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Video: Lil Wayne Joins Tyga On Stage At Bayou Classic Fan Fest Show In New Orleans

Sun, Nov 28, 2010 by

Lil Wayne, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Mack Maine and Lloyd all joined Tyga on stage yesterday for his Bayou Classic Fan Fest show in New Orleans. They perform “Bed Rock” and then Weezy stays on stage with a mic when Tyga performs “Deuces“, and I’m sure we all thought Tune was gonna spit a verse haha. You can watch another video after the jump, but the quality ain’t the best.

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  • klim

    1st h4h4

  • mikepayce

    lol not first

  • vikram

    weezy is back on fire

    i dont want to say im first it feels sick

  • Randy, stayfly x5

    lmfao, i thought weezy was going to drop a verse on the dueces beat.

  • M.AK

    That was cool&cute*smile*You all are the best in so many ways! Always 1LUV!!YMCMB!!

  • rapper eater

    any1 see wayne go to throw his hat into the crowd, but tricked them all……that shit was funny lol

  • samuel oloh

    wow..ahh love this one..young money..getting on top of d toppest.ah feel u

  • samuel oloh

    wow.young money realyy doing great.the video is wow.ah dis one..young money 4 ever i feel u

  • Saa

    YM! (:

  • rihanna

    haha at tuneche wiping the floor for tyga’s verse joka

  • DirtyBurky209

    Good first video, I have a feeling weezys music is going to differentiate now. I love the fact that Tyga and Gudda Gudda are actually being successful making music in their own styles and not trying to copy Wayne like all the oth YM artists. I definitely would have to say that Tyga is now one of my favorite rappers. Glad you are back home Weezy. I’m really excited to hear what you have to release now…(:

  • angilina

    YM we r waiting for all ya in Russia

  • Weezyfan24

    Does anybody know when Dedication 4 comes out?? I’ve heard its suppose to come out December 4th, does anyone know if thats true or not????

  • Max Русский

    Yeeeees!!!! Come to Russia!! YM and Tunechi are best!!! By the way, Weezy rocks!

  • GCS

    @ weezyfan24

    I think its fake
    weezy havent work with dj drama till now ?!

  • MOP15321

    weezy should do a version to deuces. When the fuck is amilli on steroids coming out, I’m tired of waiting

    • I heard the reason that “A Milli on Steroids” hasn’t come out yet is because it is going to be on C4.

  • ricardo laguna

    weezy the fucking best the bomb YMCMB birdman and B.G. great rapers too haha .but lil wayne is the best in the galaxy

  • Woocky

    Lol at Weezy when he almost threw his cap into the crowd.

  • Weezy F U now you gotta have a baby

    Awesome outfit on tuncehi. Anyone know where you find his sweatshirt thing?

  • TmY

    Yahhh Weezy, YMCMB The Best Crew ! The Best Rapper Alive ! I Love This Video!

  • TmY

    at the end, when he laughs so crazy ,coool i love that 😀 ( No Homo ) ! Sorry My english is bad ! ;D Greetz’s Germany ! ;D

  • Allex B.


  • iwasthere.

  • Joelbeezy

    Mr.carter is back….

  • Domi

    but they said its gonna be released ?!

  • weezys home
    he already spit a verse on this song

  • Weezyfan24

    Hey Danny do you know if its true that dedication 4 is coming out December 4th??? Please answer

    • @Weezyfan24 – Not true.

  • Jake2010

    weezy already got a verse on duces idk why he didnt spit

  • tayTAY

    @Jake2010 wtf you heard dat post a link if its true

  • easydraw92

    Me and mack maine have the same hoodie!!!

  • Weezyfan24

    Hey Danny do you know if its true that dedication 4 is coming out December 4th??? Please answer Danny.

  • olivia

    ^^^ yeah answer !!

  • weezyw

    Dj Scoobdoo tweeted that Weezy is working on tha carter 4.

    I think we dont need to wait long till it come out

  • GCS

    @ Danny M

    I heard the same !!
    why not..if the track is fire than weezy will sell c4 good
    I have no problem to wait cuz i know some day we will get crazy when it comes

  • Domi

    who the fuck said it will come out december 4th ?!!!

    i mean everyone here is lookin forward to december 4th now lol

    i hope that they’ll release the a milli 2010 soon even if its on C4

    you know something bout when they are gonna release the a milli 2010 Danny M ?

  • I read that many of you are lookin out for the weezy verse of deuces & I’m wonderin why…cuz i got it !

  • Weezy

    Daamn I juust cant get over how amazing Lil wayne -N- Lil Twist are <3

  • the dueces verse is old u fags

  • TmY

    I think I got The Deuces Verse Too , letter from weezy remix ?! with kanye west ,drake and so…

  • TmY
  • yeedee

    lol The A Milli 2010 aint true, wed have got it by now

  • TmY

    with cover, so I think it is original

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  • jarvis

    to the dumb fucks talking about wayne having a verse on dueces, it was just a mix.

  • Weezyfan24

    People be lyin then. Do you know when Dedication 4 or Carter 4 is comin out??? Thanks for answerin the first question.

  • zama zama

    I dont care if any body agrees with me on the but if the carter 4 features a lot of the young money artist it will not match the success of the c3. Judgein that the i am not a human being songs were supose to be on the carter IV. He needs to stop usein these undeveloped artist like gudda gudda. Lil chuckee , ect. Also drake is great but to many feature on the ianahb album .

  • TmY

    @zama zama Real Talk !

  • Danny M

    Hey guys D4 comin next week! lol

  • RR

    Lil wayne ft Short Dawg – Lean

  • TmY

    Are You Now Funny ?! Idiot !

  • Weezyfan24

    Look at this person tryin to act like Danny. Do you know when Dedication 4 is comin out since Carter 4 prolly wont be out til early next year???


    I lied about A milli 2010. april stool

  • GCS

    hey akon tweeted that gonna collab with weezy

  • ricardo laguna

    @Danny M Who are you brother excuse my question but is curious as you respond to people moderating this site? or something?

  • Jr.

    I was dea….haha

  • when he say love , we say wezyy…love weezy ,love……
    I LOVE U WEEZY u make me cry with every video.

  • Deba

    This is really cool!
    YME for life!!

  • lil wayne I like you very much and I wish that I am with you in your wonderful team young money

  • Carolina

    LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i love lil wayne (L): fan #1 :S vai

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