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Video: Lil Wayne – Knockout (Feat Nicki Minaj) [Sneak Peek]

Wed, May 26, 2010 by

Here is a sneak peek of Lil Wayne‘s “Knockout” music video featuring Nicki Minaj which will be premiering this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, along with the “Da Da Da“, “Get A Life“, and “Runnin’” music videos. The “Knockout” music video was directed by Jeffrey Panzer, and Birdman will make a cameo. Do y’all think this video is looking better than the Da Da Da” music video from watching the previews ❓

Props: MTV
YMHQ: Drake Says He Could Never Hold It Down For Lil Wayne

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  • weezy


  • uuh

    LAST !!

  • weezy

    Both Look good so far

  • uuh

    Wooooow, Wayne felt her butts

  • uuh

    He felt her butt:O

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    the “Da Da Da” preview look better but im sure all 4 videos gone be dope.

  • Ooohhh

    We will probably get to see previews for Running and Get A Life on Thursday and Friday……. then MTV will play them all on TV 😀

  • soulja boy

    any1 kno what wayne means in the song miss me when he says:-

    “got to do it one time for hated, wat up zo” ?

  • Young Money

    both are dope
    wayne are so funny in knockout

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  • Felicia

    Yea, the knockout videos sounds great!

  • kim

    Like them both a lot but the Da Da Da video looks better.
    I really want to see the Runnin video, can’t wait. And I want a video for Paradice

  • weezyavelli

    @soulja boy

    he says “got to do it one time for Haiti, wat up Zoe”


    Damn both Da Da Da and this Knockout will be fire!!!

  • albert pajotte

    I haven’t even see damn thing and I know its going to be dope just looking at the ratings, hearing the song and reading the comments.

  • TriGGaJay

    Yea Bro dat video gonna go hard
    Rebirth n dis Bitch!

  • da video looks dope, i was gettin skeptical but wayne could really pull this rock shit off.,

    and Soulja Boy

    he says one time for haiti, wat up Zoe

    probably meaning gorilla zoe but zoe refers to otha haitian things such as zoe pound

    how can nikkas be listenin to wayne and not understand wat hes sayin

    i remember bakk when i used to listen to him and no one could understand wat dat nikka was sayin and would clown on him but i always stood up for dat nikka cuz i already he was better than any rapper oout at dat time and pretty soon everyone was gonna be on his nuts

    and now everyone is lol

  • YO

    @Mik3 exactly what i said when i started listening to him a long ass time ago and people would be like hes wack or u cant understand wtf hes saying

  • A-Bjerg

    I like the concept of the Da Da Da video more, but this also looks nice, and funny 😉 Can wait for all of them! F.W.!

  • youngmulacrazy

    the carter 4 is gunna change hip hop…i read all the comments and no said free wayne except A-Bjerg so im ma say it for yall FREE WAYNE FREE WEEZY FREE TUNECHI FREE MR. HIP HOP he is the BEST rapper

  • nice. this music video looks good to. i think all of these music videos will look good. can’t wait till they come out 🙂 free weezy 🙂

  • Chazz

    weezys pants gettn skinnier and skinnier ^^
    cant wait for all those vids seriously since these are all songs off rebirth that i like, wayne made a good choice

    I’m out
    PEACE !

  • michelle

    the best video ever!!!
    I LOVE IT!!

    xx me.

  • Gui

    woww very cool !! Now I wait “Get A Life” lol ! Wayne is definitively the best, nobody can do what is currently makes, the biggest artist of all time! FREE WEEZY

    ( what happened to “da drought is over 7” and “Fuck One Time” ==> CARTER IV ? )

  • Gui

    Please ! Somebody could have the song at the begining of this video ? It’s look like a featuring with Chris Brown and Busta … or a song of Carter IV

  • lovalle

    yayyyy im excited. this looks way better then Da Da Da. it doesnt seem as good as i thought it would be but i still cant wait 🙂

  • Young Money

    Nobody have this song
    i want it to the sound is so amazing
    its tha carter 4 sorry but we must wait:-(

  • tunechi man

    I wish nicki could do that to me her ass omg, i want to f*** ur silly

  • tunechi man

    makes me wish nicki was on hub

  • Aj Birch

    Why Would One Nigga Care About Another Niggas Jeans…Seems Kinda Homo To Me…

  • Gui

    @Young Money

    Okay thank u ! We will wait 😉

  • NatalieCarter

    I Can’t Wait! haha the video looks great! : ] liltunechi weeekend!

  • killacam

    LOL at DANNY commenting Wayne’s freestyle was nice hhhahahaahahah..U a dickriding groupie ho

  • killacam

    im talking on NahRight

  • Tunechi

    Damn, Looks Dope!!

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  • I really can’t see the vid playing i know it’s gunna be hott doe. Dwayne M. Carter JR for life! #FREEEEE WEEEEZY!

  • Young P

    Weezy made so many videos 😀
    Weeezyyyyyy best rapper alive
    Free Weezy !

  • Killacam is garbage

    @Mik3 wen i was younga i use to be like wat is he saying he doesnt even make sense even tho i still listend to his music but now i also stand up for his music wen people say they dont get it

  • deshaun1

    wow..nicki wuz fina throw dat ass BACK BACK BACK!

  • Alecko

    The vid looks fucking awesome. So far my favorite.

  • YounggMullahBabyy!

    Damnn those video”s are dope but this one :O i can”t wait

  • Valerie

    This music video is going to be amazingggg!

  • frega bao

    That’s really a big Knockout

  • ciao! hehe i am at the UCSD and its going fabulously! anyway im studying spanish and i want to be an actress one day. Right now i help pay the bills by modeling..

  • keep playing im going to knockout u