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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Has Officially Been Pushed Back

Fri, Apr 22, 2011 by

Lil Waynes Tha Carter IV Has Officially Been Pushed Back

After rumors this month of Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album being pushed back from May 16th to June, it looks like they are true after all. Mack Maine has confirmed to XXL the new date for the album will be now June 21st.

Young Money president, Mack Maine, informed XXL that Weezy’s follow up to 2008’s multi-platinum selling Carter III LP will be hitting shelves on June 21. We also confirmed that the graduation photo of a pre-teenage Wayne, sporting his signature facial tattoos that leaked online earlier this week, as well, is the official cover art to the disc.

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  • Blacka DOn


  • Mitchell


  • First!!!

  • Mitchell

    Only good thing about this is that it’s being released the same day as C3, which hopefully means it will as many if not more first week sales. But dayum, I thought the wait had already been long, it’s even worse now.

  • ~ K . O ~

    Damn righ b 4 my bday . u already kno what im gettin . Loll .

  • Don McNeal

    noooooooo! lol im over the shock… i mean its “the best rapper alive” we all love WAYNE but he will never keep his promise on the first release date on anything lmao C4! YMCMB

  • lakjfd

    c4 nukkkaaaa 700,000 first week

  • Don McNeal

    @Mitchell …. Carter III release date was June 10, 2008 but umm
    weezy selling more than a milli the first week anyway sooo no worries

  • Jake5892

    Damn!! But I guess they’re just making it better so it’s all good!

  • daknite

    @ danny M theres another picture or is it this one

  • Teeeheee

    pushed back?! Man, I can’t wait for it … hopefully Wayne will release another single from c4. And btw if it is pushed back then .. WORLD, PREPARE FOR THE BEST RAP ALBUM EVER!

  • richii

    Who actualiy expected C4 to be released on may 16th… So this isn’t really a shocker

  • Wait that is official C IV cover!? WTF Fix his earring, only gays
    wear it on only right!! Weezy aint gay!!

  • Isyachi

    Lil Twist Don’t Get It Twisted be on June 21st also ?

  • daknite

    @ Danny M is he five on here or is he a preteen

  • scotty_mofo

    YM needs to give this album way more exposure overseas. if i wasnt a wayne fan i would have no idea he was dropping albums. It will also push album sales up ALOT

  • Answer to all your questions. It says 87′ in the graduation hat and wayne was born in 82′ which means he was 5

  • daknite

    @Brandon But danny said preteen wayne so it might be another picture.



  • abdullaht.i

    i was thinking, man if weezy put “U AINT NEVA GOTTA ASK” song ft. kanye, t.i, jay-z on CARTER IV will bang man

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    21 June ??…This Is Fuck…This Is A Looong Time !

  • anaison

    noooooooo dis nt fair stop pushing da date back..dam it ws gon cum out a few days b4 ma bday too…bt i gues its beta 4it 2cum owt june 21st

  • i hv to wait till june

  • Ah well, I guess we’ll have to wait until June.

    Can’t wait for it; it’s gonna be off the mother fucking chain.

  • @LastQueenYM

    Yes! Wayne good idea , take ur time Baby!! Good things make time to do, and it’s must be successful!! 🙂

  • T.k

    hope D4 drop in may

  • cooly

    hold up if this is the official update that means the countdown has to be changed because yesterday the countdown said 25 days when it wasn’t confirmed yet

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    June, July, September, December, 2012 I Don’t Give A Fuck…All What I Want Tha Carter IV Make The History !!!! 😉

  • Loyalty

    Of course!

  • n0rumz

    I hope to see some commercials on TV about this, maan I think only fans know about this album coming. Go to radios and tv’s YMCMB and push the sellnumbers up.

  • LA

    Im in shock?*sarcasm* Im good wit the push back actually! The later the album/push back the better! Mbdtf Kanye west lp is the Def. of what i mean! THEY WANT THAT CIV BITCH IT’S COMING JUNE!


  • @liltunechi

    WTF! Why is it being pushed bak again!? It’s been pushed bak like 2 or 3 times now! That’s fuckin retarded

  • TuPrev

    ohh :/ not i’m goin’ to buy it illegaly instead of buying it! :/
    Jk, but i can’t wait 4 it -.-”
    bad move wayne 🙁

  • yung_money

    man this some bullshit they making niggaz not even care bout the album no more like 3 or 4 push backs all i can say is ermothafuckin song better be a banger da whole album for this shit or it’s really gonna be alot of mad mothafuckas think niggaz pissed now!!!!

  • -Blake-


  • Tanzania lil wayne fans

    He has done before…….wayne is a mission

  • Jet Life

    why do you guys care so much lol ? its only a month difference … be real with yourselves, there’s fans and then there is obsessed.

