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DJ Khaled – I’m On One (Feat Lil Wayne, Drake & Rick Ross)

Fri, May 13, 2011 by

DJ Khaled Im On One Feat Lil Wayne, Drake & Rick Ross

DJ Khaled grabs Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross for his second single from his forthcoming We The Best Forever album set to drop on June 28. The record is called “I’m On One“, and was produced by T-Minus and 40. I’m pretty sure this was originally for Tha Carter IV, but Tune has ended up giving it Khaled for whatever reason. Anyways, you can listen and download the song below:

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  • Charlie Sheen

    dope Danny!

  • Charlie Sheen

    oh yeah first motherfuckers

  • Ecko


  • MikeDaWeezy

    first haha

  • wayne killed this shit

  • MikeDaWeezy

    i heard this song like 10 hours ago no joke

  • tune777

    Dope ass shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6thhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol
    i heard it yesterdae

  • Lil Wayne – She Bad (Feat. Kidd Kidd, Mack Maine)

  • Darryl Darensbourg

    wayne fucking killed that shit.. nigga said all my niggas got that heat.. i feel like pat riley… & im a made nigga, i should dust something… hahaha he not even trying either ahhh wayne is a beast

  • Charlie Sheen

    this should’ve been the single on C4 instead of “John.” Such a chillen song

  • Wayne-Train

    damn this shit gooooeesss!!!!

  • MikeDaWeezy

    Lil Wayne – She Bad (Feat. Kidd Kidd, Mack Maine) is tight!!!! dany post it

  • JoziLamla

    This track is dope! I love it

  • MikeDaWeezy

    follow on twitter @MikeDaWeezy

  • dis shit is fire





  • tune777

    ^^ I’m always up Bruh!

  • Wayne-Train

    chea chea US in here

  • wayne and drake killed this damn young money baby

  • I really like your song its awesome i love them

  • Don McNeal

    “She Bad” is Fire… I fucks with it! I hope its not C4 but I think it’s an alright song, Weezy’s flow is sick in it tho

  • Wayne-Train

    any link for “she bad?”

  • Don McNeal

    YouTube Bruh! Ft Kidd Kidd and Mack Maine





  • Wayne-Train

    just found it, im diggin it i dont think there’s n e thing special to it but id bump it

  • Don McNeal

    @Wayne-Train Exactly… I think it’s one of those tracks he just was testing! I love the beat tho!
    Weezy F. Best Rapper Alive.
    I’m still looking for the C4 single before this weekend ends!
    I know it’s coming!!!

  • tune777

    So this was for C4……… Wayne woulda only had one verse on it, unless he had another and they took it out

  • Vincent Kelley

    If wayne was willing to hand this over to DJ Khaled, the song he replaced it with is bound to go even harder.


  • Nurse91

    omg,best weezy song since 6 foot 7,love wayne,this is the wayne that we all want,10x wayne for this great music,c4 is coming

  • Nurse91

    ps: drake killed

  • 305_M.I YAYO


  • Rio904

    getem up!!!!! nice lol

  • K-Freshz

    we aint heard from drake in a minute and boy did it pay off!!!!! drake fuckin murdered this shit!!!! and on All Of The Lights remix his verse was dope too… he has like the best hooks!!!! and wayne fuckin went off too!!! rick ross….well hes just on it because of dj khaled!!! but either way, this shit go hard, and i will be bumpin this shit in my ipod!!!!

  • iRamon

    Guys, please, vote for Wayne here – – – >

  • CCB



  • UsHeeNz_Swagah

    This is Dope as hell !!!!
    Ima be goin to jail im rapin the replay button so much !!!

  • You cant ban the UNBANNABLE Seth Gecko

    okay, I gotta say this is hot. Drake >>> Wayne = Rick Ross on this track. Thats the exact reason wayne gave it up

  • Sandzz

    Think about it. If this song is great and it didnt make the c4. god dayum it. what will c4 be like?

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    i’m pretty sure that should be the song maybe she will for tha carter 4

    and so mabe is a song that produced by dj khaled on c4 and could be the club banger

    drake=weezy>rick ross

  • awsome song ! my favorite

  • C.Mason

    OK! Now if Wayne get’s on the Inkredible remix like he is supposed to then we got another banger on our hands! Weezy did his thing! 6’7, John, Fire Flame, I’m on one!

  • C.Mason

    Wayne needs to drop Anne and the club banger just did! I am hoping the Lex Lugar does a track for C4 because Wayne can flow to that easily. He already proved that on hustle hard and ballin.

  • Rell

    Finally, a Weezy verse that didn’t suck!!

  • GoodGollyMissMolly!!

    Wow I see why he just gave it too him.

