Jennifer Lopez – I’m Into You (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Jennifer Lopez Im Into You Feat Lil Wayne

Jennifer Lopez grabs Lil Wayne for her latest single titled “I’m Into You“, which will appear on her upcoming Love? album dropping May 3rd. The track was produced by Stargate, and Weezy has the first verse plus some adlibs on the record. You can listen and download the song below:

I’ve had this track for a few days now, so I have typed up the lyrics for Tunechi‘s verse for you all after the jump:

Hi, I’m Tune, the man on the moon
I live on the beach, get the sand out your shoes
And all of that change since I met you
So we can leave that old shit in the restroom
Okay now I’m into you, like you never knew
I’m falling for ya baby, I need a parachute
Pussy so wet, I need a wet suit
Your way to fly, I could be your jet fuel
Now tell me what you like, I like what you tell me
And if you understand me, then you can overwhelm me
Its too late, its too late
Every finish line is the beginning of a new race, Young Money

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  • ErvingD young mula!!


  • NazSj


  • tune777

    Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thnx Danny!

  • I’m da fuckin best rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh

    yah, free tunechi. retard, niggas been out for months.

  • jay

    weezy you need to go redo RUN THIS TOWN….or add another verse

  • Wayneandlink

    Dat boi KILLED IT!!! he said:
    “Step into my ring bitches, ding ding bitches, click clack pow pow ping ping bitches, im the green machine i mean keen vision, i can see through yo scene like clear screens”
    Weezy on top like 2pay

  • G

    already got birdman’s get money joint

  • jordanTTTTT

    sweet as fuck, i bet with the get money song baby just adds a verse on wayne n macks verse from get money lol

  • tunechi

    what type of shoes wayne got on?

  • G

    @jordanTTTTT-naw, its different verses on a different beat.

  • Beast-mode

    This one goes hard!! n whats shoe is weezy wearing folks?

  • Kadafi___213

    i actually dont like this song weezy verse alright nothing special… Carter IV ,,, YMCMB

  • Wezzy F Baby

    pretty good… 🙂

  • Antonia

    awesomeness 🙂
    always love lil wayne’s song.. yeah.. green and yellow 🙂
    and j lo’s come back is juz not wat i expected.. she can do way better

  • tunechijr

    hai am tune…what the fuck y’all looking the best rapper alive

  • tunechijr

    Bafikala…mwala lya matole yandi…tomba noko

  • Lil Zly

    oh god
    da old Wayne is almost back

  • Wayne’s verse wasn’t anything amazing, most of the verses we’ve been hearing from him since Jail aren’t, but oh well this song is still dope, better then most the BS on the radio, kinda reminds me of how music used to be a few years back

  • Chazz

    songs not as bad as i expected
    i also still like Jlo

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    J.LO, Tunechi Fucked Us !!


  • bryan

    yo the download link isn’t working for me

  • ricardo laguna

    the besttt the best raperrr aliveeee greatest hits since the bgz duo YMCMB weezy the best from venezuela the best raper alive great song tunechiii c4 and d4 comming soon I cant wait XD..


    i suck dick..just wanted to let you guys know

  • JC

    this shit is iight tunechi goes in , but i cant believe this nigga deadass said free tunechi lmfao smh , wtf is this nigga smoking !?

  • Matheo22

    This is Tune we want to hear !!!! Dope track !!!!! YMCMB 4 Eva @!!!!!!

  • YungNizzy14

    Tune killed it but this record is iight not great YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpencerHawes

    Pussy so wet, I need a wet suit

    damn what a hot line…theyll be quoting that for years…killed this shit

  • Jordan Brown

    Deffinetly fuck a bitch to this song, am I right?

  • ilovetunechi

    wtf why would that retard say free tunechi ? Obviously not a real wayne fan

  • ErvingD young mula!!

    obviously a joke…..i was so excited i didnt know what to type, chill everybody 😀

  • LA

    ^Cool! That shit had me rolling! Damn everybody want a wayne ft?! Thats how u know ur Killing these tracks!

  • Jabarfar

    Reminds me of What’s My Name… Island vibe, starting rapper verse, the “na na’s”…

  • this song is amazing 🙂 i love wayne’s verse 🙂

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Man what a song. Can there be a music video please 😛

  • JC

    @spencerhawes I agree man this verse was nothin special and I am kinda gettin tired of pussy so wet, fuck the world, world in my hands,etc lines from Wayne wish he would start trying again

  • elos87

    they’re shooting the video this week or next week, in Mexico.

