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Birdman’s Birthday Celebration Party In Atlanta [Pics + Video]

Sat, Apr 3, 2010 by

Birdmans Birthday Celebration Party In Atlanta

We posted some pictures from Birdman‘s celebration party in Atlanta about four weeks ago, and now Derick G has just posted up two more pics of Weezy and a video from the party. Rapper’s Shawty Lo and Tity Boi showed up to the event, and also a few Young Money artists including Mack Maine and Shanell.

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Birdmans Birthday Celebration Party In Atlanta

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  • TwoFo’s44


  • TwoFo’s44

    i finally figured out why these muhfuckaz always say that

  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    3rd in dis bitch ! Lol

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  • jake


  • martian101

    weezy looks fuckedd upp in that pic haha…..FREE TUNECHI!!!

  • Gingerbread Man

    why do they say it? its so annoying

  • gsd

    u posted the same pic twice

  • Please let keep praying for weezy

  • i bet lil wayne wanted sum sleep after dat hahahah

  • lilwaynefan

    i looked at lil wayne’s inmate page……

    he is shorter than i thought……..

    i think we could add money to his bail….


    boy wont he love his fans then!!

  • TwoFo’s44

    @Gingerbread Man you’ll kno when ur 1st…lol

  • ASDF


  • weezy.f.b.

    wtf ?
    look at there faces it’s like they have to be there but no one wants to be there haha

  • Birdman u had a great time with ur neggas …happy birthday

  • fisherr



  • SHEdontknowme


  • please say the baby

    i dont think wayne is effin with baby like that no more. watch his body language in the other video yall posted from the party. after baby whispered in wayne’s ear wayne gave him a fierce *side eye*.

  • kobefor3moreyears

    @please say the baby ….. Wayne will always b with birdman thats his best friend and have u seen nino brown story 2 them ni99as are close

  • Is there really a way we can help with his bail? or he is in their for good?

  • Kuba17

    if he could just pay his way out, he would have done it already

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  • darren

    im suprise we havent been getting any unreleased song from wayne

  • NatalieCarter

    free liltunechi ♥ Great Pics & Video BTW.

  • kenzieloveswayne

    i cannt belive he is that amazing!

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    Is there really a way we can help with his bail? or he is in their for good?

    ^@James that was the dumbest question i ever heard in my life if there was a bail set he would have been out. He has been sentenced there is no bail dumbass all he can do is finish his time & get out with good behavior hopefully.

    Hold ya head up Weezy….YM

  • PaniCarter

    Free Weezy…Kocham;***

  • blunted


  • moe


  • baby look his face old

  • baby

    that nigga birdman dissed a crip on that video near the end in aalways strapped

  • birdman had a baby party mine way bigger than that and im younger than him act like u got money like u say next time have a bigger than that

  • dr.marquita caroll

    sorry l’m late. full love on your birthday. from me to you. old times.

  • i love lil wayne free wayne and remy can’t wait untill lil wayn e cumm out

  • you guys inspire me to the fullest get my words thats all mgh 4 life hip

  • all to get is a real song still working on my album hot tracks full blast hip hop.

  • mickey m.

    i really really love young money…..!!!!!!!:)))))))


    FREE WEEZY <333333