  • wtfuxisdatshit

    damn dj khaled look had he actually done something on the record on the picture he dont shit wat a fucking fat bitch

  • Real_G

    Khaled Got Tha Carter IV Leftovers LMAO LMAO For his Single LMAO

    Wayne didnt kill it…. it was ok… that flow is weak.. few nice punchlines tho

    Drake Own This Record… him and 40 got that connection.. Fuck It Just Throw Drake On EVERY hook… Tha Hook King…

    Rozay lol after signing Wale and Fuckin wit YMCMB He dne kinda stepped his shit up in his own kinda way lol…he been hustlin real hard.. Respect

  • Converse

    ?And we gonner be alrite if we put Drake on every hook?

    Drake>>>Rozay>>>wayne actually sayin something


    This Shit Is Flame..

    Everybody Killed It…

    IM ON ONE….

  • MJ

    idk, this seems like a Take Care leftover than c4. plus its by 40 so idk, i doubt wayne would have wasted a c4 slot for just a 16 bar verse by him. dope track though

  • fan

    why did they take this off of C4

    this song if dope

  • Blessed

    daaanng Wayne said “chopper dissect a nigga like science, put an end to your world like the Mayans ” Waaa.. shit is DOPE

  • lol

    cant wait for drakes album

  • K-Freshz

    @MJ- yea i agree with you…..this sounds like a Take Care leftover……but the thing is, drake isnt finished with Take Care yet, so he shouldnt have any leftovers just yet……so i think this may have been on C4……but either way this shit go hard tho!!!! drake is definitely tha king of hooks!!!!

  • President

    Wayne > Ross = drake. only things that saves drake is the dope hook. Carter iv will decide if Wayne is dead to me or not. Gecko, you lose all credibility saying drake had a better verse and gecko thinks he knows about rap smh

  • Brosius

    whats the Olive Oil line mean??? “it’s a slim chance i fall, olive oil” help me out here guys

  • real_G

    Hold up khaled drop June 28 and waynes drop Tha 21 and khaled single drops before waynes????????????

  • Lil wayne nightmares at the bottom. Dope ass song. Danny post dat ish

  • drake only dropped like three songs this year…im dissapointed in that and i thoutght he was gonna fall off…but he killed all of them…especially this one..this is my favorite out of the three because of the chill mood that comes with it…matches my chill mood…wayne couldve had did better but his was pretty good…drake ate this hoe though

  • he dropped made men, all of the lights and this song…and he killed all of them…but this one went the hardest

  • i just noticed wayne and rick ross have made a lot of songs this year…ymcmb and double mm movement?

  • @k.o. i hope so man.

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    this song is tight as fuccckkkkkk! i been bumpin this all last night and today. drake ross and wayne all kill their verse.. ” and we gon be alright if we put drake on every hook” – wayne was right ! ahah

  • liltunechi

    this song blows. you ppl dont know real lil wayne or real music. this is fucking stupid

  • Kaplun

    I’m feeling this song, its mad hot, but why do they keep adding ross on these hot songs, “john” would be so much hotter without rick ross and so would this song, i wanna hear lil wayne with longer verses thats what made him famous, his songs

  • MJ

    yea wayne and ross been doing some shit alot lately, ross aint so bad though he can hold his end pretty good expecially considering if hes on a song with the BRA

    BRA (best rapper alive)

    Youngmoney we the shit like flyfood

    and shout out to the MAYBACH MONSTA

  • Gustavo

    Drizzy kills it, wayne was good to, but the flow was too slow

  • Brosius

    Got it! He’s talkin bout Olive Oyl from Popeye

  • YungNizzy14

    Man i cant fuckin wait to bump this thru the streets and in the clubs YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MOP15321

    Weezy killed this and I kinda think this was Maybe She Will for C4 but when do they ever say maybe she will in the song plus Drake is there main person the song and maybe she will said stake would only be on the hook but anyway this shot is the shit all we need its the next single and a mixtape

  • MOP15321

    * Drake

  • Blessed

    drizzy killed.. wayne killed.. chill verse but if u listen to the lyrics, fuckn punchlines are crazy!!!

  • weezyF

    Weezy did not “kill this”. I’m getting tired of these bulls*** verses. I hate to admit it, but Wayne’s slowly turning into birdman. Please step your game up weezy. Don’t call me a hater either because I have a Wayne poster hanging on my wall.

  • C.Mason

    These are warm ups for Wayne….Wayne did a verse on this just for Khaled. This was not for C4 or For Take Care….Khaled just needed a hit

  • drizzzy goes sickkk…Ross goes illlll…Wayne kills this shiiit
    YMCMB Danny keep it up

  • zTunechi

    Lol i dont get how u can put a single out, on ur own album, nd nt even do a verse.
    C4 wayne CANT ever not go hard. Hes fluent in dopeness
    Weezy wen u cumin 2da Uk.

