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Lil Wayne – Runnin’ (Feat Shanell) [Official Music Video]

Sat, May 29, 2010 by

Here is the second Rebirth music video to premiere during MTV’s “Lil Tunechi Weekend”!

This time we have Lil Wayne‘s “Runnin’” song featuring Young Money artist Shanell, as well as a cameo from Birdman.

You can also read what SnL said about the visual below!

“Well, it was a long day, and a lot of the videos we did that day were green screen,” Shanell told us during a trip to the Manolo Blahnik store in New York City on Thursday. “The song is talking about running and asking when will whatever it is that you’re going through that’s not a positive thing end. So ‘Runnin’ ‘ is about wanting whatever it is in your life to stop.”

Shanell explained that in the video, an earthquake and other natural disasters and even a war, are metaphors and not visuals she had in mind while she was writing her portion of the song. “That wasn’t in my head. It was whatever personal thing that I was going through that I wanted to end. That’s what I was expressing, but when you write a song you want everybody to kind of relate, so the audience can make it mean whatever it means to them.”

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  • Tunejrbaby

    First!!!!!!!follow me @tunejrbaby
    nice video!!!!Free Tunechi

  • zyz

    1st :DDD damn n1ce video =] cant wait home run video

  • NICEEEEEEEEEEE .. love Wayne .. Free Weezy !! (h)

  • wezzzzy

    im sry to write this, but shanell ruined with her piercing and ugy clothes.. and weezy’s clothes wasnt too nice them either… but otherwise, nice vid πŸ˜€ loveyou wayne!

  • A-Bjerg

    cool man, Free WAYNEWEEZYFBABY

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  • Matheo

    This vid have strong message !

    Shanell look so sexy !

    Free Weezy !

  • Warren

    He used the same lyrics like in “Loser” from Raje.

  • kim

    Wow shanell!

  • YmFan

    Damn…this song is Hot and Shanell is a bad chick

  • gemm

    It won’t let me watch it for copyright reasons as i live in england! πŸ™
    Anyone know how i can watch it? Its not even on youtube yet πŸ™

  • TunechiStylez

    Dope vid! Wayne did it again

    Free Weezy ya’ll, Best Rapper Alive!!

  • KnockMeOut

    We Cant Veiw it outside of the US.

  • rzr

    Of course we can!
    This shit is hot as hell!


  • gemm

    How can you watch it from Germany? O.o

  • W.Fuckin’ Baby

    The hook is horrible


    cant watch vid outside U.S. boooo!

  • Tunechi

    Weezy Looks Tired, The Video its IIiqqht,

  • TuneChi

    I Can Watch it from Africa.

    Nice video but The Da Da Da is better.

  • joe

    i cant view the video im from canada !!! πŸ™ it doesnt work

  • Young P Weezy

    Love this video love this song
    Shanell is sooo hot
    Free Weezy

  • yoi

    i can watch it from NORWAY

  • pie148

    fuk mtv and their damn copyright restrictions !!!! sum1 needs to rip and upload this to youtube

  • Chris

    this is bullshit just cause i live in australia i cant watch this…wtf!

    • As soon as I get a OnSmash video, YouTube video, or a WSHH video I will update the post. This is the only version available right now.

  • lil’ LEX

    Weezy looks tired in this video =O
    Looks like he sleep in da vid xD

  • anyone got download links for Da Da Da & Runnin???????

  • nice that video was awesome πŸ™‚ free weezy πŸ™‚

  • lil’ LEX
  • weezy lockup up and still doing his thing.

  • Amazing Song & Video =]

  • tay TAY

    did this video honestly need birdman i dont think so!

  • kd

    how u download dis vid from mtv

  • lmao i swear, i dont like birdman that much ! and snl’s parts in the video kindoff ruined it, but other than that i loved itt. and the video goes well with the song. i love youuu wayne, 158 days; STAY STONG <3333333333333

  • tay TAY

    this video background would fit great if they made the video for fuck today feat. gudda gudda

  • Ooohhh

    Shanell is beautiful πŸ™‚

  • young nas

    anyone see baby buahahaha

  • Anonymous

    This video is Wayne’s 2nd pledge against the Illuminati. The first one was Drop the World.

  • hanKill

    i didnt expect a lot from this vid but its not bad… cant wait for the others video.

  • lovalle

    the video could’ve been better since the songs so good, but i still liked it.

    of course birdman had to be in it πŸ™„

  • Luna K

    The “Runnin’ ” video is one of my favorite clips of Wayne thus far.. seriously… maybe cuz I can relate to it … but still, on the close-ups, weezy’s expression looks so innocent and so pure… u don’t see him like that that often… amazing…


  • nasty69

    niceee free weezy, shanell looks so beautiful in the vid.. i love shanell

  • ahahahahha COOlll





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  • Valerie

    this vid was SO GOOD love weezy!!!

