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Lil Wayne – I’m Not A Human Being [Music Video] (Preview)

Wow! Here we have a sneak peek to Lil Wayne‘s “I’m Not A Human Being” record which will be on Tune‘s upcoming EP that drops on his birthday, 27th September. Weezy has a brand new verse which he murdered and we can’t wait to hear the full version! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section about the video and the new verse.

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Mack Maine Speaks On Tha Carter IV x Lil Wayne Picks Favorites In US Open

“Tha Carter IV plans we had and still have are to put Tha Carter IV out the day he comes out of prison,” Mack said Thursday in New York. “He had so many songs for Tha Carter IV, we said let’s just put these 10 songs out on I Am Not a Human Being and double-back for Tha Carter IV. He has more songs for Tha Carter IV that are still strong.”

“It’s basically me, him, Baby and Cortez Bryant mapping it out,” Mack explained. “We had a listening session out here. It was me, Baby and Cortez. I let Wayne know these are the ones we picked. He already picked six of them from back there. I let him hear it over the phone. I book him a studio session — kinda like I did for the ‘Light Up’ up remix with Drake. I book him a studio session and let him listen to tracks over the phone. ‘Do you like this one?’ ‘Yeah?’ ”

“We might just drop the album that day,” Mack said of C4. “Just hope it don’t leak out and drop it that day. I think it would be crazy, the anticipation.”

“That’s where we are aiming for now,” Mack explained. “I think the Madison Square Garden would be perfect. I wanna keep it Young Money. I think we can hold our own. As far as his set, it would be nice to have features and cameos on his set. As far as who opens for him, it’ll be a no-brainer, Young Money could hold it down. Just have the big features on Wayne’s set. He’s gonna have a show, then go to the studio. I just had a birthday recently. I had four parties for my birthday. For him, it’s no telling how that week would go, how that month would go. Five months would go. We’re gonna party like when Frank came home in ‘King of New York.’ We’re gonna go crazy.” – MTV

So according to the Young Money President, Mack Maine, we might be getting Weezy‘s Tha Carter IV album on the day he is released from prison which is November 4th 2010! The plans for this album keep changing, because we last heard that Tune was gonna re-do the whole album once he gets out from behind bars. Let us know what you think about this in the comments, I mean could we really get C4 on Nov 4th and then a “Welcome Home Weezy” concert on Nov 5th ❓ Or is it all too good to be true ❓ But one thing is for sure, we are getting the I’m Not A Human Being EP on Wayne‘s birthday, September 27th.

Hit the jump to read Tunechi‘s thoughts on the upcoming US Open, which starts next Monday, to Sports Illustrated from a letter which he sent from Rikers Island. Props to TUD!

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Lil Wayne – Ground Zero [Music Video]

Here is the music video for Lil Wayne‘s “Ground Zero” track from his Rebirth album. Shanell stars in the video, but something is telling me that this is a visual from one of SnL‘s upcoming music videos and someone just placed the audio over it. I say this because I know she shot a lot of music videos recently for some of her mixtape songs… but who knows? Like I say, this is just my ‘guess’, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on this vid below!

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Lil Wayne – Cascades [No DJ]

Lil Wayne Cascades No DJ

Here is a new Weezy track entitled “Cascades“. It is only one verse and it is still unknown what this verse is for. The verse is tagged, but the no DJ version is dropping soon. We now have the song tagless! You can stream/download the track below and leave your thoughts on the verse in the comments section.

Download: Lil Wayne – Cascades [No DJ]

“I make her say my name… in CAPITAL LETTERS”


Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It” Single Debuts On Billboard x T.I. Says Weezy Could Take His Title

Lil Waynes Right Above It Single Debuts On Billboard

Last week, we posted that Lil Wayne‘s new single ,”Right Above It“, featuring Drake reached #1 on iTunes. This week, we’re glad to say that “Right Above It” has debuted at #6 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, not to mention it is #1 on Billboard’s Digital Songs chart. This adds to the list of Weezy songs to reach the top 10, and from the looks of it this song will reach #1 in no time. After the jump you can view a video of T.I. saying that Tunechi is the only person, other than him, that could claim the title of “King of the South“. Be sure to leave your thoughts on Wayne‘s achievement and the video in the comments box.

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