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Jae Millz – Forever Winning (Feat Lil Wayne)

Mon, Jul 11, 2011 by

Jae Millz Forever Winning Feat Lil Wayne

Jae Millz grabs his Young Money boss Lil Wayne for the first single off his upcoming Nothing Is Promised album. This track is called “Forever Winning“, and you can stream/download it below:

Download: Jae Millz – Forever Winning (Feat Lil Wayne)

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  • Nino Brown

    i promised myself i wudnt say dis but first!

  • racks


  • Mack Breezy


  • Its CeeJ!

    top 5 niggas what you know

  • Its CeeJ!

    I like justin bieber i wish he would let me suck him off

  • Lil F.A.I.T.H

    Check Out My Music Page, Rear Rap Guarrantied!!!

    -Lil F.A.I.T.H


    Weezy murdered that with no effort! He’s back for real

  • MJ

    rofl we on that charlie sheen

  • MOrris

    watch out for me i hack accounts on this site by copying and pasting ….feel me lmao … none of yall can stop me …so watch what you say about my boy weezy

  • Pauly D

    wtf is this the beat sucks

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  • fresh1

    this song is so dead. smh

  • real-talk

    I aint feelin the music….

  • ely_youngtune

    dammm!!! this song is hoot!!!!..

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  • wow here come the haters this song is tight so shut the fuck up all you hanna montana fans get the fuck out

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  • Pauly D

    no I aint a hater but realy this beat sucks

  • real-talk

    i luv this song now ,,, finna mustabatte to this asap

  • Pauly D


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  • shit

    this track is shit

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  • fred

    weezys done, after no ceilings and c3 he died

  • David

    This shit go HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil_Tune

    I really aint feeling this….come on wayne

  • Its CeeJ!


  • Lil_Tune

    R.I.P Lil Wayne.
    Now we’ve downgraded to “Tunechi”

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  • Its CeeJ!

    wayne fell off tho

  • Wlafaze

    Weezy went hard but the beat aint shit!!!!!!

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  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne went in on his verse and you can tell by his voice he didnt even try.

  • Byrd McFly

    Is it just me or does Wayne’s flow sound more like Birdman in his recent songs? No hate to Birdman, but Wayne’s slow rapping that ends every line with “nigga” seems a lot like Birdman’s similar sound. Yall feelin’ that?

  • flyDungas


  • Luna

    Ya’ll tripping weezy is still on top just wait for the mixtape ya”ll gonna be jaw dropped!

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    WIthout Weezy, this track would hv been ass! Thx to the God lol weezy f baby, he revieved the beat and millz from NY.

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  • Byrd McFly

    Watch Weezy slow the flow up until Tha Carter IV, where he murcs the mothafucka.

  • C.Mason

    WTF is this?

  • C.Mason

    Whatever this shit is wack but I will give Wayne credit where it is due. He saved that wack ass niggas song. But Wayne won’t even trying lol he just put something out there. Yo this is mad funny. Wayne’s plays around with a wack ass beat and does better than most rappers could…smh….SFTW and C4!

  • weezywee

    Man yall complain like Hungry Pregnant bitches!!!!
    STFU and be happy yall getting to hear Free Music and if you can’t do better Stop crying!!!!

  • real-talk

    Yall niggas really takin my name SMH… I am entitled to my opinoin and i just said i aint feelin the music… i didnt say it was trash or nothin… i didnt say the raps sucked… i just aint feelin the music… dont no1 use my name tho

  • blake

    waynes flow was boring as fuck on this!

  • TyIquan

    I think this shit tough. The beat and both verses. And you can’t compare Wayne and Birdman jus cuz he sayin “nigga.” That ain’t the only word he was rhymin’. Weezy’s verse was fye. Nothin Wayne spit will please you niggaz…

  • LIL WEEZY!!!!

    Beat was alright, Millz was ehhh and Waynes voice sounded pretty good but didnt like 6-8 lines that he rhymed with nigga.. He just needs to change it up a bit.

  • NY

    It’s not that wayne’s falling off, he just keeps rapping about the same shit.

    that’s the problem with wayne and young money..every song is the same with a different beat.

    If i could talk to wayne id ask him this; would it kill you to sit down and make a few meaningful songs here and there? tell a story or something. instead of every song being about “my shotgun this, my money this, i got this many bitches, im a real nigga”

    if wayne was a real nigga he would make a song about the hood or about hood life, i know he has before (years back), but why not make another?

  • Drought 4

    I dont think im on the same page as some of yall niggas … this is vintage Wayne, but yall talking bout he fell off ?

    LISTEN TO ME lol, Tunechi’s Back and this feature with Jae Millz is classic Wayne. If you don’t like the slow flow then kick rocks nigga.

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  • NY

    I know all you little 13 year old dick riders will probably gang up on me on this website, but I’m just keeping it real.

    Everyone knows wayne is very talented, he just doesn’t always make the most of his talent.

  • Think People..

    @NY i feel you dawg.. but maybe because he’s a stupid rich ass nigga.. & he is no longer hood.. He is telling stories. He being real to who he is now. & not to who he was..

  • J Money

    “We masked up like there was a .. chemical spill nigga”

    lol this shit goes hard, you guys are lost if you think Wayne’s verse was wack , a bunch of confused fans on this site.

  • Think People..

    I personally think Wayne killed this lil guy.. Like foreal.. Why do Jae even try? He needs to go back to battle rap because the rap game isn’t good for him. Wayne Murk this verse on some Drought 2 shit..

