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Mack Maine Speaks On Tha Carter IV x Lil Wayne Picks Favorites In US Open

Sat, Aug 28, 2010 by

“Tha Carter IV plans we had and still have are to put Tha Carter IV out the day he comes out of prison,” Mack said Thursday in New York. “He had so many songs for Tha Carter IV, we said let’s just put these 10 songs out on I Am Not a Human Being and double-back for Tha Carter IV. He has more songs for Tha Carter IV that are still strong.”

“It’s basically me, him, Baby and Cortez Bryant mapping it out,” Mack explained. “We had a listening session out here. It was me, Baby and Cortez. I let Wayne know these are the ones we picked. He already picked six of them from back there. I let him hear it over the phone. I book him a studio session — kinda like I did for the ‘Light Up’ up remix with Drake. I book him a studio session and let him listen to tracks over the phone. ‘Do you like this one?’ ‘Yeah?’ ”

“We might just drop the album that day,” Mack said of C4. “Just hope it don’t leak out and drop it that day. I think it would be crazy, the anticipation.”

“That’s where we are aiming for now,” Mack explained. “I think the Madison Square Garden would be perfect. I wanna keep it Young Money. I think we can hold our own. As far as his set, it would be nice to have features and cameos on his set. As far as who opens for him, it’ll be a no-brainer, Young Money could hold it down. Just have the big features on Wayne’s set. He’s gonna have a show, then go to the studio. I just had a birthday recently. I had four parties for my birthday. For him, it’s no telling how that week would go, how that month would go. Five months would go. We’re gonna party like when Frank came home in ‘King of New York.’ We’re gonna go crazy.” – MTV

So according to the Young Money President, Mack Maine, we might be getting Weezy‘s Tha Carter IV album on the day he is released from prison which is November 4th 2010! The plans for this album keep changing, because we last heard that Tune was gonna re-do the whole album once he gets out from behind bars. Let us know what you think about this in the comments, I mean could we really get C4 on Nov 4th and then a “Welcome Home Weezy” concert on Nov 5th ❓ Or is it all too good to be true ❓ But one thing is for sure, we are getting the I’m Not A Human Being EP on Wayne‘s birthday, September 27th.

Hit the jump to read Tunechi‘s thoughts on the upcoming US Open, which starts next Monday, to Sports Illustrated from a letter which he sent from Rikers Island. Props to TUD!

Lil Wayne Picks Favorites In US Open

I genuinely appreciate this opportunity to express my love for tennis. One of the main reasons I enjoy the sport so much is because when I actually tried to play, it was unbelievably difficult. So ever since, I’ve been drawn to the great talents of the game. Not to mention Andre Agassi was like a pop star when I was a kid. I love the Williams sisters. I simply adore Maria Sharadova and I’m a huge [Rafael] Nadal fan! I’m definitely rooting for him to get the Grand slam and win the US Open. He’s already became the 2nd youngest player to win 8 major titles before the age of 25. He’s halfway there to Roger [Federer’s] 16. And even while battling knee tendonitis, he’s still ranked #1. His Wimbledon performance was one of a kind. He simply plays with pure passion and leaves it all out there on the court. With [Juan Martín] Del Potro pulling out of this years Open with injury, Nadal’s only threats are obviously Federer, Djokovic, and Roddick’s aggressive play, but the player that scares me the most is Andy Murray who’s beaten Rafael four times. Even still I say “Nadal wins it all.”

And by the way, I’m giving the edge to [Kim] Clijsters in the Women’s singles due to Serena’s right foot. Again, I’m very thankful for this opportunity.

Respectfully, Wayne

Do we have any Tennis fans who are on LWHQ ❓ If so, let us know if you agree with what Wayne said in the comments below.

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  • scr1pty


  • Bla


  • Mr Xclusive

    ^ you feel accomplished?

    you f#ck yourself …

    anyway lol

  • i agree wid u wayne

  • Conor

    Seriously can’t wait for Tha Carter IV, but didnt Wayne say he was going to redo it when he comes out, Wayne must have some Crazy verses lined up.
    Oh yeah and Weezy knows to be scared of Britain’s very own Andy Murray lol

  • Tennis fan here 😀 totally agree rafa is my favourite player and is a true athlete. I wouldn’t say that djokovic was much of a threat and I don’t think roddick is a worry as rafa has got alot of power and can get around the court very fast. I agree that Murray is a worry as he is highly athletic and the players are evenly matched.




  • joey

    whats with the underlines in the end of the letter?
    subliminal message??

  • joey

    nevermind thats just how wayne writes i guess

  • J

    0% chance it drops the day he comes out. They’re just trying to generate press. Same thing they did with Carter 3. They know if they wanna sell a million copies they have to pull a similar stunt by announcing release dates, pushing back release dates, leaking songs, repeat.

  • weezyf

    I think December 26/27 is a great date for him to drop it.
    Maybe even January 1st.
    Then there will be enough time for album promotion and he can spit some verses he thought of while stuck in jail.

    But anyway, which ever date it comes out on, im sure im going to buy like 10 copies LOL
    You guys should too ;]

  • Well i know for a fact, that wayne shot a couple videos, for carter 4, so it would be a good look to drop it the day he comes out. Carter 5 soon… damnn

  • K-Freshz

    they know what the hell they doin………if a couple of songs leak, that will affect the number of sales……drakes entire album leaked like 2 weeks before it hit da stores…….and in a way, i think it doesnt really matter if c4 gets released sooner than expected, because like mack said, the anticipation for dat shit is crazy!!!!!! i could see it sellin over a mil no matter what……, unless it were to leak tomorrow or sumthin!!!!

