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There Will Be A Lil Wayne & DJ Drama Dedication 4 Mixtape

Sun, Sep 19, 2010 by

There Will Be A Lil Wayne & DJ Drama Dedication 4 Mixtape

Tunechi‘s manager, Cortez Bryant, mentioned yesterday that once Wayne gets out of jail, he will most likely release another mixtape of new material for his fans before he releases Tha Carter IV in 2011. Like I guessed, it looks like it will be the fourth installment of Weezy‘s Dedication series. DJ Drama tweeted this yesterday:

“So Mack Maine confirmed last night on Shade 45, there WILL be a Dedication 4…. Stay tuned”.

So we can be looking forward to a Lil Wayne and DJ Drama Dedication 4 mixtape at the end of this year or in 2011 ❗

Also, if you didn’t cop a “I Am Not A Human Being” t-shirt, then you can order one here and you may just get it in time for when Wayne‘s EP album drops.

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  • I love you wayne <3

    When are you coming to Sweden ??




  • tune

    whats wrong with the forum?
    cant open it :S

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  • grand buzz

    this will probs be mixtape of the year like no ceilings was………unless its full of autotune

  • Ooohhh

    I don’t understand why you would do a mixtape with DJ Drama? Now we gotta put up with his screaming voice all over the songs. Just do like you did with No Ceilings with no one yelling over the songs

  • Remix baby

    Lets write some songs wayne should go over

    He needs to do rick ross BMF song

  • aint it time we had da drought 4?

  • Can’t wait for the tape =]

    Wayne should do a remix to Kanye’s Monster song

  • pie148

    forum is down

    d4 is gonna be the shit though

  • YM :)

    @hugu, ur an idiot…we are ready to drop drought 7 lol cmon now…n i think dj drama isnt bad…because d1,d2,and d3 was raw as hell lol

  • Ahhhhh hell yea!!! Can’t wait for d4 to drop. But some people are right it is time we had da drought 4. Either way it’s still adding to history though!!

    Free Weezy!!!!

    And what’s peoples problem wiv da autotune, he murdered ‘sacrifice’, ‘money or graveyard’ and ‘execution style’ and hey were all autotuned!

  • weeeezy

    @YM 🙂 … your an idiot! Official mixtapes, Wayne has only dropped Dought’s 1, 2 and 3.. all those ‘drought is over’ mixtapes are just songs which have leaked

  • Timmy Too Fly

    Thats dope the Dedication series is pretty much what made his “mixtape” career. So a Dedication 4 is gonna be immense on BLOODS. SUUU WUUUU! FREE WEEZY TILL THEY FREE WEEZY! G.ettin F.ame K.rew

  • K-Freshz

    dammmmm!!! was lookin forward to another no celings!!!!! in my opinion no celings was the best mixtape he ever made…….can u imagine another no ceilings!!!!!!! but another dedication will still be supa tough too………

    and @Remix baby- hell yeaaa!! he should hop on that b.m.f. beat…….and a bunch of other shit, like hard in the paint, and dam sure that monster beat!!!!

  • uuuh


  • HumanBeing!
  • Hegjijgvbnugv

    Hope it’s like d1 not d3



  • LilTunechi

    What Happen To The Drought 7

  • Weezy’s wify

    ahhhhhh that’s so cool:)¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • weezy head
  • Luka&WeezyFan

    Idk about all this, Mack Maine also said the leaked version of Rebirth in December wasen’t the right version too, yet the CD’s tracklist never changed.

  • weezyfkobe

    @weeeezy atleast someone in her has some wayne experience……..props.

  • Xpoloy
  • Jake2010

    dedication 4 gunna be the shit. and d3 was pretty fuckin hard too idk what ya’ll hatin about. we get I am not a human being and d4 this year and c4 next year? hell yea wayne. hell yea

  • cut the crap and support weezy in what ever

  • njd

    do we have to buy the i not human being/ since its an album? or what?/

    some1 let me knowww

  • gjaldkgjka

    willl be better than i am not a human being… heavily autotuned fuck that

  • y.e.c 23

    yesss, its prolly gonna come out like 3 weeks later when he comes outta jail, gonna kill it.

  • brad

    just ordered the shirt! it better come by the 27th.

  • why does everybody trip about autotune??? just becuz it sounds different dont make what hes sayin any different. take any of waynes coldest verses and make it autotuned. is it any different?

  • weezyfbaby23

    When they said that it was heavily autotuned they meant just for the song “I’m Not Human” not the whole album….so stop saying that it’s gonna suck cuz they said that and who really cares

  • Raizzen Bran

    D3 was amazing, i still still listen to it almost everyday every song from the mixtape is just perfect. D4 is going to be out of this world

  • gjaldkgjka

    i just mean his best shit is d2 carter 2 and drought 3. no auto tune, just raw rapping. he needs to go back to that and i am not a human being will not be that lol. once he comes back out of jail, its just going to be nasty. just sayin, and he will show that on d4

  • yeedee

    YES auto tune fucking sucks. theres a huge difference between atuto tune and non auto tune are you fuckin dumb?

  • yeedee

    Wayne on Non auto junk: raw dope rappin

    Wayne on auto garb: Computer jibberish fuck trash

  • wayne4ever

    “Those asking about #30MinstoNO I spoke 2 the big homie @MackMaine earlier this week…we got something special coming soon that includes it!”

    – @DeeJayiLLWiLL

    from DJ Ill Will’s twitter.. can’t believe this track is finally dropping, best wayne song ever!!

  • tune777

    I like weezy with and without autotune. That’s MY opinion

  • tune777

    Do Yall think tune should do a song on EM’s I’m not afraid?

  • Waynetastic72

    @wayne4eva Props for the info nigga

  • com on man.. the carter 4 now dropiin in 2011 wtf… the fans need somethin like big…!! wayne has somee sik shitt..bUt c4 is gonna be the most antisipated albumn 2011! 🙂
    dedication 4 gonaaa be sikk tho.

  • wayneJR

    I LUV yu wayne! FREE WEEZY

  • jake

    d4 bitch

  • ight look yeedee. wayne is always a “raw dope rapper”. all u said was theres a difference. ur fuckin stupid. u obviously cant back up what u say u hatin ass bitch. autotune has nothing to do with it. wayne would say what he says wether its autotuned or not. u think he says oh its autotune? ill say something different. no u dumb ass. if ur gonna be hatin hop off this website.
    FR33 W33ZY.

  • every one needs to make a list of songs wayne needs rape for dedication 4. hopefully its another no ceilings.

  • Caleb

    when does the im not human album drop

  • wth?

    dude just look at previous posts u blind or what..
    september 27 virally and october 12 hard copy

  • wayniac number 1

    man i hope he rap over “B.M.F.” and “2milli” beat

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  • the MRS

    the topic, of music, retainted for which words. love you by love from now until,,,