  • MOP15321

    The only thing that dropped wen it was suppose too was IANAHB, but at least they gave us the John video n they put it out way sooner then 6 foot 7 but damn if the album has been done, why push it back. But I rly hope that the 1st tracklist that had good ass features and some solo song was the real one n I want at least one more single from C4. N I don’t think fans wud be complaining as much if we had D4 like wtf put out a mixtape if it keeps gettin pushed back. I’m the biggest wayne fan but I hate how he has so many songs n we don’t get any like we cud actually had a mixtape per month with all his leftover songs but anyway C4 bitch ! And hopefully D4

  • michael

    well its worth the wait

  • codered87

    Man this is bs, i hate when something you been looking forward to gets pushed back even farth er. This makes me not want to even get the album anymore. I had planed on spending good money on this, but not anymore.

  • domo

    So Wayne’s Releasing It On The Same Day As Lil Twists Album?& Big Sean?

  • Justin

    @ PenisInClit, Dude the whole earring being on the right & that meaning you gay shits played out bruh you stuck in the 90’s lol. Who gives a fuck anymore what side a earring is on cry less!

  • LA

    Ha? Lil twist lp should be push back lmao! Big sean? Is a discount drake wannabe lol! Wayne need some real competition! SIDEBAR: Did eminem lp drop the same day last year?? THEY WANT THAT CIV BITCH IT’S COMING JUNE!

  • green&yellow

    That’s Bullshit

  • Hahahha @LA haha sooooo fuckibg true, let them see who is the real boss in this game!!!!
    Eminem…. Is gonna get fucked nigga!

  • Real G

    Wow Dawg Is You Serious????

    Now We Gotta Wait Til Ths Summer…

    Man It Better Not Be A Song Called Weezy Home On There Cuz

    Dis Nigga Been Home For Over Half A Year

    Im Comparing This To “All Eyez On Me” So I Hope My Nigga Dnt Disappoint

  • he better drop the gotdamn dedication then to hold us over this is officially a buzz kill shit

  • …..

    its okay it will be leaked…and i will download it…. :D…. c4 isn’t gonna be half of what c3 was

  • Idk why u guy’s complain weezy been killing the game since hes been back his remix’s alone could be a fucking CD better then half of these kids shit right now…And his two single’s off C4 were fucking amazing u guy’s don’t understand this is about money u make more hype u make more money grow the fuck up and get with the program so what he pushes back his album is only another month tbh ive been waiting for detox for 5 years 1 month is no biggie so grow the fuck up cry babies

  • K-Freshz

    @MOP15321- yea i agree witcha 100 man! yea i also feel that if we had D4 + another single it wouldn’t be that bad to wait for C4…….im really surprised that we havent gotten a mixtape yet, cuz weezy has the best work ethic in this rap game (hands down), cuz i mean he stays in the studio!!! i mean he minds well just put a bed and some furniture and a bathroom w/ a shower in the studio!! lol…..he culd make music like its nothin, and thats why hes the best…..and i know C4 will dam sure be the best album, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!

  • Rio904

    wtf! they said carter 4 was goin too change our life im tryin too see the lights like drake said………why they pushin shyt back damn tunechi wats goin on lol

  • Xicano101

    John was released 20 days after 6 foot 7 foot music video. Maybe we can expect the next single around 20 days after May 20th? I definatley want more Wayne music whether it be the next single or D4! Anyone got any info?!

  • JC

    It’s funny to see how spoiled people are by wayne’s work ethic. People are gettin pissed and callin for a mixtape until c4. Lol relax no other rapper gives fans substance and quantity like Dwayne Carter people need to chill I wanna hear c4 as much as anyone else but maybe he’s perfecting it. CIV cuz the carters onnnnnn

  • fuuck .. i was so excited!
    i can’t wait ! i love wayne<3

  • Christopher

    Making us wait all this time, then push it back. :/
    At least it’s still this year… Lol.

  • imma pretty bitch

    i have no problem waiting for C4. it seems like some guys on here are greedy. @Real G i dont know why you want to compare C4 to All Eyez on Me

  • Illuminati

    June 21’st: June is the 6th month of the year.
    6:3 what an illuminati ass date to drop carter 4.

  • yung_money

    real talk if he worried bout a leak then he should drop on time somebody gonna bootleg da album and wit so much hype on it erbody gonna cop da bootlegg so why not make niggas pay on may 16th. d4 a no ceilings 2 or something til june 21st then all niggaz got from him so far is some features and push back dates wayne come on man u been home since november stop da bullshit but it’s still YMCMB all day

  • wow

    first delay of many

  • I Understand why they want to push it back!!
    They want This Album to Be Perfect!
    So its Worth The Wait!!
    #YMCMB #CarterIV
    JUNE 21st!!!! <3

  • fireman


    I agree. The album cover and the “unofficial” tracklist has already leaked. It’s only a matter of time before the whole album leaks and we still got almost 2 months till the release date. They should just drop it before we start seeing every song one by one come onto the internet.