  • NY

    @Think people; then it doesnt have to be about the hood.

    it could be a song about ANYTHING. it could be about a fucking light pole, as long as he stays on topic about it, he would recieve a lot less hate even rapping about a light pole.

    but that’s wayne’s problem. he rarely stays on topic in a rap. it’s always a bunch of random shit put together in a clever way. and this is cuz his ego’s really big.. can you blame him? probably not.

    Again, no one hates Wayne for no reason. It’s cuz he has shown his potential and yet still chooses to degrade his raps.

  • YM Motha Fucka

    Yea nigga we go hard

  • S e t h G e c k o

    This slow flow fucking SUCKS! And it sucks not only because it SUCKS, but more because Wayne is biting Rick Ross on 70% verses he released after prison! He even bit Rick Ross I’m Not A Star track for John, and Ross had better flow on that one! nigga what! and wayne’s bars are WEAK! if you really, really think that wayne’s bars are so damn good, I suggest you listen to some more music. I understand you wayne fans, wayne’s voice is addictive and wayne can deliver even the wackest shit with swag but damn! there is a difference between being a fan and a dick rider! If you cant acknowledge the fact that Wayne is falling off harder than he did when he recorded the rock album (and that is scary, cause then he was just fucking around, but now he is trying and still sucks), then you are not a wayne fan but a bandwagon rider, because you must’ve never heard the carter 2 dedication 2 drought 3 wayne! and if you did, then you must be stupid as fuck, cause you probably didnt catch half the shit he was saying

  • YM Motha Fucka

    get these Wack as Niggas Outa here, ya feel me? Wayne sucks nowadays. This nigga Jae Millz sound like he gota dick down his throat wen he rap lol jk nigga this shit was wack tho

  • Pauly D

    what means ; LMAO :$?

  • Think People..

    @NY. Ok i see what your saying. & you are right, lets look @ it in a basketball point of view..

    Kobe bryant.. Back in 05-07 season everybody look @ this guy as the god of basketball because of what he was doing..
    & now you cant even get a 40 pt game out of him.. BUT he is still looked @ as the best basketball player in the league..

    Lil Wayne… Back in 06, around the time the Carter 2 came out people were like this nigga is the truth! Then he dropped the Drought 3 & people were like this nigga is a rap god..
    Now you cant even get a consistant verse out of him..
    But he is still looked @ as one of the best in hip hop..

    What i’m saying is we as fans live off the past to much..

  • yung_Tune


    Same people saying Wayne fell off are the Same motherfuckers that’s going to Dickride ‘Sorry For The Wait’ and ‘Tha Carter 4’ when they drop


    Yall not real fans and Age dont have shit to do with it.

  • YM Motha Fucka


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  • Marcos M

    The beat is definitely wack but the lyrics from both of them were good. I’ve listened to lil Wayne since he first came out. His flow is way different from them but times change and we put lil Wayne on such a high pedastool for every song he release. If someone else did this track it would be a amazing verse but its lil Wayne so you guys expect perfection every damn time. Just enjoy the music smh

  • Tune

    Will someone post waynes verse I can’t listen to the song but I wanna know what he says.

  • K-Freshh

    ….wayne could spit with slow and fast flows….i mean he uses dope metaphors either way, so it really doesnt matter! he proved that he could still spit fast by his verse on look at me now…. but i do wish that more often he could have a flow like he did on look at me now….his verse on look at me now was definitely my fav verse from him post-jail…..but i aint trippin tho, cuz just wait till C4 drops!!!! its gonna be epic!!

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  • Space Jam Jordan

    any TRUE fan of Wayne knows that he switches his flow like every other month lol. One month he’ll be rapping with some super high pitched voice, then the next he calms it down and raps normal paced and then he’ll switch it up and rap slow for a while.

    This is just what he does, but every time he changes his flow all these fake fans come out of no where and start talking like he fell off. Nah he didn’t fall off, the nigga probably gets bored of his own shit so plays around with different flows.

  • Alfred

    I thought Tunechi’s verse was pretty good.

  • lil_KaneB

    damn guys whats dope shit!! but why is the bass quallity so bad?? :/

  • he wasnt tryin i wish he would you can always tell when he tryin to impress this aint his song so he didnt go in that shit prolly took him take

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  • yung_money


  • Rell

    This shit wack as hell!! I think he’s putting out wack shit on purpose so that we anticipate his album even more.

  • Real_G

    lol dude why wayne rappin like he so hard now??

    he get out and think he just tha hardest nigga alive lol

    song was str8 tho…. seem like thats all i been saying since he dne got out smh

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  • Its CeeJ! mothafucka, no u not

    i was assuming drake would be on this track? wayne does some weird tracks now that dont really have any meaning or purpose…. whatever he’s about to dipout of hiphop and thats wats up

  • Lildrig17

    @ Rell agreed G its all planned out By weezy

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  • Giovanni

    If you’re reading comments to check wether it’s worth listening than take it from me, This song is worth listening, It needs mastering so the beat is sounding wack. But they both killed it the hook isn’t good but the verses are, Wayne sounds like 07 Wayne which is when I was a fan of him everything from 08-2010 I didn’t like but this is something for people who like old Wayne & I think Wayne is coming back to his old style especially when I saw who he was callobarting with Bun B, I wanna see him spit some dirty south shit

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