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Lil Wayne – YM Salute (Feat Nicki Minaj, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda) [No DJ]

Thu, Sep 23, 2010 by

Lil Wayne YM Salute Feat Nicki Minaj, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda

And here is the last leak we will be posting on LWHQ from Lil Wayne‘s I Am Not A Human Being album. The track we have here is called “YM Salute” and features Nicki Minaj, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda. This song was recorded over a year ago and will only appear on the hard copy version of the album which will be in stores around the middle of October (the digital version will be available online on September 27th). You can listen and download this record from the “Young Mula Navy” below:

Shouts to YAF!

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  • Tareeze


  • Lull


  • Ecko

    This is more like the wayne i wanna hear…like is voice on this one

  • PurpleKing

    fire!!!!! Ym Salute. So sikk beat

  • waoh

    dang,i hope they dont leak it all b4 it drops man

    Damm, I’ll be ear on my phone but i think is no possible =/

  • YM is shit

    this was super wack. Cut out everything before Nicki, wayne didnt impress me. wtf. Im waiting on that Bill Gates track snipper was REALLY DOPE

  • weeeezy

    Commander in chief
    One hand on the world, one hand on the brief
    I stand on the world, bitch I stand on the peak
    Of the game, and the girls, and the guap, now thats G
    Don’t ask me about shit but money
    Fuckin’ right my money long I got that 10ft money
    I get it fast when I get to the money
    When I walk, it sounds like 10 foots running
    I meant feet, I’m in deep like wet pussy
    I purple heart proven war vet rookie
    You can’t even sit next to me
    Now bring money or death to me.. or don’t step to me
    Now don’t step nigga, march with me
    To the steps of the card building
    Like ain’t we God’s children
    I know at all times Gods feel me
    So I play my part until the war kill me
    Salute.. or.. shoot!

  • HumanBeing!
  • T-Wayne09

    Beat sounds familiar…

  • chris

    its the same beat from a beyonce and jeezy song ^

    i like this though; sounds a bit like sacrifice or finale

  • Sep 27

    Saved the best verse till last I see 😛

  • gagi91

    maaaaan thats that shit i’m talkin about…
    wayne’s voice is that shit right here..!!

  • Ashy.Carter

    Number 1

  • WAYNES #1 Fan?

    Wayne went hard on this im definitely goin to cp the album on 9/27

  • TuneChi

    Dont worry, even if you post the whole album here, we are gonna buy it. 😉

    Shit is fire.

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  • Google.bee

    This Track Was Okk

  • ill support weezy in what ever he make every 1 buy the ep cause he did it for us we dont want jayz fans or emenem fans talk shit about weezy if he didnt bring big weezy

  • ill support weezy in what ever he makes.every 1 buy the ep cause he did it for us we dont want jayz fans or emenem fans talk shit about weezy if he didnt bring big numbers.i know its a small album but lets do it

  • Jozi

    Free Weezy this track is on fire!!

  • Joe

    reading the comments, this shit smells good 🙂 . lol, im gonna wait until this album drops on the 27/9. AND STOP LEAKIN’ SHIT !

  • Google.bee

    Lolz I Hate Leak,
    Only When There Like This
    One By One
    But I Want The Whole Thing Lolz
    Imma Buy Me A Hard Copy On The 12th

  • fucktheworld

    how many times can wayne say money in one song?

  • Lil Drig 17

    @Danny M can we have the usershare link doesn’t work for iPhone download wld appreciate it man thanx for all the recent post

  • Allan

    Monster Track

  • YO


  • NO HARD COPIES…TILL MID OCTOBER.. Kinda weak.. , how is lil wayne being sold to full public, some people may not be on a computer all the time, I think as a fan im saddened they wont sell it in stores. to me its the label saying they dont fully think this will sell good. how would you feel if you are lil wayne.. Hes still hott and hes sitting in prison, thats unreal realistically. i hear him more on the radio then anyone else where I live. I just personally dont think they would lose money by releasing it in stores the 27th.. but maybe there are “other” factors to why its not being released then… It was really spontaneous by Cortez Bryant to release this.. remember how long they delay rebirth.. and the carter 3.. As fans we waited a while but it was worth the delays. ya digg. anyways Free Weezy.. Love your site and the whole YMCMB movement. If anyone reads this, its all for the love of music. I dont mean to offend anyone by anything. Lil wayne is my Favorited rapper/musician. his dedication and spirit towards what he does should be duplicated by everyone. imagine if everyone in life worked as hard as lil wayne ..