  • South africa’s no.1 youngmulianaire

    this track is deep
    free weezy

  • Adrenaline

    Dope song, i luv weezy’s first verse, but shanell ruined it.
    The hook feels like ear-cancer (if that exists)
    and she looks like a freak with that weird chain in her face πŸ™
    But the video is dope, it’s just boring that they do a lot of videos with bluescreen…

  • Chazz

    what happened to music vids that tell a story,just watching the singers perform lip synching in front of some green screen background isnt much satisfying
    anyway love the song and its always good to see lil wayne so


  • wyatt

    i dont like the green screen crap but i understand because weezy wanted to push out videos before he left. atleast he picked some good songs tho to make videos for

  • weezyfjizy

    this video sucked dick! he made like 10 videos before he left and 2/3 of them are trash. and fuck birdman all he does is stand in the back rubbing his hands like its winter. SOOO WOOOp!!!!

  • In my opinion this is a great song.Better than Da Da Da but as a video the Da Da Da video is better.Shanell looks good but she should leave that piercing and the fake nails.

  • sashaj

    you could really tell how they were trying to rush the videos…Da Da Da was cool but this looked really amateur-ish..i didnt like the video so much. at least we got to see wayne though,

  • lil’ LEX

    Illuminati shit…

  • lil’ LEX

    the last image show the 11 september =O

  • crakattak

    LOL fuckin birdman makin cameos in every single fuckin video. rubbin his greedy hands together always scratchin for that $$$. either way sick vid weez keep em rollin out. PEACE

  • Weezygurl4lyphe

    Im in jamaica n i watched it, anyways d video is really great i loved it!! <3 <3

  • tessssx

    i di not really like it, but I think this vid is more about the message.

  • Bouss

    They prob. worked harder maken this vid then tha da da da vid, but i like the da da da one better

  • linx92

    free my nigga weezy best rapper alive france love ya !

  • linx92

    lil lex stop tellin’ shit please !

  • lil’ LEX

    XD i’m just joking ^^ Lol t’es pas franΓ§ais par hasard ? =)

  • .Tunechi

    What jacket carries Lil Wayne in this video?

  • yeedee

    great video!

  • Buku Mulla

    wayne doesnt have his botton grill in in this video

  • ricke

    ok seriusly, i like wayne n all, but everyone needs to get off his dick, ya he made 10 videos in two or three days or sumshit n everyone was sayin how hard he works, he stands infront of a fuckin background n moves his mouth, thats all he does, these videos are pathetic

  • ricke

    seriously i like wayne, but this is pathetic, ya he made 10 videos in watever days, but all he did rwas stand infront of a screen n move his mouth, to me thats notworking hard, like all u wayne dik sukers say he is, hes aite, but very smart, cuz he has allll of u guys makin him rich

  • lil’ LEX

  • Bouss

    u dint upload the muzik vid 4 ‘knockout’ yet. and what happen to the vid for ‘homerun’ with julez?

  • Waves

    Weezy doin his ting

    Also Download

  • eddyray24

    omg shanell look so sexy
    this video scares me a lil though lol

  • cheap video spent little to nothing in producing it looks okay not fabulous

  • Danny

    whats with all of the political undertones? this is overall a messageless song…

  • RoDLFBaBy305

    LiVe ViDeO , LiVe LyRiCs , WiTH a PoInT . HeY sHaNeLL ……………… , & WaT DeY DO WaYnE ? (iT’s a rEcEssIoN , BuT wE eAzY , He cHaRge 4 a FeaTuRe , BuT 4 nA FrEE wEEzY .) sTr8 Up , yEaH !!!!!! Um DaT yOuNg MoNeY sUppOrTeR , DeY mUsIc i rUn LiKe wEn iMMagRanTs TrYnnA cUm oVeR Da BorDeR . $ YM $ .

  • The Boss

    the first verse is from Loser Remix feat, lil wayne…wat a scam..proper verse still

  • Lil’wayne who u fooln slave of illuminati u wont go fare u ugly mother fucker!

  • @Joe – I’m n Scotia and it works fine for me


    This song would have KILLED everyone if it was released in 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Was this the last vid they shot cuz Wayne looks tired as fuck.

  • The Boss

    too baad we in 2010 u joker …

  • wellz

    MULA !!!!!!!!!! #freeweezy

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  • the king

    young money! free wayne

  • i luv my cuzin wayne cant wait till you get out baybee i luv shanell 2

  • lil wayne is the fuckin shit no matter what he does!!!!!!!and shanell was beautiful her voice very strong!! and of course birdman was in the video why the fuck shouldnt he be???anyone that said anything bad about any of them are just jealous and need to get a life i mean u people have nothing better to do than sit and judge??and whoever said wayne aint going anywhere what the fuck he is already there get that dick out of your eye and look around!!seriously what are u doing with ur life becides gettin on here talkin shit cause u will never go nanywhere in life..u guys seriously need to get a life and the only reason i took the time to say anything was because i coulndt believe some of the shit i was readin and got pretty pissed off!!! and shanell u r beautiful no matter what piercing u have the ones talkin that shit how bout we get those chains fron your face and choke them with it………… seriously jokin about the chokin part but comeon bitches stop hatin on someone that u will never compare to meanin u have no right to talk all that shit!!!now i want to see someone say something true for once…..u see i have a life so i dont get on here judgin and shit the only reason i took time to type this long ass message is because i luvvvvvv u lil wayne!!!! your the fuckin best and ill see u at the april 9th concert in atl baby………cant wait lots of love from someone who knows how wonderful u are and how u are just going to keep rising!!!!!!!