  • @llluminati your one of those piece of shits that always try to prove something wen it isn’t…. i bet that took you about an hour trying to figure that out…

  • weezyF

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. THERE’S NO HYPE. You guys remember when Amilli, Lollipop and Got Money came out? You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing those songs. I don’t think I’ve heard “John” outside of my own ipod. I hope they take this extra month and release 2 bangers. With wayne still on tour though, I don’t know how much work is gonna get done…

  • Weezy

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till june why cant he ever put out an albumn the first date he announces it!!!



  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    @ illuminati fag
    the albums gonna get leaked or some bullshit like IANHB and we’ll have more songs before then. how can you be skeptical of a date? all it is is hype and building up promotion because people are actually reacting to all the random promotion YM

  • He’s a perfectionist too!!?! It’ll be soooooo worth the wait. Love you Wayne.

  • young star

    i know why wayne pushed the carter 4 to june his going to make way way better the album so yeah don’t worry he just wants to make it bettter for u guys the fans ymcmb cash money for life

  • Weezy F. Maybe

    Dang bro. First it was November. Then it was February. Next it was May. Now Its June. But, Wayne is being smart about it. He’s building up the publicity around the album so that when it does drop, everyone is gonna wanna know what the wait was all about. And thats how you let the beat build. BITCH!

  • Real G

    @imma pretty bitch Because I Feel Wayne Is Up there Wit Biggie & Pac

    And Wen Pac Came Outta Jail he Released All Eyez On Me

    Wayne Comes Out Of Jail. All Eyez Is On Him….. Tha Carter IV

    When Pac Got Out Of Jail His Lyrical Context Enhanced & Matured ….. Hoping Waynes Does too

    All Eyez On Me Was Like 4-5x platinum in like 2 Months – I Pray That Tha Carter IV will Do at least half of that

    But Shit It Only Took Pac 2 weekz To Make…. Wayne A Lil Longer But Oh Well


  • kobe4mvp

    lmao.. look at the bmjr version of the C4 cover

  • young star

    in june the carter 4 will be wayy bettter im positive he just wants to make it better for the fans right now hes at the studio make in songz for the carter4 hes working hard for us the fans

  • n0rumz

    nobody other than fans ever heard his John single, so I don’t know why you think tha carter IV is gonna sell much. The C3 singles was all over, catch my drift ?

  • K-Freshz

    i think thats the reason why he made so much extra songs for it… just in case if some songs leak, he’ll put the extra ones on there?? idk……but i cant wait for it tho!!!

  • PussyMonster

    i agree with weezyF – my friends dont knwo what i’m talkin about when i say the song john..i have to play it and they go ohhh this..but yea you heard amilli nonstop before c3 came out and now i feel like the hype isnt as great as it should be..the album will be amazing but the sales wont be as amazing as they could/should be..

  • i bet he put it out later so that kids can go out and get in when there not in school which will sell more, but thats still gayyyyy

  • Ryan

    LISTEN! I wonder if the same thing is gunna happen like it did to the rebirth. On May 16 they will ship the carter iv to amazon on accident cuz thats when the were supposed to be shipped and c4 will be leaked or something similar. Theres no way that this album wont be leaked.

  • Real G

    Yaw Makin Shit Up…. Tha Carter III Thats In Stores Leaked A Week Or 2 Before It Was Released….. Lolipop Came Out That Spring…. And A Month Before Tha About On that Drought Is Over Shit They Released Tha milli That Didnt Make Tha Album….. And Got Money Came Out Like In May….. …..So Dem Songs Yaw Naming Wasnt Out long Before He Released Tha Album In June…..

    1.5 in a Week Was Strictly Off Hype Leaked Songs and Mixtapes and Tha Name Lil’ Wayne

  • james
  • Stunnaboi214

    I told you guys these niggas not to be trusted with those damn release dates!!

  • tune

    it was gonna be released on the day before my birthday untill he pushed it back.
    this better be the best album of his career…seriously this shit better be worth the wait!!!

  • tune

    yeah that shit was scary

  • D-Malitia


  • YMCMBillionaires


  • Kieran_Ymcmb_Canada

    I just Realized, thats the same day as Big Sean. Poor Big Sean. I like him a lot but. Its LIL FUCKING WAYNE! im sorry boi.

  • wAKE dA fUCK uP

    1. The abulm was pushed backed to give you dumb bandwagon wannabe gangster stan ass fans something to talk about and build up hype…and it worked like a charm.