  • Yoo Dj khaled great job man …

  • eloco823


  • Lilatl217


  • weezyfan43ver


  • Ror Rito

    maybe she will > im on one ^^

  • this song is the shit 🙂 i love waynes and drakes verse 🙂

  • so your saying this was the “maybe she will” song that we saw on the leaked carter IV tracklist

  • MJ

    im still going with this being a track 40 and drake did for take care but gave it to khaled. it just doesnt seem like c4 to me, the lyrics and every thing screams take care

  • MJ

    it still could have been c4, maybe wayne didnt want ross twice on the album


    Can some please tell me????? Purple or Pink?

  • Kaplun

    I really hope rick ross is not on c4 2 times, i would be pissed, a classic album like that does not deserve such mediocre rapper, drake or nicki twice fine, not rick ross

  • MJ

    i pray eminem is on c4 so we can say weezy>em

    Forever- wayne went easy on his flow so drake could go in
    drop the world- was a rock song, so to all them eminem stans, it doesnt count
    no love- was a dumb song bout suicide or some shit, wayne dont do that emo crap

    if em is on c4, we finally get to see them on a REAL rap song. where wayne would tear that motha fuckn shit up. if em got balls he would put a verse for c4

  • e.a

    am killing this hoes, i swear am tryna stop the violence

  • ym

    Drop the world is not a rock song.

  • VampiroAzteka

    Tunechi be the name don*t ask me how I got it…

  • real g’s move in silence like lasagna

    anybody on here whos bitchin about wayne makin weak verses or songs or whatever… 1) yall honestly think he is tryin? he probably saving alllllll that dope shit for c4. think about what your saying before you accuse him of making a weak track. and 2 he dont give to fucks what you think cause he got bread.

  • Tune

    This shoulda been on take care lol more of drake then anything

  • when this gonna be on itunes shit is hott!!!!!!

  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    best thing about this song, besides the fact that wayne and drake went in on it, is that khaled wasnt screamin his name and other random shit. i like it even though i know it could have been better, i think the full version of all of the lights should be better than this song actually haha

  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    full remix version**

  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    ^to the guy talkin about wayne vs eminem… i dont think there is a comparison as far as skill goes cuz their styles are just different. em’s rehab cd was awesome songs like beautiful and ur never over and the other singles really showed his ability to rap… plus he’s a proven rapper. most of his older stuff is just untouchable but he has lost some thunder

  • On One

    Rehab was wack, given it had its few good songs, now recovery…that was some fire. C4 will dominate all tho.

  • WeezyFrance

    Drake killed it !!

  • I’m a fan of everybody in this song (except DJ Khaled) and i’m not a hater, but this song really sux compared to other shit that they normally put out. This song shows that drizzy ain’t at his peak right now, and i say that as a TRUE Drake fan, not as a hater. I like Rick and Wayne’s but i feel as though it ain’t really the right beat 4 them.

    (Shout out to: Yung Jones, Killa Quisy, S.L.U., Baby J, Teamm-Certifyed, ATF, Mara Nicole, ACE, and CorY “Martian Man” Peyton.

  • PS:
    Strongly Agree With
    @Especially agree with “real g’s move in silence like lasagna”
    @liltunechi, THANK YOUUU, while i was reading these comments, i was glad somebody said it.

    Strongly Disagree With
    @Kaplan – Rick Ross may be mediocre but he killed it in this song and most likely you ain’t on the same shit that he on so therefore you do not understand the shit.
    @Lil Trazzy – Sarcasm Much?
    @WeezyF- My response to you would be EXACTLY what “real g’s move in silence like lasagna” said
    @Charlie Sheen,………Really?……..really?, can u really compare the songs, i think not.
    @Rell, Finally? FINALLY NIGGA?!!!! i can barely even dignify that with a response. So here i go, A Milli, Inkredible, Kush, If I Die, Money to Blow, Shooter, 6’7″, Ransom, Lollipop(REMIX), Hustle Hard, bill gates, i’m single, gonorrhea, (ok lets just cut that one short and say the entire i am not a human being album) drop the world, no ceilings, etc……….. honestly there are very few rappers alive today that can top most of the verses in that list. Just saying.

    PPS: I am honest to god the number one Drake fan alive, but he did not kill this shit, it was an “ok” verse, there’s absolutely nothing that he said that was on the level of ground breaking like he normally does in his songs. Basically, there’s a reason this is a DJ Khaled song and not a drake song, i don’t even think drake thinks that this song is his peak. U niggas saying he ain’t drop shit, but everything gone B fine, so ya’ll should just Take Care until his album drops cuz his shit is unforgettable. I’m Glad this song is not going on his album, if it did, i would be very dissapointed.