  • kikflip

    I think dropping it november 4th would be a mistake
    they need to start promotions, wayne needs to do photoshoots, videos and like one single
    Dropping it that day would be stupid and plus I would want it re-recorded because if wayne is gonna spit like he did on the light up remix then I would much rather get it a couple of months later but better than soon and not as good

  • YungNizzy14

    Damn if Tune drops the Carter IV the day he comes out man thts shit would be so throwed, cant wait 4 the I’m Not A Human Being EP right above it the hottest record ive heard so far this yr FREE TUNE/ YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hector

    cater 4 will be amazing.. over 2 mil first week guaranteed

  • rhg

    you kids dont understand, the ones who are saying it needs promotion. Its promotion, is the date of the release from jail of the biggest star in hip hop and one of the biggest in music. Thats best promotion ever.

    I wanted CIV to be after jail material but its all good.

    IMNAHB in September, CIV in November.

    Might gte pushed back but WOO!

  • B-Cloud

    I think he’s better re-do the album … I’ve been waitin’ and now I can keep watin’ again … It’s okay with me,just need when the album drop it’s will be like a bomb 😀 😀

    And very very pleasure if Wayne back to the old Wayne like the 90’s 🙂

  • wzy

    i dont think we will be gettin CIV when wayne comes out its like last years rebirth talk when baby said it would come with the young money album

  • YeahBaby!

    I think Wayne should re-do tha Carter IV !

  • free_weezy

    Wayne Whole Management team sum jacker (liars) They All Be Saying Opposite Of Wat The Other say. Dnt Believe A Word They Say. So Ima Just Sit Back n Wait For “I’m Not A Human Being” leaks n foe it to drop. Hopefully When He Get Out Hell Do A Mixtape Other Wise “I’m Not A Human Being” will be it for 2010 unless sum leaks drop

  • ViiLLAiiN

    I think he should Re-Do the whole album. His mind set has to be changed since he been in and his sober from all the drugs. Nigga needs to re-do the album. And probally release the ones he already got on a 2nd EP. Like first the I Am Not A Human Being EP and then when the C4 is about to drop, drop that 2nd EP and He’ll be good.

  • stryder

    Looks like weezy was using something to make his lines straight lool btw he wrote Sharapova not sharadova LWHQ n yeah he knows alot about the sport im surprised

  • jake

    exactly, cuz Tez said they scrapped carter 4 and put most of it on the INAHB EP,
    now mack’s on here tellin us they got carter 4 set up already, just pickin songs and settin a release date, i’ma just sit back and wait till it drops

  • wayneJR


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  • Marrium

    Cant wait for Tha Carter IV to drop outt!
    FREE WEEZY<3<3<3 🙂
    p.s- Tennis is my favorite sport too. 🙂

  • Tunetunechi

    @stryder; You’re right. It looks Like he used something to make His Lines Straight. lOl

  • Kuba17

    i hope hes gonna redo the whole thing once he gets out. you know it’ll be way better that light up verse was amazing

  • jorge

    i have a big question…ok drakes album got leaked 2 weeks b4 his album release?…carter 3 also leaked a few weeks b4 album release..

    now my question is ..How do all these celebs almbums, songs get LEAKED?

    i really dont understand?

    if they they only ones with the traks how do other ppl get a hold of em and leak em?

  • Clozerxx
  • @jorge, since the songs are on a computer anyone can get a hold of them from their computer especially if they let singles out early and the person traces back where the song came from

  • CJ

    @Clozerxx-ive been wondering the same thing but i doubt it cuz that album cover has been out since like 09 but idk does anyone else?

  • #TeamMinajeTWA

    somebody give dis nigga a part time job on sportscenter wen he gets out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FREEWEEZZZ…

  • acnjklc

    Tunchi’s right about the tennis
    Nadal all the way, & Murray is a threat but that doesnt mean he isnt a pr*ck! Hes never even been No. 1 & hes still a cocky Mother F.. (you already know what it isss) ha

    Whenever he drops C4 you just know its gonna have be worth the wait!
    Free Weezy

  • acnjklc

    & that Murray comments coming from a guy in the UK if your wondering lol

  • vocker

    although i cant wait till the CD drop, but i guess it would be better to make tune redo it first, coz wayne got carzy shit inside and add some of the before he did, i think if wayne did his best and that kinda shit it would drop at june 25 2011 or somethin lol
    but droping its the day he comes out is a very bad idea and it will not sell much coz no one knows wat is in it and that kinda shit

  • I love Lil Wayne and all his rap songs and Lil Waynes music videos and I would love to go to this Welcome Home Lil Wayne Concert. I have never seen him perform live and so it would be amazing to see him recreate his Rap & Hip hop music videos live in concert.

  • Nate Lennick

    i think they should try dropping it november fourth but make sure its not a quicky the carter 4 needs to be big thats part of why it is even called the carter4 and hopefully i am not a human being is sick as well

  • abu

    I totally agree with wayne on his analysis

  • The Kid

    First Of All I Think It’s Cool That Tha Carter 4 Is Coming Out This Year Because We Don’t Have To Wait That Long Now And All The Lyrics He Wrote In Jail Should Go On Tha Carter 5 Or Something But I Want Another Rock Album Cuz Rebirth Was Just A Great Album

  • cordearo

    man i can’t wait til he gets out but really i loved the rebirth album so the carter 3 was the shit stil todat so hearing that there’s a carter 4 fuck i can’t wait omg man i just can’t wait free weezy stil YOUNG MONEY BABY

  • good info

  • watch

    amazing stuff thanx