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Video: Birdman Says There May Not Be A “Welcome Home Weezy” Concert

Wed, Oct 6, 2010 by

Birdman recently told MTV that when Lil Wayne is released from prison, they will most likely go to see his family first and then party before doing any sort of concert. Baby also said that if the “Welcome Home Weezy” show did happen, it will most likely take place in Miami now, and not in New York.

“We still haven’t really made up our mind,” Birdman told MTV News. “I think what’s important, we want to see family first. If the concert happens, it happens. But right now, we just want to come home and see our family and party, I think. That’s what we gonna do: just come to Miami, and just party for a minute. Work and party and play. Have the whole team out here, and we gonna do it up. Miami is gonna be Weezy world. Weezy weekend.” – MTV

But I think we all know that when Weezy is released from behind bars, he will want to be in the studio after spending time with his family.

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  • Asai Adame

    Wtfff!! Why not!!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    Seen oh well

  • YO

    hes doing 30 days in solitary confinement do u really think after getting out of that hes going to want to do a concert? i doubt hes going to be in the studio right after prison too 30 days of solitary confinement for some1 who hasent been to prison is too much

  • hej


  • rd


  • weezyf

    that shit is gay you faggots

  • Al

    have fun in miami weezy!

  • tune777


  • TT

    Fuck you @weezyf

  • K-Freshz

    yea…. family comes first when u get out……i feel ya weezy…..but i most def. think hes gonna go to the studio after partyin all day in miami!!!!!! cuz music is what he does, thats what hes known for!!!!!!

  • joachim0512

    Free weezy!

  • JD

    Someone tell me why birdman keeps saying “We” he’s not the one in prison..


    free weezy c4 and d4 coming soon is the best the best in the world is the family the family is more impòrtant weezy come to venezuela a love men you are the bomb bro 29 days man

  • derick

    thats understandable!! FAMILY FIRST! he has 4 kidz , a mother, and lil brother people. stop being so damn unconsiderate. we’ll have him 2 ourself AFTER.

  • Damn Free Weezy

    he has so much work and music to catch up on when he gets out.

  • Xx253BeastxX

    Why doesnt anyone remember that birdman is a liar, remember when he said carter 3 and another album will be double disc????? or was it rebirth??? i dont remember, but either way he lies alot, i wont believe him till, the day wayne comes out….


  • da baw


  • yeedee

    I hope Weezy records Light up remix first 🙂

  • crakattak

    birdman is a piece of shit he should rot in hell with all his dirty money

  • wayneJR

    Cool! 🙂 <3

  • Judah E

    @WeezyFan, yeah that 1st, 2nd, 3rd, shit is lame. yall chill with that. and south beach bitchessssss, ugh!

    -I bet that niggas gonna smoke 20 fat blunts back to back!

    Yall holla,

  • Dustin_Hall

    No Biggie…. still mad respect Mr.carter! Spend time with the family, hug your kids, do it all…. because your paid. make your family happy and then make your fans happy…. remember family always comes first!… and if anyone on here says “WTF do a welcome home concert!” or anything in those words then your a douche bag straight up… you shouldn’t even be on this page then because your not a fan of lil Wayne as a person, your a fan of his music… me personally im both..If anything they should have a welcome home concert for him… not him giving us a concert… put this in your court, would you want to be taken away from your fam get locked up for several months then as soon as you get out i mean AS SOON AS YOU GET OUT, go straight back to work.. no pit-stops to see your family.. you can see them after work….. that’s cruel, let the man spend time with his family. P.S To lil wayne; my prayers go out to you keep your head high cant wait till nov.4th


    I can’t even imagine whats going through his mind right now..Let alone the time that he’s been in there as well..and then you gotta think about the type of mindset he will be in as soon as he gets out..I’ve never been to prison before but I would have to agree with him in this situation..Family does come first.

  • LiLDiDi

    cool (L)

    free weezy

  • i waz lukin 4ward 2 tha concert