    PPPS: Did anybody notice that in the chorus said in the chorus he said “I’ma sip until I feel it, I’ma smoke it till it’s done”? didn’t you JUST say that you do not partake in the smoking of marijuana in your interview. why are you still putting it in songs. not positive if he’s talking if he is talking about weed but come on now. Don’t say you don’t do something and then rap about it, shit is not real.

    – To Drake: you promised to stay the same, please don’t change on me now.

  • chinx

    i ma sippit till i feel it, ima smoke until its done…

  • Cmeezy

    For whoever was askin about the purple and pink. There talkin About syrup.

  • Bioxvirus

    I’m On One, in california that means your lit as fuck lol. and if u dont know what i just said dont comment back on this, cuz lil wayne does get lit 🙂 but drake doesnt. so w/e haha i know its not what song is about but funny and i fucking love YM, Drake an Wayne = Duh, Winning! I mean hes got Adonis dna like Charlie who can fuck with drake

  • MJ

    @KidCruise Im on one would have been a perfect song for take care. I dont know what bullshit ur listening too

  • MJ

    @Its CeeJ motherfucker wayne>Em gtfo

  • MJ

    @KidCruise also drake was kidding in that interview when he says he doesnt smoke weed. cmon man, even his mother knows he blazes

  • Vincent Kelley

    Drake definitely smokes weed. He was kidding in the interview. Drake has a blog site where he has personally posted pics of him smoking weed. Niggas hatin’ on wayne but probably just dont understand his lyrics. “put an end to ya world like the mayans” I mean please stop hating lol. They all killed they verse respectively. Lyrically, drake didnt kill it as hard as he could have, and neither did wayne but nevertheless its not always what you say but how you say it. Dope song with an even better beat. *shrugs*

  • MJ

    @Vincent Kelley word

  • Yung Jones

    @KidCruise you’s a bitch nigga this beat is one of the best i heard from a Khaled song(shout out to 40) drakes verse just like a All of the lights remix verse had an excellent flow but no lyriics but it is definately worth listenin too his singing has improved alot rick ross had a good verse for once nd wayne’s non – caring attitude was superb “Fuck everybody in the club” metaphors amazing “imma made nigga i should dust something” i feel as though this was a “boss” verse from him like “nigga im lil wayne i can rap mad slow and still be the best on the song” so you my friend can stfu wit dat shit

  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    thats a nice review, glad to see real support for waynes record label YMCMB
    however i have to disagree on drake…
    i think he’s a huge fake, all his singles and even his cd were just garb. i dont like him and i dont think i ever will only the songs in which wayne ghost rites for him are good because it adds some crazy factor to the songs thats just … crazy. idk why he’s changing now even though if like u said he wasnt gonna smoke or drink or whatever but the biggest problem i have with him is his lyrics about nothing being “given to him when he pretty much was given everything from ymcmb in that he got an entire record deal just from some shittyy show on mtv, my other biggest problem with him is that he doesnt realse any amt of music… EVER, now that i think about it i have alot of biggest problems with drake… but as long as he’s on waynes tracks ill listen to it. I’m definitely diggin the song though.
    #u a sellout, but i aint buyin though

  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    ps. drakes singing sounds like shit, id rather hear again lol
    and also nicki minaj is disgusting… just listen to did it on him. she’s a hermaf

  • Daron

    This is a banger

  • WEEZY123


  • goofeball

    Someone throw up a hulkshare link please


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  • Jakub

    wtf is with the auto tone with waynes verse?

  • I heard this on the radio, and had to get it. Drake’s growing up.

  • that nigga wayne quietly spit 1 of realest verses in a minute yall niggas need to peep what he sayin and not his voice fuck his voice its what he sayin
    @Jakub aint no auto tune at all

  • This song go hard. It makes me want to join cash money records.

  • i love this guy ..i really i him ..and i we like 2 be like him..and i believe god we help me like him…one love brother..i love u so much this my number brother u can call me..+2347041681001

  • i we like 2 talk 2 u brother ….i really love this tit ..hoooooooooooo my god is kalid i love him..much love brother me djkb king from Nigeria we love u so much

  • and u can add me big boss… is my ID

  • Yo 40 and T-minus went the FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the production of this shit got the trunk hittin nice

  • d

    im a made nigga… i shoud dust sumthinn…
    choppa disect a nigga like science.. put a end to ya world like da mayans

  • Crooked I freestyled the song

  • RICKY ROZAY !!!KILLED THAT SHYT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im burnin purple flowers !!! nuff said !

  • SR

    Actually this song was originally drakes… not Wayne’s song.

  • yeah man killing that shit first hearing it
    this the one im on one

  • Pinkiess

    Im on one.up in NY. love this

  • This is a banger, they did it again with the athems. @foxstylemag @tonefox

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  • liviamama$

    this song is fuccin hard. its my shiiiiit <3

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  • I love tha shit it awesome

  • thats real musick all day…Soowhoop fuck errrbody

  • cloud