    2. Do not ever again compare 2pac and lil wayne. One was about uplifting, exposing, and representing the black community and the other is about destroying, misleading, and cashing in on the black communtiy (starting with the youth).

    With that said; gain knowledge, then money, and then power.

  • Real G

    Stfu tha Hype And Fame And All That Shit Is Equal Pac Wen he Was Alive Back Then When He Came Out Of Jail….. STFU

    Stupid Bitch I Didnt Compare Wayne and Pac

    I Said tha Album You Fuckin BUM….

    Even Pac Himself Said There Was A Change Of Mind Set When He Got Out

    We Dnt Know What Wayne Mind Set Is Cuz His Album Aint Out…..We Dnt Know Wtf He Thinking And About To Express In SOng

    STFU WIt Yo Bullshit…… Read And Pay Attention Mafucka

  • yung_money

    how u a REAL G talkin like dat u can’t compare pac and wayne at all bars or sells wut u jump off da asshole boat or sumthin pay attention at wut u sayin get outta jail before no nigga kill it bum YMCMB all day but u FAKE G come on bitch nigga

  • yung_money

    u can’t even compare there albums nigga ima weezy fan all day but really??? pac spit bout niggaz and bitches hurting out here in da hood on a whole album when weezy spittin bout fuckin bitches and half a million dollar chains on his album nigga don’t do dat YMCMB all day but truth is truth do’nt compare they flow and dam sho not they albums dumb ass

  • Real G

    Bitch Nigga Pac Talked About Chains Money And Fuckin hoes Too

    Every Song He Didnt Wasnt Positive Nigga!!

    Maybe You Got A Different Cd from Mines

    Everything That Came Out Pac Mouf Wasnt Positive……

    And You A Bitch Nigga If U Say It was…….. Bitch Nigga Tha Same Impact Pac Had On Hip-Hop…. Wayne Is That Same Influence Today…. Whateva Wayne Do
    Tha Industry Do… Whateva Trend Wayne Doin… Tha Industry Doin

    Nigga Stfu

  • Real G

    weezy spittin bout fuckin bitches and half a million dollar chains on his album – I’m Me. Love Me Or Hate Me. Gossip. Playing With Fire. Misunderstood. I Miss my Dawgs. Pray 2 The Lord……… pointless going on…….. but when wayne talkin bout shit mafuckaz dnt wanna listen

    pac spit bout niggaz and bitches hurting out here in da hood on a whole album ??????? How Do u Want It.. I Get Around.. Pac Invented M.O.B. …Toss It Up. Can’t C Me….Hit Em Up…. Man i Aint Down Playing Tha Great But Everything This Nigga Said Wasnt Positive.

    Keep Da Shit 100 Instead Of This Bias Bullshit

  • Scooda


  • T.k

    wayne is a perfectionist, i guess it just get better!

  • Real G

    Man Wayne need To Start Fuckin Wit Los
    Gunz Should Put Wayne On wit Los And Sign Him Cuz Cory Fuckz Wit Him
    All YMCMB Will Love This Guy

    Los aka Shooter … Twitter @swaggaboylos

  • are u kidding me? i guess wayne just wants the album to be perfect. but at least that cover is offical

  • devintune

    true i have never heard 6’7 or jon play on radio….like amilli n lollipop did…..a bit worried but it better be worth tha hype….n hopefully the features will be great

  • im glad he pushed it back because think about it he did the same thing for tha carter 3 and look how much it sold. be patient yall this album gonna be a classic

  • stanliBeast

    @realG follow me on twitter @Tha_Real_Stanli….wayne’s the bomb op he reads all this comments….

  • domo


  • im alright wit waiting but im juz ready for the albumn to cum out!!!

  • Weezy Said 5 Million Next Album on Tha Carter Documentary… So PLEASE ! Honour His words ! GET FUCKIN 5 MILLION ALBUM ! EVEN IF YO NEED TO BUY IT 10TIMES !

  • dammit i aint mad at a nigg but its toooo long

  • madd

    wtf we’ve been waiting so long for this. soo many push backs. i dont even feel like buying it now. this was the last push back i could handle now its just fucking anoying. dont get your hopes up for the june 21st release cause more than likely theres gonna be another fucking push back i dont understand its COMPLETED, release the motha fucker. everyone gets outta college that week for summer and it would of been a hot time to sell that shit. now everyones gonna be out at the beaches on vacation getting fucked up and isnt gonna give a shit about this album! fucking retards just cut your sales in half. oh and btw i swear to god if there is autotune in the carter IV im never gonna listen to his shit again. what ever happened to feed me rappers or feed me beats? Selling out to the top 40 is making me sick.

  • yeah dude ye got everyting ye so amazin

  • ~ K . O ~

    this is’m bs kiss this bday gift gud bye

  • Tunech

    And 3 years later we get the same news with Tha Carter V