  • i am fallen for you baby i need a parachute (H) weezy is awesomeee 😀

  • Jordan Brown

    How does he film a video in mexico? He cant leave the united states.

  • Sounds like a rihanna demo.

  • kia

    i luve this song
    weezy f baby>

  • patty inverse

    wats d song iz diz mazafuck,weezy 4 sheezy 4 weedy ya d king ov all tym,kip it real

  • this is the fuckin best song i LOVE Lil Wayne man he ROCKS nd also JL 🙂

  • ceez wack arah

    daah this song is dangerous!!!!! mi lik it, JLO n LIL Wayne u ar untouchable!!

  • Cam

    Gunz & Rosez Shit That Meanz Suicide Joint Ryt There
    UG East Africa Swag Mgt

  • yesenia

    good one!! 🙂

  • lil waynee bro

    lil wayne bro you da best

  • oooohh! why didnt u born in tanzania? u are so deep.

  • elia

    this song is extra good. lil wayne and j lo =best of the best.ELIA1.

  • elibarikikilewo

    i heard dis chune sumwea b4

  • Trey N Edgars


  • Julia

    “And if you understand me, then you can overwhelm me…”

  • Julia

    By the way, could anyone please tell me what for “F” stands in “Weezy F Baby”? Thank you.

  • blac roz

    the song is a HIT…. Am loving it

  • Jamaicankiddrezzy

    Lil Wayne Says:
    March 30th, 2011 at 8:39 am

    I’m da fuckin best rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i say yes your are!!!! your the best better than the rest and better than the best..Young Money Mi seh

  • fatuma mkota

    am in love wit weezy4life

  • I think she is back on the game
    Very nice song
    so hot here in Tanzania

  • ok

    i´m a looooooser!

  • ok

    i´ve always been a loser
    i like being 1
    its sooooo fun
    ipm a funky funKy chicken!
    an´i´m dancin´alll day long
    aha aha i liiiiike it
    aha aha i liiiike it
    i´m a loser in the USA!
    thats the nationality of all losers
    if u were born or live there, u´re a loser!
    with loser love,

  • ok

    Will´s a LOSER in the USA!

  • ok

    Will´s a NERD!

  • I love this song i think it is the best one you ever made it was a good idea to put Lil Wayne in it you should make more song with him in them.

  • jlover

    v great song
    I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heyy man Thank You,you are the Best!!!

  • carra8
  • Amanda

    OoOoh my God Thi!s Song was awesome ! I Love it ! Specially when i saw william levy in the video clip !

  • Amanda

    William Levy 4 ever ! he was the only reason that made me listen 2 this song but j.lo was also great and hot in it ………………….:* Love this song !


    love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    its really a gr8 song!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Its too good song. Jennifer you are in my heart . Your songs will rock as like atom bombs . Thats it jenni…

  • nancy karokola

    jenny dis tm ur hot dan evr b4

  • bossjaspa

    weezy is the best fuck all his hatters….he fell from the streets and landed in the sky

  • arsha

    i am persian.I love jenifer

  • ana

    i love jennifer

  • ani emo

    i love justin jennifer ladygaga kesha ……………..

  • yoyo

    yeas me too!!!! ,she have a wonderfull voice…….but! the seem thing their are too ..lil wayn

  • anwar

    am into the hit yeah………………………!!!!!!!!

  • kate

    its a great song:) i llove it too much

  • Ann mwende

    Am into this song…j-lo n weezy are it blowin.

  • Akowe Patrick

    Ma song for 2 weeks now. Da best now for me.

  • guys the song is a tragedy it blows everyone i like it.

  • catarina


  • negin

    i love you lil wayne and jalo

  • marjan

    i am persian too and i love jennifer too

  • hi jennifer is my favorit singer i love u jenniferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • i looooooooooooooooooooooooove it! 😀

  • i love this part:
    When I look into your eyes, it’s over
    You got me hooked with your love controller
    I’m trippin’ and I could not get over
    I feel lucky like a four leaf clover

  • :))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • 😛

  • pn

    i looooooooooooooooove it.tanx

  • sepideh

    very good

  • Fayaz khan

    I like dis sng so much it blowing my heart jeniffer i love u soooo much

  • ava

    i dont love her she is beutiful but not for my seen

  • keyvan

    ooooooooooh i ove her very much she is acrrective