  • Cj

    @James B- what do u mean? Like I mean this in no disrespect but I didn’t understand . Can u explain cuz I got kinda lost. Sry

  • c

    I Dont Believe it man this track is on fire the beat is so dope its a little bit like what goes around comes around from justin timberlake but anyway. You must think 4 tracks of 12 from IANAHB and every track is so so so so so dope man its unbelivable this guy sit in prison an i hear more from him than anybody he dropped something liek no ceilings for free and now this amazing.
    Lil Wayne is now actually the best rapper alive nobody can say anything against him.
    He killed everything with gonorreah and Ym Salute
    and its not important even if it leaks im gonna buy it because this guy makes music for us and he makes the best songs and albums for us so we can do something for him even he doesnt needs the money 😀

    shootout to my man sabam madagenko

    free weeeezy !!!!!!!!!!

  • *Weezy_We*

    Yeah, the link is DEF not workin’ for me…. WTF!!

  • imnothuman

    @James B – if everyone worked as hard as lil wayne, we would be living on mars

  • imnothuman

    …not human

  • Josh check out these kicks… got them from had a bunch of other kicks too!! put in JOSHREFERRAL and get a discount

  • I think this is the Best Song YM Did together , I dont care if they leek it on hear or not , ima Buy it Bcuz Wayne Did this for us . Cant wait till he Get outa Jail He Droping Dedication 4 (&) the Carter 4 Later

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  • Matheo

    Better than Gonorrhea and this is a bonus track i can’t belive :O

  • YeahBaby!

    I’m definately feelin’ Wayne in this 1

  • Rafatsco Drizzy

    This is a banger. Cant wait for the whole album next week. FREE WEEZY!

  • weezy

    i agree with c wayne is a motherfuckin beast

    shout out to my man caner

  • 757

    Hot track but to me how you not gonna have the top 2 heavyweights in Young money Drake & Tyga on the track 2?

  • imnothuman


  • tune777

    @I’mnothuman- it sure did!!! Wayne says some sick shit on that!!!

  • YungNizzy14

    MAN tht beat go hard as hell, this probably my favorite track on the album nxt to Gonorrhea I aint think Twist and Chuckee could go so hard maybe they worth listenin to in the future FREE TUNE/YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gjaldkgjka

    jeezy was on this beat a while back this song was made over a year ago supposedly. side note this whole album is going to be very weak disappointed. recycled and overused punch lines and catch phrases and the rest of ym no talent trash on here makes it even weaker. ym should consist of drake niki wayne and tyga….

  • Ooohhh

    The Nicki Minaj and Wayne collabo leaked now 🙁

  • Google.bee

    @gjaldkgjka Get The Fuckk Off If You Hatein Nigga

  • mark

    what’s wrong with them is out too…

  • mark

    the world is on my shoulders, should i dust my shoulders off??? loll!! amazing tune

  • Google.bee

    I Mean The Track Is Okk But Why They Keep Leakin Shit
    I Want The Whole Thing Not Parts I Hate People Who Leak Shit Like This
    I Was Really Gone Wait Till Next Week To Download This But Guess I Gotta Download It Twice This Time And When I But The EP On Monday


  • dahouseofrothschild

    good record, i like what young jeezy did to that beat a lil better tho, aside from tunchi verse.

  • Bectaweezy_TIP


  • CJ

    where did u all get the whats wrong with them song???

