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Trae – Inkredible (Feat Lil Wayne & Rick Ross) [Official Music Video]

Fri, Apr 9, 2010 by

Here is the official music video for Trae Tha Truth‘s “Inkredible” single featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross that includes a cameo from Mack Maine.

Trae‘s album titled Tha Truth will drop in March and you can view some photos from the “Inkredible” video shoot here and here.

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  • first1

  • andres

    fuck yes! hard ass Track!

  • *wow that was a first, anyway lol sick videoo and like alwyas until nov #freetunechi <3

  • christycreme


  • i usually lol dont sayy that but for some reason i had to lol anyways the video doesnt work!:( #freetunechi tho <3

  • Rain

    Wayne sound like he went back to his old flow, which is better imo.
    Anyways, its fire,
    and did anyone else notice,
    that the drums in the beat were from A Milli?

  • NatalieCarter

    awesome! i liked the video! : ) #freeliltunechi D:

  • Romeo

    @Rain, oh yeah. Nice look

    Man It’s good to see Wayne.

  • Lil Zly

    nice video
    who is the director?
    i like the arrangement of the video!

  • Felicia

    The song was crazy, Wayne killed it!

  • weezy.f.b.

    I like the video but wtf every second word was censored

  • Chazz

    found the vid boring
    love the song tho except ross’ part

  • weezy.f.b.

    here is the uncensored video

  • Klocka Chinko Germany

    Weezys voice is too high

  • I can’t even hear the half of the lyrics Rick Ross spitted.
    What a lame censorship!

  • lil weezy

    weezy killed it

  • Thomas

    lil Wayne is sick!!!
    censored 🙁

  • Tune

    @Chazz..the bawse killed this song. although he obviously couldnt beat tune. ricky is a beast..verse on erykahs window seat, oh my. he going to be moving mountains with the teflon don.

  • tonioutj

    free weezy

  • kim

    Sounded great. Like the way wayne ‘acted’ in the vid.
    Too much censor tho…

  • PaniCarter

    Piosenka jest zajebista…

    Teledysk boski…

    Co wiecej mozna dodac;D

    Free Weezy!!!

    Love Tunechi<333

  • jemmaaa

    wayne did a great job!

  • dk

    it’s Inkredible…

  • Wayne is cool, but the video is bad, really nothing Inkredible

  • Lil Wayne is nicee
    and HOTTTTT
    Love Youuuuuuuuuu!

  • CEO

    I Really Like Dis, Cuz Weezy Says Different Thinqs. not the same shit, Feel Me?
    Thats What I Feel About Carter 4. Hes Gonna Came Out With Different Things and Words on how to say thinqs…. I Cant Explain it.

  • CEO

    The Video, its a BIG OK.

  • Felicia


  • Hawk

    Since when was choppa brains body and cut so bad they had to be edited out.

  • Alfredo

    I like the video…and the face Weezy made at 1:17 was priceless.

  • CEO

    I Want Some Rebirth Videoss!!!!

  • AP53110

    @CEO- I think i know what you’re trying to say… LIL WAYNES KILLING THE ALPHABET!

  • maria isabel

    censored words= ruin video

  • RWAyNE1k

    Love the lil Wayne part
    His freaky face b4 the verse was like OMG!

  • Elmo

    This go hard, the nigga Trae and Wayne went INKREDIBLE!!! FREE TUNECHI!!! SOON!

  • goofeball

    Live as vid Tune did it mayne im my opinion i think someone beside Ross should have had a verce like Gudda even Mack. Ya digggg Mula

  • Lil Wayne is wearing a Pablo Escobar Tee?

  • This song is ill. The video isn’t anything amazing, but it’s definitely good.

  • CEO

    YES. Pablo Escobar, King of Cocaine.

  • Matthew

    “I’ll cut your face, have you looking like Seal” so fucked but so nice all the same lol.
    Free Weezy.

  • Fresh Bryce

    Ross scared me when he took off dem shades.

  • mzsexah


  • Bryan

    Even if the beat sucks, Lil’Wayne come with a flow and a sick verse. Best Rapper Alive.

  • chuck

    IM STARTIN TO THINK RICKS ROSS A FAG…wayne killed it of coarse though yung mulla

  • wow

    the video was great to much censoring-rick ross get the fuck out the video–FREE WEEZY

  • waala

    this video is twO sick
    weezy kills his part

  • the song was alwrite rick ross get out of the video its fine without u weezy is awsome dude

  • teleleul

    when the going to be release. home run video? know somebody?

  • TooWayne

    Good to see wayne doing his thang, killed this shit yaaaaa diiiiigg
    Young Mulaaaaaa

  • fisherr

    1:13 DAMN ^^

  • YG

    Um. Ross (to me) sounds like he tryna be like Wayne, tha way he’s rappin. He sound fuckin corny. I definitely like Wayne verse tha most.


    “Young Money baby aka Noah’s Ark, ahaha
    and Im Noah, haha”

    I like that part of tha verse.

  • I hope yall due knw dat dis song kam out January 19, 2010 but the video is probably jus comin out. I still lov it doe kuz Wayne did kill it.

  • chloe

    Dwayne looks amazing 🙂
    Love his verse <3

  • Kra-Z

    Wayne is a fukn beast
    Do yall hear wat he sayin daaamn
    Wait till he come back out
    Can yall say best rapper alive
    Free weezy

  • c-crime

    i wanna join young money.

  • Tune.Nino

    Lets Not Hate. Trae did qood, normal. Lil’ Wayne did hella qood, dope. Ross gave some energy, At Least.

  • lil’chamillitary

    the beat is whack as fukk…

  • richy

    different, and sick as hell

  • Truth

    Wayne killed it the song is hot the vid really was just so u can see it i mean hear on TV but its hot

  • luv the song……. tyte beat go hard

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  • free weezy but is a good song

  • frega bao

    salute for the track

  • Jessica King

    That caaarrrr… wayne verse is fiya