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Video: Drake Speaks On Collaboration Album With Lil Wayne

Tue, Jun 8, 2010 by

Above is a segment from an interview that MTV2’s Sucker Free held with Drake. In the segment Drizzy speaks about visiting Weezy in Rikers Island and planning a collaboration album when Wayne is released from jail later this year. Weezy has already planned several collaboration albums that have not been released like I Can’t Feel My Face with Juelz Santana and the T-Wayne album He Raps, He Sings. This collaboration would be amazing, but do you think it will really happen ❓ You can read more about this interview below and let us know what you think of this possible album in the comments.

“I went up to Rikers, and me and Wayne agreed that there will be a Lil Wayne/Drake album,” Drake told DJ Envy on MTV2’s “Sucker Free.” “There’s some things I’m excited for in my life — I’m excited to go perform certain places — but this project will probably be one of the most exciting things in my life, because we make music on a different level. It’s just so fun, so comfortable. A whole album? To think about all the things we can do, especially if we’re gonna do 15 songs. Me and him don’t like to do 12, 13 songs. We want to do 15, 16. Yeah, Lil Wayne and Drake album.”

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  • NatalieCarter

    that would be amazing. i’d buy it fersure!

  • Dre

    Just like ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ w/ Juelz Santana & ‘ T-Wayne’ w/ T-Pain, this will be just a myth.

  • gjcb

    shit would be FIRE

  • FreeWeezyFBaby



    4 MY TOWN


  • nice i can’t wait 🙂 free weezy 🙂

  • Fudda Dudda

    lol diss ish anint neva comin out, just like the r&b tape, him n jules, t-wayne, the one with cassidy o who eva the fuck it was. but they di already do like 20 songs together that are so fknn hott.

  • freeweezy

    i think this one will drop seeing as wayne and drake are on the same label unlike juelz and tpain

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  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    this has a way better chance of dropping than those other collabo’s the other albums didnt drop bcuz of issues with the different lable’s

  • K-Freshz

    ….hold on…. i thought that i cant feel my face and he raps, he sangs came out a long time ago? i think they were just mixtapes……

  • Nana

    Masterpieces in development…..
    #freeweezy……YOUNG MULA!!!

  • I Can’t Feel My Face and He Raps, He Sings can’t really be labeled myths. I mean Wayne put in work on both albums you can see all the tracks and mixtapes that leaked as a result. Juelz still claims they have the album finished it just can’t be released because of the label politics. I’m sure there are plenty of T-Wayne tracks still unreleased….

    Whether this album comes out or not, they will definitely record tracks for it. It should be easier for him to get this done because Drake is a labelmate. The collaboration album with Birdman wasn’t a problem when it came out.

    All that shit aside… this album if/when it comes out will sell a milli real quick.

  • thatkidfromthedub

    i think we have a better chance of seeing carter IV by the end of 2011 than seeing this

  • Andrew87

    i get goose bumbs just thinking about it.. drake needs to start raping tho i like his voice but come on..weezy kills everything

  • Jamel Hunter

    I cosign free weezy in that these two are on the same label, and already super frequent collaborators. I’d also like to mention that t-wayne are already counted features on tatoo & will also be on Girls on Girls. And they do have material recorded and the biggest thing halting it is the fact weezys incarcerated.

  • liltunchijr. (aka lil zim)

    dis shit will be so fire i will be da first person to buy first comment when t-wayne comin out i want it and if yall goin to buy thank me later dont cause it will be all mine i will buy it all and all young money” albums hahaha im evil

  • Tobywontoke13

    If tyga and c breezy can make a collaboration then so can drake and weezy. and that would stupid ill!! =)

  • Jason704

    I’m pretty sure the reason we havent seen I can’t feel my face, he raps he sings, or the hot boys reunion is cause of label politics. Considering drake is on waynes label I could see it happening.

  • biggathentheaveragenigga

    wayne verse from jail on worldstar..dont erase

  • 1. I Can’t Feel My Face
    2. He Raps, He Sings
    3. Drake/Weezy album

  • Young P Weezy

    Lil wayne and drake aalbum i cant wait after weezy comes out this motherfucking jail comes : tha carta 4
    he raps he sings
    Weezy/Drake album
    i cant feel my face
    im so excited and now you see how much weezy work
    Fuck you haters!!!
    Weezy best rapper alive!!!
    Free Weezy!!!

  • thanks for keeping me up to date on this subject.

    Sent from my Android phone

  • Blutiful

    I’d like to hear that.

  • jc.weezy

    Wat happened to that cd with Lloyd? Luv Sawgz is wat I think it was called. I love wayne’s music but you can’t keep sayin ur gonna do shit & not release it. Like yea there’s label situations but it shouldn’t take years & years. It gets the fans hyped & then there’s no product.

    (WTF ever happened to the Helter Skelter album Ice Cube & Dr. Dre were sposed to do.)

  • ViiLLAiiN

    He needs to come out with the I Can’t Feel My Face album. Wayne and Juelz colabo is the best!

  • Lilweezy

    This album will be ill…if its coming from baby nd drake itll happn..thyl be rollin in it if they do it cuz thts to madd popular artists..i cant feel my face will nevr be released nd it has alredy been set tht t-wayne will be released sumtime next year

  • frega bao

    Lil Wayne and Drake Album will run the streets

  • to dre:
    the albums aren’t just myths there comin but you have to wait just like detox would I say