  • xXFree-WeezyXx

    @T-Wayne09 it’s young jeezy’s my momma told me featuring keshia cole
    but this shit is going hard

  • AzaMartian

    Track is on FIRE! Twist killed it…and wayne obviously but that needless to say

  • tune777

    @cj go to

  • weezy45

    man whats wrong with themm is a fckn dope asss trackkk weezy coming for all yall rappers

  • *Weezy_We*

    Did the whole album leak? That’s what some guy’s saying in the post above…

  • 757

    Hot track but to me how you not gonna have the top 2 heavyweights in Young money Drake & Tyga on the track 2

  • scar

    5 more days n the whole things out either way…”its a good leak” a week before the actual release…enough time to create a buzz ..for octobers release

  • scar

    5 more days n the whole things out either way…”its a good leak” a week before the actual release date…enough time to create a buzz ..for octobers release

  • Breezy


  • tyler

    WEEZY SONG OMG IS FIRE from new album

  • Mophead

    I like the I Am Not A Human Being album… but I am definitely not as impressed as I thought I would be

  • YM is shit

    All these prenksters sure know how to fuck with our feelings. If anybody else mentions that the album leaked without posting a proof is a bitch like zeta phi beta motherfucker

  • donnyman you even got it and if so lets see tha link


    i know the leaks are out but ((everyone)) please go and support wayne / ymcmb and buy/download it!! it’ll be a GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR WAYNE. YM 24/7



  • 123456abc

    Im sick of all these fuckers saying its leak then make us wait for a link to some random song!!!!! :@ Post the real thing or dont bother!!

  • WeeZy

    this isnt gunna be the kast leaked track. whats wrong with them is out. its freshhh

  • Kym Mok


  • wayneJR

    I LUV it! 🙂 ily lil chuckee!

  • tune BItchiz

    its not leaked yet
    fuck anyone who say it is

  • moe

    Weezy was so much better 🙁

  • tune BItchiz

    u r so right ^^
    wayne was a beast but YM bitchiz ruined it
    they all are wack except nicki
    whats wrong with them is leaked, fo real but the rest of the album is not
    lil chukie lil twist jay and gudda should be kicked out of YM

  • Neli

    ‘Coz Young Money Is A Navy
    Better Yet An ARMY!!!’
    – Nicki Minaj

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Leak or not, I don’t care, I will buy the album. Free Weezy 🙂

  • yeedee

    Im buyin this album digitally and hard copy.

    Lil Twist gettin better for sure, not too big on chuckie though

  • wayne drizz tyga mack jae millz are the rawest in ym. an u may not think so but twist is gettin nice. like hes definitley evolving into a rapper.

  • November 4th

    Best in ym, in order= Wayne, tyga, drake, Cory gunz, nicki
    twist gwttin nice no doubt. Fuck the rest (cept millz now and then). On a side note the dude in th gray sweatshirt looks like wiz Khalifa.

  • xXFree WeezyXx

    they released bill gates and with you featuring drake,go get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FREE WEEZY @november 4th i was tellin my dad the same thing

  • akillees

    hahah thats what i was gonna say he does look like Wiz
    and chuckee sounds younger in this song

  • brookss

    tyga looks a lot like wiz khalifa. but that doesn’t really look so much like tyga. wiz wouldn’t chill with ym though haha.

  • fu*k wat yu herd al yal niggas snap ! str8 up hats off tew ya nicki

  • fu*k wat yu herd al yal snap ! str8 up hats off tew ya nicki

  • Big it up, Oh i mean give it up for the best of the best, Young “Zaka” Money Nigga’s, oh yeah i just dream the rest.

  • Dr.Spice

    Yow! Dis Shit is of the mutha fucking hook! Respect it Mutha fuckers!!!!!!!!


  • M.AK

    Thats rite baby rep. yours,u never fail 2 amaze US!!!1LUV!!!


  • Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee wayne … I LOVE YOU WAYNE….yOU toO

  • Fred Wunchler


  • swagger sanele

    YM bitchez, thats what im talking about dis joint is dope u cant take anyting away from weezy creative mada fucker, i salute all you guys. dueces

  • Fresh.

  • NeNeR

    Gudda Gudda…please quit while ur ahead…

  • shavon

    this song slapps omg it goes hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  • ask lil wayne shouts in Quibdo or all ymcmb please Colombia