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Cortez Bryant Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Album x I’m Not A Human Being EP Producers

Wed, Aug 18, 2010 by

Cortez Bryant Speaks On Lil Waynes Tha Carter IV Album

Lil Wayne‘s, Drake’s and Lil Twist’s manager, Cortez Bryant, speaks on Weezy‘s Tha Carter IV album in VIBE Magazine’s latest issue which hits newsstands later this week. You can read the excerpt below courtesy of UHTN, and if you missed what Birdman said about the album earlier today, then you can read that here!

Before Lil Wayne went to jail he told me, “When I’m gone, I don’t want my fans to feel like they miss me.” So he gave me Tha Carter IV before he went in- 20-something songs. Gee and I listened to them, but as time went on- I talk to Wayne everyday- it inspired me that he’d been writing inside. So I decided I wanna brand Carter IV as that Wayne the world’s been waiting to hear. It’s now gonna be all fresh-out-of jail material. Tha Carter Brand is so large I wanna make sure we don’t go backwards.

So basically, I think what Wayne‘s team are gonna do is put 10 of the songs from what Wayne gave Tez on the I’m Not A Human Being EP (dropping September 27th), and then when Wayne gets out of prison he will re-do all of Tha Carter IV album. We have already heard one song from the EP and we know for a fact that Lil Twist and T-Streets will be featured on there. There are also some rumors going around that a new version of “Told Y’all” and a new version of “I’m Not A Human” will be on the EP along with the “30 Minutes to New Orleans” track (but using a different beat). Hit the jump to see a list of the producers for the EP.

Infamous (“I’m Not A Human” and maybe other tracks)
Kane Beatz (“Right Above It” and maybe other tracks)
The Olympicks (maybe “30 Minutes To New Orleans” new beat)
Cool & Dre
Street Runner

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  • Giovanni

    He’s running out of producers tho… he can’t work with David Banner, Deezle, Bangladesh and many more cause of birdman not paying royalties, First

  • YeahBaby!

    second. . haha !

  • c-meezy

    3fuck birdman he a dumb ass not payin royalties, free weezy!

  • moe

    good read
    thanks danny


    “runnin out of producers” lol u soud stupid! he’ll NEVER “run out of producers” HE’S WEEZY! THATS A BIG NAME. PLUS there’s TOOOOO MANY producers out there to “run out” MAINSTREAM &UNDERGORUND that’ll be happyto get wayne on they beat (pause) especially when he come home. *sidenote* d. banner never sued them he sued QD3 for using he beat on “THE CARTER DOC.” without his say so.

  • brittney

    4th ;(

  • JR5

    @giovanni…david banner has no issue with wayne

    “Banner, who also received a production credit on the album, says everything between he and Cash Money remains copacetic. “Everything between me and Cash Money has been beautiful,” he said. “I haven’t had any problems. Baby and Slim have been good to me. Wayne has been good to me.”

    ohh and wayne will never run outta producers bc there will always be up and coming producers who would die for their beat to be heard on an epic album like the carter 4….wayne needs to go in with Araab Muzik’s instrumentals

  • fuck all u haters…get off birdman an waynes dick bitches*****all u haters can get a life do sumten besides gossiping like sum bitches..none of u dnt be around none of young money so quite putin yo lame ass comments like u kno anything. all u haters is lame as fuck wayne and baby is on top of the world…so get off they dick’s lame ass niggaz..worry about u an urs not baby, wayne or any of them they doin them bitches…love ya weezy and baby……..


    @jr5 and @kerri babii THANK YOU!! that’s what im tryna tell’em

  • nula

    And what about Fake Feel from Wayne’s Documentary?

  • Puchii

    Good Shit.

  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    Hell Yea ! Das wats really good , Free Weezy . Im Gon’

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  • hell yes. i can’t wait man. free weezy 🙂

  • toon

    I cant wait for this EP and his album. Free Weezy!!

  • mikee

    C4 letss gooo, C4 lettssss goooooo

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  • mikee

    C4 letss gooo, C4 lettssss goOO0

  • yungspiffy

    who said t-streets is on it

  • jake

    @nula thats the same thing im sayin, that shit is hard, i was just thinkin bout that the other day too

  • Dre Burna

    @ DERICK did you really just type a (pause) into your sentence? talk about being a stan…damn lol

  • ferny


  • Kyle

    so whats up with this C4 he’s already got done???? release that shit weezy!!!

  • jemmaaa

    yeaaah what bout fake feeel?

  • hooohooo


  • K-Freshz

    yo, that song Im Not A Human was soooooooooooo official!!! that has to be the hottest rock mixed with rap song he’s ever did!!! that beat was just crazy!!! i know the new version is gonna be supa tough too!!!!

    and oh yea, WAYNE WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF PRODUCERS!!! come on, how is the greatest rapper in the game gonna run out of producers?!?!?!?

    FREE WEEZY!!!!

  • Matheo

    Awesome but still is too much time to wait damn i want to hear it now 🙂

  • Adam

    “Hold Up” feat T-Streetz is on there.

  • matt

    goddamnit danny, now im so fuckin exited i cant see straight!!!!!

    • Don’t forget though guys, they are only rumors.

  • B Jefferson

    NOOOO! I wanna hear 30 minutes to new orleans on the beat I heard on Tha Carter Doc.

  • wayneJR

    Damn good shit! FREE WEEZY! Twist is soo hawt! 🙂

  • jamal

    too bad “weezy” is fake as fuck and has never been affiliated with bloods in any way whatsoever. how do u listen to a skinny ass black dude who just lies on every track.

  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    Fuck @Jamal ! Who da fuck is you… anyway Danny right, so lets just wait and see for…. C4 Lets goooo C4 SeeFor!!!! Lets Gooo,,.. Im Gon’

  • @jamal STFU who gives a fuck about that gang shit it anyway dnt yall think that shit is gettin a lil old already smh. FREE WEEZY UNTIL THEY FREE WEEZY!!!


    Lmao @Jamal you have a C.O(officer RICKY!) on your pic and your calling another Rapper Fake haha

  • ViiLLAiiN

    Birdman needs to pay them god damn royalties cause i would love to hear Wayne on another Bangledash beat. But i can’t wait to fuckin get that I Am Not a Human Being.

  • jakoree

    Do I need 2 mention timberland,kanye west,pharrell,polo,cool&dre,zaytoven,shiit even soulja boy

  • @Delux

    Birdman aka baby pay dude pay Don’t kill lil wayne F Baby he is the best rappr alive in ths planet! Fuck baby