video will be too sikk.

  • lil ry ry

    yea yo. fuck eminem. hes decent at times. hes got nothin on our boy weezy f baby

  • Lil Wayne Best Rapper Alive

    Lil Wayne Best Rapper ALive!!! Hes Gonna Drop it in Yur Fukinq HeAd..

  • DQ

    lil wayne the best ever man u need to get yo shit up

  • DQ

    lil wayne the best ever man u need to get yo shit up

  • Soddi F.

    this vid looks like its gonna be fire cant w8

  • wow

    haha castaic is like 15 mins away from wher ei live its where SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN is at (twist went there a feww days ago) chris robinson kept saying it wrong tho lol its CASTAIC ye says CASAIC lmao

  • dumas

    Why does Eminem always dressed in that jacket and hose jeans/Nigga needs to fix his wardrobe.

  • B-rabbit

    Lil wayne is decent but eminem makes this song, no question

  • Lil Zly

    this is first time seeing Baby talkin with eminem

  • MO

    this gonna be one of his greatest videos

  • LilTunechi

    LOL look at Weezy at 3:43 while Eminem is rapping he’s acting retarded LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlexuWC


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    follow me on twitter @alexu_wt
    follow me on twitter @alexu_wt

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  • Em

    Very awsome that was some good shit <3 lil wayne <3